Can You Choose A C Section

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RubyRain - November 18

i might possibly be pregnant but even if i'm not i have always wondered if it is possible to choose to have a c-section. because i have very bad ulcerative colitis and i'm afraid that the strain of a va___al birth might not be good for my body when i do have a child. and plus having a c-section would be better because there is no pain. so do you think id qualify for a c-section or would i have to do a va___al birth?


djh - November 18

Hi, I'm sorry, I just have to say this...THERE IS PAIN WITH CESAREAN this is out there is beyond me. Do you mean there is no labor pain? I so, then no labor pain only if you have a reason for a scheduled section. It is major abdominal surgery, with majob abd. surgery there is always a temporary paralysis of the intestines, with that can come and often does, sluggish bowels. If you have ulcerative colitis and then get constipated from the pain meds needed after surgery and you have the given slow bowels it seems to me that a c-section could make your condition worse, not better. I don't mean to jump on you about the pain thing, some women have very little, just like some v____al births w/an epi are pain-free. But for most women having their abdomens cut open is quite painful and uncomfortable for many days to weeks. Please talk to your doctor about the risks of v____al v.s. c-section. I personally would never choose a c-section over a v____al birth if I had the choice.


RubyRain - November 19

thank you. i understand there will always be some pain especially after the anesthesia wears off and you have st_tches and all that its just that i want to be a mother so bad and i wish there was a way for birth to be pain free becaus honestly i am terrified of giving birth and having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis just made this fear worse lol but thank you for your input and i will definetly talk to a doctor about it


kay101 - November 19

a__suming you have an epidural, a v____al birth is overall less painful. With an epidural you will only feel pressure when pushing, not pain. The same is true with a c-section. You can feel pressure of pushing and pulling, but no pain. A c-section is major abdominal surgery and the recovery time is much longer and much more painful. I didn't think mine was TOO bad, but you'll be sore for weeks and have a harder time getting around, which you'll have to do a good bit of with a newborn. Either way sucks in all honesty, sorry!


happyfish - November 21

hi ruby, i have UC too. i had the j-pouch procedure in 2001. i am ttc and worry about whether they will let me have a c section. i already have probs from the j-pouch surgery like strictures and hemm. i dont want to risk my bowel continence by pushing out a baby. how long have you been ttc? have you seen any studies that say that UC patients have a tougher time? thanks!!!!!


freebird - November 22

You should definitely discuss it with your OB. If they're aware of your UC they can help you with a birth plan that is least likely to worsen your condition. Also, like djh said, c-sections are NOT pain free. The recovery can be quite difficult.



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