Classical C Section

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cindy111306 - March 10

I had a classical c-section on 11-16-06 after finding out my baby died on 11-13-06. I was 19 weeks pregnant and completely DEVASTATED. Learning that I could not conceive again for a year was almost as devastating. I was told to wait a year for fear of a uterine rupture. I asked my gynecologist to talk to the specialist to ask if I really had to wait a year or if I could try sooner. I was told that I could try again in 9 months/August. In June my gynecologist is going to do an ultra sound of my uterus and fill it with fluid to confirm my scar has properly healed so that I may be prepared for August. I wish I could start trying now and that someone would tell me it’s ok. It has not been easy to find information on pregnancies after classical c-sections on the internet. Please let me know if you have any information regarding pregnancy after classical c-sections.


Melissa30 - March 12

I am sorry for your loss. If you don't mind my asking why did they do a c-section if your baby had already died? It seems to me the doctor would have just induced labor and let you deliver naturally. If it is none of my business just say so. By the way my aunt had a cla__sical c-section and was pregnant again within a few months. Her kids are a little over 20 months apart. It is risky bt it can be done. Again I am so sorry about your baby. I wish I could say something to help take away your pain, unfortunately only time will heal you. Good luck with future pregnancies.


Nerdy Girl - March 12

I too am so sorry for your loss. That must have been devastating! But I was also wondering the same thing as Melissa -- First why the C, and 2nd, why a cla__sical C? When I did my VBAC/repeat C research for myself, I read that cla__sical c-section incisions are typically done in an emergency scenario when they need to get the baby out really fast. I don't know much about getting pregnant again after an cla__sical C, but I am pretty sure you will not be able to VBAC since that is one of the scenarios most referenced for VBAC uterine rupture.


cindy111306 - March 13

I absolutely will share my story with you. I started typing it in word and it is LONG. I hope that you don't mind the length, but it is hard for me to cut any part out. I will finish it up and will post it tomorrow. Hope you have the time to read it. Thank you so much for your kind words. There are no words to console the heart of a mother that has suffered the loss of a child, at any stage. I only take comfort in knowing that my baby boy is an angel in heaven.


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

I am very sorry for your loss and I am wondering the same things as these ladies on why the csection? My poor cousin lost 3 babies and had to be induced for 2 of them and she wanted a csection but the dr advised against that. once again im sory for your loss.


cindy111306 - March 14

Hi – I wasn’t trying to be evasive, but rather trying to not give TMI. I am happy to share my story. Good questions and you obviously are familiar with c-sections. If you don’t have time to read my LONG story, skip down to the last paragraph to read about why my baby died. I hope that you learn about incarcerated uterus’ and pa__s along the information so that women are better informed. In addition to my angel in heaven, I have a 5 year old angel here on earth. About 2 ½ years before I was pregnant with my first, about 23 years old, I had severe pain in my right groin area and it usually came around the time of my period, sometimes with a fever. The pain progressively intensified and I began to seek help. The first diagnosis was at my University because I did not have insurance and they said it was kidney stones because I also had lower back pain. I remember it hurting so bad I had to request to take one of my last finals standing up. I ended up in the emergency room about 2 weeks before the company I interned for formally hired me w/ benefits. I had an ER bill, doctor bill, radiologist bill, CT scan bill, etc., etc. In that visit, well over $8,000 later, I was told that I had cysts in my ovaries and to go see my gynecologist. I went to the gynecologist and was put on birth control to attempt to eliminate my periods. I did that for 2 – 3 months and the pain persisted so I got off of the pill. Then I went to my primary doctor who felt my groin area and found some swollen lymph nodes, which scared me, but she said “ah you’re too young, you probably have an infection or something”. I kept calling my primary doctor every time it hurt, which was about once a month when it got really intense. She ran some x-rays - a few different ones. She thought it was something menstrual w/ my ovaries, but I kept saying it’s in my groin clearly my ovaries are not in my groin. She then told me that it was menstrual and to “suck it up”. So I did. I was embarra__sed to call the doctor or to tell anyone because people thought I was a hypochondriac. It finally got so bad that I started faxing the doctor and saying that I could feel the pain coming again and I was scared PLEASE help me. The next month I sent another fax and told her that it hurt so bad I thought it could be cancer and that if she could not help me to PLEASE refer me to someone else. So she ran another set of x-rays. Then about a month later I was reunited w/ the love of my life after about 4 years and we instantly fell in love again and I was pregnant within a month. Wow what a shock that was. Boy was I scared to tell my mom and brother (my dad pa__sed away in ’94 and my family is old school Catholic). But nonetheless, something inside just felt right, like this baby was meant to be and I was happy. I was also thinking, well since my pain is menstrual it won’t hurt for at least 40 weeks. Into my 5th month I started having pain again. My OBGYN and nurse pract_tioner said “oh every pregnancy is different and you will feel some weird stuff down there”. So I sucked it up again. The next diagnosis was ligaments in my groin area which seemed normal since I was pregnant and everything was moving around. I was referred to physical therapy, which was torture because I could not even lift my leg to do the exercises, which further frustrated me and made me cry. Eventually I stopped crying over the pain. My pain tolerance was high. I got to a point where I could not sit up so my husband (we got married) would drive me to work and I would stand a lot when I was typing at my desk. In my 32nd week of pregnancy after a week of Tylenol w/ codeine and still sleepless nights, I went in for a shower and to try to suck it up another day. My husband finally said this is enough. He called the OBGYN, but he was on vacation. The Nurse Pract_tioner had me come in to eliminate the risk of premature labor. This was on a Monday and the first time they did a hand examination in my pregnancy, which discovered a ma__s about the size of an orange. By Thursday at 5pm, after two biopsies, many CT scans, and ultra sounds, I was in the OR giving birth via c-section. I always new my baby was fine. I never thought the cancer spread to him, but I thought it may have spread all over my body since it had been so long. The doctor’s did not find the tumor in my groin and wrapped around my pelvic bone because the tests they were running were for soft tissue/organs not bones and they were looking in the wrong area. Sure enough my little angel was born as healthy as can be. A little guy, but healthy. What an angel. 10 days later I was admitted to the hospital next door to the women’s hospital where my son was in the NICU and I immediately started chemo therapy. No surgery, my tumor was inoperable because of the location. I had Chemo therapy for 1 year. Every 3 weeks I went to the hospital for 3 – 4 days to get my chemo. I took a 2 – 3 month break to get 31 intense Radiation treatments. I had Ewing’s Sarcoma (normally found in adolescent boys) in my pelvic area, which is the worst place you can get it. Imagine all the areas the radiation hit and I had a new born. Anyway, I thank God everyday for keeping me here to enjoy my son. I cried every time my son did anything for the first time and definitely when my hair finally grew back and he pulled on it. I didn’t know if I would be there to see those special moments. My 5 year old is my life marker. When I was going through Chemo I was put on the pill w/out blank pills to protect my ovaries. When I had radiation I was told about all the awful potential side effects one of them being that both my ovaries may not function when radiation was complete. I was given about 2 days to decide whether I wanted to harvest eggs. I didn’t realize that the eggs actually had to be fertilized and I just wasn’t ready to make that decision “where does life begin”. So my husband and I decided that we would leave it in God’s hands and if it was meant to be he would bless us with another baby. I started regretting that decision when my son was about 3 years old. I kept thinking that if all that drama had not occurred I would have loved to have my kids only be 2 years apart. 1 year ago I had a surgery to correct some radiation damage. 3 months after my surgery and 1 month after trying to conceive, we were pregnant! This is after a fertility expert told me that I had a 1% chance to conceive. My husband and I were so excited about that 1% chance because 1% is 1%. The doctor was a little confused about our excitement, but whatever. So on August 1st of last year I found out that I was 4 weeks pregnant. OMG! We were in complete disbelief and totally happy. We didn’t tell many people. My OBGYN even cried and said it was a miracle. We took it one day at a time had at least 6 ultra sounds. The baby was progressing beautifully. Then in October I started feeling like I could not completely empty my bladder. I would go to the bathroom ridiculous amounts of times throughout the day, it was just not normal. I told the doctor and he said “what a small price to pay for being pregnant”. After all we had ultra sounds and heart monitors that said the baby was fine, so I trusted them. In one of my previous appt’s w/ the Nurse Pract_tioner, the same one that found my tumor, she commented that my UTERUS WAS REALLY TILTED and that we may not be able to hear the heartbeat, but of course we did and it was strong. My cancer doctor and my OBGYN were concerned about the cancer monitoring not my tilted uterus. On November 2nd I was told that state regulated AFP tests for pregnant women came back high. On November 3rd, while my husband was on travel I went to see a genetic counselor, had an extensive ultrasound and let them do an amnio. From what they could see, the baby was fine, but the amnio would provide more precise information. Through the weekend I kept telling my husband that I did not feel the baby moving anymore. We bought one of the over the counter heart monitors to check on the baby. My husband swore he heard the heart beat, but I heard nothing. I called nurse connection on Sunday night and they said it was too early to feel the baby. I insisted that I had been feeling him moving for weeks. You could tell they were annoyed w/ me and said I could go into the Women’s hospital for an evaluation that evening “if I wanted to”. I told them that if they were not concerned then I would just wait for my doctor in the morning. My doctor was on vacation so I saw the nurse pract_tioner again. She was annoyed w/ me too and said “I guess the only thing I can do is have you come in to the office to let you hear the heart beat”. So my boss drove me in because I was too upset to drive. Instead of hearing the heart beat we did an ultra sound. I was over 18 weeks pregnant and she was putting the ultrasound wand on my pubic bone to see the baby. She said, “wow, he’s really low I’m on your bone”. I asked her if that was dangerous and why was he so low. She said that it was fine, he would move up and to make sure I drank a lot of water when I went to my next scheduled ultra sound that following Monday, November 13th so that the baby would be pushed up. This is the same nurse pract_tioner that said “wow your uterus is really tilted”. So for my birthday on Monday, November 6th I saw my baby moving around and saw a healthy heart beat, what a relief. For my b-day I only asked God for my baby to PLEASE be healthy. Mind you I was still waiting to hear back on the amnio results. I have not celebrated my b-day since my cancer because I now celebrate w/ my 5 year old son on his b-day November 1st since he is my marker. By Thursday I received “the call” from the genetic counselors and it was great news, the test results were in and the baby was 100% ok! Oh my goodness what a relief. My miracle baby was just fine. I could actually breathe again. So, now that I knew everything was fine, my husband went back on travel and I took my 5 year old to the scheduled ultra sound 4 days later so he could see his baby brother. My son use to pray for a baby before I was pregnant. I always told him it was up to God, especially since my chances were so slim. Then when I was pregnant he thanked God for his brother. During the ultra sound after a while of poking around and making me walk around the block w/ my 5 year old and completely clueless, I was put in an office and was called on the phone by nurse pract_tioner to be told that my baby had no heart beat. All this while my 5 year old stared me in the eye. I just quietly said “ok”. I had a scheduled appt. w/ my OBGYN that same day and was asked to keep that appt. I cannot explain the devastation that overwhelmed my body. I don’t know how, but I did not cry a tear while my son was w/ me. I took him to my mom’s and drove off to the second appt. My son also suffered the loss of his longed for brother. But he still prays to God to thank him, except now he thanks him for his angel brother in heaven. Now the reason for the Cla__sical C-Section: Because of all the radiation damage and reconstruction surgery I had earlier that year, labor and/or a D&C was not an option. A c-section was required. My c-section was scheduled 3 days after finding out my baby died. While I was being prepped for surgery my OBGYN introduced me to a women’s cancer specialist (my cancer was not a women’s cancer) that would be joining him in surgery along with 3 other doctors. They had decided that since I never had surgery for my cancer and they did not know why the baby died they wanted me to authorize a cla__sical c-section to view as much of my organs as possible. Basically they wanted to see if I had cancer, cancer damage, or radiation damage. The cancer doctor was there in case any one of these was present and to operate since I was already open. I of course said yes, which only added grief to the whole situation since I was already devastated about losing my baby and now they want to see if I have cancer. Then I was told that I could see and hold the baby if I wanted, which I did not know was an option. I of course accepted. My baby was small, but he was complete. 10 fingers, 10 toes, eyes, nose, mouth, everything. He was perfect. When they opened me up and cut into the sac it exploded, literally. Fluid went everywhere. My baby was straight up and down – vertical. He had gotten stuck between my pubic and tale bone. This is where the whole TILTED UTERUS comes in. Normally in pregnancies, tilted uterus’ correct themselves, flip over, and rise up such as mine did w/ my first angel. 1 in 3,000 will NOT correct themselves and an “incarcerated uterus” is created. This instance is VERY RARE. So rare that my OBGYN had never witnessed an incarcerated uterus and therefore did not recognize the symptoms to help me. Women w/ TILTED UTERUS’ OR RETROVERTED UTERUS’ must be monitored early to confirm that the uterus corrects itself and rises. The saddest thing to me is that had we known in time, they might have been able to pop the baby up out of the cavity with the doctor’s hand. My symptoms were: feeling like I could not empty my bladder, frequent urination (more than just the pregnancy frequency), pain, and pressure. Once I knew what happened I easily found information on the subject and educated my doctor on it. 3 days after I brought my doctor information about incarcerated uterus’ he was able to help another woman w/ a similar problem. Maybe that was the purpose of my angel’s journey? My apologies for the long story and thank you for reading. Please make your friends aware of this danger for women w/ tilted/retroverted uterus’. I was that 1 in 3,000.


Nerdy Girl - March 14

Holy cow, you poor thing. You have been through so much! And how frustrating that the doc could not detect your cancer for so long.


Melissa30 - March 14

That is the saddest thing I have ever read. I am sorry again for your loss. I will remember you in my prayers and hope that you are able to conceive again and have a healthy pregnancy. Please keep us posted on your progress and thank you so much for telling us your story. God Bless you.


DownbutnotOUT - March 14

I cried reading your story and I cant believe something like that can happen it is so sad. I wish you all the best and pray for you and your families fast recovery and hope that god will bless you again.


cindy111306 - March 22

Thank you for reading my story and for your warm thoughts. Tomorrow 3/23/07 was supposed to be my scheduled c-section so it will be a tough day. I would love to hear about pregnancy experiences after a cla__sical c-section. Best wishes to all.


punkyn - April 10

so sorry for ur lost cindy. i had 2 cla__sical c-section.once in 1999 and once in 2004 . i didnt know about any other way to do a csection until i got pregnant for the third time with this baby and they asked if they could cut me in the binkni (sp)? line area. both of my pior c-section went find my son was 9 lbs and i wasnt dialating anymore that's why i got the c-section with him when i had my girl they gave me an opt and i choose to have a nother c-section. everything went find .with this baby i will not have a cla__sical c-section but i will have a c-section.


hayley817 - April 10

im truly sorry for your loss! my friend had a c section to find her self pregnant just 6 weeks after her first close i know, but she has 2 lovely over active children! good luck xx


KyMbO - May 9

I would like to offer my condolences for your loss. I would be devastated as well. I didn't even know i was pregnant till i was around 24 weeks, so i can't imagine your pain. I agree with Melissa30's question as to why they didn't induce labor. I was also under this impression. Sorry i can't help with any answers to your question, maybe a fertility specialist may be able to help? Best of Luck ;)


mufasa - May 14

Cindy, I have no info to offer you but I have lots of sympathy. Good luck in the future and know that you will see your baby again. He or she is watching over you from a safe place.



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