Complicated Vaginal Birth Vs Planned C Sec

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sally - February 1

Hi, I had a long and complicated labour with my first child which left me totally exhausted for a long time. This time I am thinking about having a planned ceaserean. Has anyone had a complicated labour and va___al birth then gone on to have a ceaser? Which did you find best?


Meagan - February 2

I had a complicated, long, pretty nasty first birth, and felt as you did. I decided on a planned c for the next one. Well, I have to say at first with the pain meds it wasn't horrible, but then I got complications from the c-section. IMO a c-section was harder to recover from even from the get-go and worse once the infection kicked in. I had forceps and a large episiotomy after 28 hours with first baby. The best part of v____al was even though I was exhausted and sore, the major pain was over BEFORE the baby arrived (but labor and delivery sucked). The best part of a c-section was no labor before and I knew the day, but the WORST part of a c-section was the major pain and recovery from surgery happened AFTER I had a newborn. I guess I am not much help but I do know that many women do not have nearly as difficult a labor and delivery the second time around. Do a lot of research into aftereffects of a C on your body, certainly something to consider.


Holly - February 2

Hello. I can only say neither! But my doc says a complicated v____al delivery is still more desirable than surgical complications. On the other hand, like anything, an uncomplicated c-section may be a bit easier on you than a troublesome labor and difficult delivery. I think you should a___lyze why your first was so hard, perhaps the second wouldn't be nearly as rough, my mother said the difference was night and day from baby one (me!) and baby number two, my (bigger) little brother. I guess I gave her a really rough time and then she had my brother in half the time.


Lynn - February 3

Well, I would definatly have a difficult v____al birth verses a c-section. The v____al birth might be harder at first but you heal alot faster without any permanent damage verses the c-section. I have 4 children. First one was a planned c-section, second one was a difficult v____al birth, the third one was an emergency c-section and the forth was a scheduled c-section, because in my small town, the hospital gave me no choice. Anyway I am having some problems with my spine and bowels. I say if you have a choice do the v____al birth, it will probably be easier then the last birth anyway and you will heal faster.


marcie. - February 6

I have had both,as I've said before,and had a terrible v____al birth.I chose an elective section for the 2nd,otherwise I'd never had had another baby.I prefered the operation.Ok there was discomfort afterwards,but the pain medications kept things at a manageable level.When you are having a baby naturally,and pain medications are not taking,or making you feel ill,even though some may tell you the pain is short lived,that pain for me was almost unbearable,and you had to go on.I was also uncomfortable after my natural birth,with my c-secion,it helped me being able to see the scar,see it healing.Today you cannot see the scar,but if I ever did then I would choose that


EM - February 9

I had an emergency C with my first and am hoping for the second I can have an uncomplicated VBAC. My C went awesome, no complications, fairly quick recovery, left the hospital earlier than I was allowed to stay BUT the idea of recovering with one baby already at home wears me out and depresses me just thinking about it. If you have complications with your next labor...won't they let you say do a C then? Also, I've heard that the second is usually LOADS easier than the depends on what your complications were. Good luck whatever you decide.


What? - February 10

What does seeing your scar have to do with how you recovered? I see no reason for doing a c-section delivery based things like that or that they are done frequently. So are cardiac by-pa__ses, so? You can labor for 20 or more hours and be sore for a week or two (on average) or you can book your delivery, and without complications have insides and outside recovery time of way longer than a week or two...depends on how you like your pain. I would rather "think" I was dying than to actually almost do it as I did with my c-section. I would take my long labor and delivery over that any time.


marcie to what. - February 10

I have read different threads,some women actually do not like their scar.I liked looking at mine,and seeing it increasing healing.For me,personnally,no I would not like to experience my natural birth again.You feel you are alone,even though there are people trying to comfort you,the pain,for me was immense,and you have to continue.I would rather have the operation,and then try and manage the pain with the pain medications.I found the pain not that bad,it was difficult to get out of bed the 1st time,but nothing compared to my v____al birth pain.Each to their own,just my preference.


Hey Marcie - February 10

I have read your posts. For the life of me I can't imagine what went so wrong with your pain meds or epidural that made you feel so much. I am not being mean, I really want to know why someone let you go on so. It seems to me you got some shoddy care, if one method of pain relief doesn't work, another should. I also wonder why your epidural didn't take for labor, but you had enough relief with a spinal (similar technology) to get through a c-section. Different anesthesiologists? It makes a big difference, those people, and a good epi-doc can make all the difference in the world. To original poster, I don't think you feel less exhausted after a c-section, your body doesn't care how you feel mentally in some ways, it has to use energy to heal from surgery and that made me MORE tired than labor.


shelly - February 10

My csection was not bad at all and within two weeks I was pretty much back to normal. Within a month I was excersising again. I have heard many, many women who have experianced both say that the Csection was just easier all around. However, some women get infections from the Csection and recovery from anything with an infection can be brutal. I believe for myself that the tear I got during natural birth was much more painful then the csection. That really sucked. And for a very long time.


Susan - February 10

I had both and I would say the exact opposite of the last poster. I would take my pretty rough v____al over the rougher you have to talk to you doctor about the issues that are not clouded by emotion and go with what is medically better for you body.



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