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Anne - November 4

My sister just gave birth via c-section 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago, left part of her incision (about 1 inch long) opened up and started to leak an odorless yellow liquid enough to drain a larage towel. When she met with her doctor, she was told that in rare occasions, these type of complicatons do occur. Apparently, my sister is retaining alot of "left-over" liquid from her pregnancy that needs to come out and found a way to through a part of her already closed up incision. To make things worse, she was told to leave this open for approx. 2-3weeks with the gauze tape inserted into the womb through the opened wound and keep changing the gauze tape 2x a day for the next 2-3weeks. Has this happend to anyone?


Kellie - November 17

YES!!! This sounds so fimiliar to me. Three years ago I had a c-section and on about day 2 after the surgery a one inch gap appeared and started leaking an odourless liquid. I was allowed to go home (5 days later) from hospital with this left like it was as they said it would heal. I had to go back to my doctor a few days later as the wound was starting to smell. They gave me an ointment to apply and some gauze. This did not work. I had have surgery to have my c-section scar fixed as my body had developed what is called a sinus tract. This is where all the liquid was coming from and there was an infection that had formed because of this. This surgery was useless as it didn't really change anything I still had the infection. I then had to live with a horrible smelly wound. I became severley depressed. I was finally admitted back into hospital and had the operation again. It has finally healed and I am well again in all ways. My message to your sister is not to wait if it doesn't look like it is healing. Go and hound the doctor. Don't let what happen to me happen to your sister, as it took nearly three years for me to totally heal back to normal. It should have only taken a few weeks. Good luck!


kathy - November 28

yes it did happened to me 5 weeks ago after my c-section. I did not have yellow liquid, but bloodish liquid. Luckily my OB said that the wound wasn't infected. And the gauze tape was inserted into the open wound 2x a day for 3 weeks and finally it healed 2 weeks ago. My OB check my wound weekly or biweely to keep an eye for any signs of infection(I would be send back to the hospital if it is infected for further treatment). Good luck to your sister.


Stacy - May 14

Yes, the exact same thing happened to me. I had to go to my OB 12 days straight to get "gauzed up". Luckily, this was not painful, just inconvenient. My incision leaked very lightly after the 12 days for about 5 more days. I used a big bandaid. After that, all was well.


rett - September 17

similar. seemed to be the way my body heals... very fast on the outside- exceeding what the inside was capable of. all though everything seemed- OK (red and very itchy) on the outside the internal wound had not healed. a pocket of blood and other fluids were pooling inside and had to be drained on the happy day i thought my staples were coming out. after my twin c-section i was tended to by a nurse 2xs a day for drainage, followed by infection and cleansing for about 2 weeks then 1x a day for another 3, followed by my husbands care. the wound was apprx. 7" wide after reopening and has healed completely. a HUGE inconvenience and frightening glances i have 2 great baby girls. not to say that if any of you going thru it now... that it is easy but it will get better.


Barbara - September 19

Sept.19,2005 Just had 3rd c-sect almost 3mnths ago now, and am in the middle of this very experience. My Dr. has been no help and in fact has basically shoved me off to see a plastic surgeon. The worst part is I still have this wound that weeps. Anyone who can give advice as to how I can deal w/this Dr? insurance doesn't cover plastic surgeons. And unless they give a local to the site, there's no way I could lay there and let them shove c___p into the hole. HELP!



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