Can You Request A C Section

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Alice - August 29

I have a bad experience with the labor & Delivery of my son (9 years ago). I was not able to receive any pain medication because I barley made it to the hospitial for his delivery. It was so painful, I get chills out just thinking about it. I want a c-section but I never had one before. Is it possible form me to request a c-section?


MK - August 29

Different doctors have different views on performing elective c-sections but also remember that no doctor can force you into having another v____al delivery. If your present doctor refuses to perform a section because he or she does not think it is for valid medical reasons, I am sure you will be able to find a doctor who is more open minded or who will agree to your request. A doctor may not see your reasons for wanting a c-section as medically warranted ones but the emotional well being and health of the mother is critical to the health of the baby and therefore your emotional well being should be considered a medical reason. You should NOT have to go through your second pregnancy all stressed out because of what happened to you the first time. If a doctor agrees to your request after he or she explains to you all of the potential risks involved with the surgery and the doctor is satisfied that you understand all of the risks, he will be setting your mind at ease and therefore will be allowing you to have a normal, healthy and hopefully as stress free a pregnancy as possible. I hope this advice has been helpful.


Marly - August 29

You have every right to have a c-section if that is what you want. The method of birthing a baby is such a personal decision for a woman that doctors do not have the right to make that decision for a woman. The birth of a baby is supposed to be and is such a special event that under your circ_mstances, considering the trauma you went through with your first delivery, a v____al delivery will not be special for you. If for some reason you cannot find a doctor who will agree to a c-section, with the unnecessary stress this may cause you, you may end up having to have a c-section anyway (an emergency one). Hopefully an intelligent doctor will realize this and agree that a planned section is better than an emergency one.


DJ - September 26

You say you barely made it to the hospital for the delivery? Wow, why not count yourself as lucky? My adice in your case would be to get to the hospital at the first signs of labor since you progress so rapidly and get an epidural...seems you would then be the envy of every woman on earth! C-sections are risky and having had a few, very painful in my experience even WITH pain meds. Try a slightly medicated birth and good luck!



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