Can You Lie On Your Stomach After A Recent C Section

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Vicki915 - March 12

I just had a c section on March 7 and was wondering if it was safe to lie on my stomach. I find sleeping or lying on my sides is uncomfortable. Is it safe???


Melanie - March 12

this is so funny that you ask this, so did I. You can try, but if laying on your side hurts (and I never found a way to alleviate my c-section pain) on your stomach may be worse. That is the first thing I wanted to do after not being able to while big and preggars. I did not find it comfortable due to my back hurting really bad when trying to readjust to being un pregnant. I do not think it is actually dangerous, however. Congrats, hope baby is great. Sorry 2 U for the section though.


viki - March 14

I had a c-section on Feb. 17th and it took me a few weeks to be able to lay on my stomach. I think that it is ok as long as you are comfortable in that position.


AmyB - March 15

you know that is what i missed the most...i only slept on my stomach until i got pg than i had to lay on my side...when i came home from the hospital after having my second son my dh told me i could have the bed and he would sleep on the couch since the hospital bed hadn't been so comfortable well in the middle of the night i flipped over on my stomach and when i woke up i could not move and i was in tears b/c it hurt so dh had to come in and help me roll be careful b/c it hurts and is hard to roll over!


olivia - March 15

I called the nurses station in the middle of the night shortly after my c-section. I asked if I it was okay to sleep on my side. They said, "well, it maybe very painful but you can do whatever you are comfortable with". Well, when I turned my hips to try to get to my side I realized it was ridiculously painful and laughed because I hadn't even tried before I called the nurse.... So Vicki, I think whatever you are comfortable with, just be careful you don't get stuck like AmyB!


Vicki915 - March 18

I still haven't given it a try (partly from being scared and because I'm b___stfeeding). I see my doctor tomorrow so I'll ask him. I'll keep you ladies posted and thanks for your responses.



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