Classic C Section

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Allie - September 18

I went into early labour with my daughter at 26 weeks. Baby was coming breech so they had to do a c section, it turned into a classic c section inverted t incision. We ended up losing the baby and were advised not to have any more children. I was wondering if anyone has gone through a pregnancy after having this done.


AMY P - September 18

why were you advised not to have anymore children? due to it being a cla__sical incision? cause thats nust especially is it was your first child...i would seek another opinion.....


ChrissyR - September 20

I am so sorry for what you went through Allie... I cannot imagine how it must hurt to loose a baby. You need to find out why they are advising you not to have any more children... what is the reason and I would definately get a second opinion. Many women who have had similar situations have gone on to have healthy children... is there a medical reason why you wouldn't be able to carry another child?


alice - September 29

I went throught something similar. I had placenta previa and my daughter was delivered emergency c-section at 28 weeks and died at 10 days old. I am trying to decide the same thing, whether it is safe to try again. My doctor told me to wait 1 - 1/2 year between births and that it would have to be a c-section. But the risks are higher for people like us. I think I have to trust God and pray that this can't happen to us twice.


allie - October 23

Hey guys thank you for your replies. I sure do appreciate it.I have found a Docotor that will walk me through another pregnancy. I now have to get up the nerve to try again. I am told that my cervix thins the further I get in pregnancy and therefore going into preterm labour. I certainly hope that she can do something for me to prevent this from happening again.


Lynne - November 8

I know my cervix had thinned and I was dialated to 6 cm. I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix. I also had the vertical section but mine wasn't the cla__sic T. My regular OB told me to wait at least a year. But the high risk doctor who delivered my baby has a different opion. We lost my son in August (Birth Date: 07/19) the high risk doctor told me to come in to see him in January and if all looks okay then he sees no reason why we can't try again. I wouldn't try until after I have seen a high risk doctor and developed a pregnancy plan. I will be having a preventive cerclage placed at 14 weeks to help reinforce my cervix. Possible bedrest after that-good luck to you.


latoyarobinson85 - August 28

I had a baby in 2005 and got on birth control shot .i only took it 3 times,now for some reason it's taking me longer to get pregnant.I keep asking the doctors whats going on and they keep telling me that the birth control might still be in my system.I can't go with that,what should i do?


jessicaanne010 - March 12

Hi Allie, I am so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to let you know that I had an inverted T with my 3rd baby and had a VBAC with my 4th. I plan on having one more baby sometime in the future. Feel free to PM me for my story or if you have any questions. Many *hugs* to you!


trulyamazed - April 24

Hi Jessica - I don't want to hijack this thread but would love to ask you some questions about your inverted T. I had my first c-section with my fourth last year and am getting negative advice about ttc #5. I also homeschool - btw


jessicaanne010 - April 24

Feel free to PM me with specific questions. I know a lot of women who have VBAC'd after 1, 2, 3, and even 4 c-sections!! :-)


mireya87 - July 3

hello, i am a 21 year old female and i had my first baby when i was 18, the birthing of my daughter is still very unclear to me due to all the drugs in my body at the time. I had a cla__sical cesarean section done and was wondering if any one knew a specific reason as to why this would be done on a first time mother...


bidouchonne - January 12

jessicaanne010 can you tell me more about your c-section? My situation is similar and would like to have one more child.



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