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Anonymous - August 21

I have an embarassing question but it still needs to be answered. Soon after my c-section, I've developed a horrible diarrhea problem. I had the C-section Sat at 8 am - I had gas that afternoon & evening. On Sun, I had gas again so they took out my catheter & I eating solid foods around lunchtime. Also around lunchtime, I experienced my first bout with "explosive" diarrhea. The nurses advised this was normal. I also had cold & hot flashes - doc advised these were normal also. Days two, three, & four still had horrible problems with intestinal cramping & diarrhea (soupy). Its day five & I'm at home but, the diarrhea is worse - I have to run to the restroom every 30 min bc of diarrhea. I called the OBGYN's nurse & she advised I may have caught the flu. I don't have a fever so I don't see how that is possible. I'm going to try to get in with a general practice doctor tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone else?


fay - August 15

It happened to me when I got home, I exploded in the middle of the night, I coulden't make it to the bathroom. Nasty. This only happened once. If the Ob is saying that it may be the flew go to your family doctor that can do a check up and bring a specimen of your diarrhea.


Karen - August 21

yeah actually.. it's a side effect for some.. bowel and bladder discomfort. i think i found the info on because the doctor poked around at your intestines a bit it irritates it. my sister was in and out of the bathroom for about 2 weeks after hers.


shirley - November 19

my child will be 6 months and i still have it and don't know why healthy before this


Jackie - January 31

I'm sort of with Shirley. Ever since the last few months of pregnancy and even now (4 months afterwards), my bowel movement sneeks up on me. I have gas at first and then my gut starts to hurt and I have to get the bathroom soon after to relieve myself or else it becomes even more uncomfortable. Most of the time, my bowel movements are not solid either. I have NO clue why this is happening.


Paula - February 6

yea, actually I had my baby 2 months ago and I have frequent diarrhea I don't recall having a normal bowl movement. I also have been having alot of chest pains, upper back pains,short time head achs. This is my 3rd cecarean and I have never felt this way before eaither.


Melinda - March 14

You are not alone. I have the same thing, but getting better. Only 4 times a day and it has been 2 years...It seems your body is never the same after major abdominal surgery....Make sure that if you get to exhaused get you blood checked out and make sure you not lacking iron or anything...This can drain you....I know..Drink lots of fluids as well....Hope you feel better...I am with you!!!!


Clara - March 26

Yes. I've had it too. I've researched about c-sections and found out that they can damage your colen, uterus, nerves and back. I'm wondering if I'll ever be back to my normal self again.


LaLa - April 22

Yes, the bowel movement change is normal. My first one was the worst because instead of diarrhea, it was hard as a brick. It took me a week to get the first movement to come out. That was worst than the labor pains. I have not been the same since and my OBGYN said that this is unfortanetly normal and there is not much that can be done to correct it because of the surgery.


Ann - April 24

If you are continuing to have bad diarrhea, it could be from antibiotic use if you had an IV of antibiotics after surgery. Try taking a good quality acidophilis supplement. Try acupuncture too it really helps!


erin - June 11

it is most likely a virus i just got over it myself, my c-section was 5 wks ago and i was sick last week.


Delores - July 26

I have had 2 C-Sections (1st in 1997 & the 2nd in 2002). Since my second c-section, I have terrible gas that builds up in my stomach and causes painful stomach aches...This generally happens when I lay downm and it will be this way if I eat something or nothing at all. I went to my OB/GYN Dr. and she stated that it was something that I was eating...No tests were ever given. I've been taking gas pills, but they aren't 100% either. My stomach is huge and won't go down...Sometimes, I think that something was done incorrectly when they finished the operation...I never had diarhea, but I have to go every morning..Not sure if this is normal or not...


Bridgette - July 31

I've had horrible gas since my c-section of July 1. I've lost the urge to urine or move bowels. I just go after a few hours and there it is. The bowel movement always follows a bout of gas, and I never know I had a bowel movement until I finished. After my first week's f/up appt the doc said it was normal, but this can't be. They must have done something wrong. I'm following up with the doc again tomorrow.


alisha - August 3

i had my daughter 7 months ago and i still have it.. but also i am having more problems my docotor thought i had a kidney stone but all the tests came back negative. they tested for ovarian cysts and they cant find anything i am in pain in my stomache and it travels to my groin.. my doctors cant tell me what is going on has anyone else been through this??????????


Mady - August 17

I have similar discomfort, it comes on suddenly (I am 6 mos post c-section) and when I get it it lasts for like 2-3 days, usually once a week. Puts a damper on my schedule quite often. The worst part for me is because my stomach muscles are ao loose still, I look like I am pregnant again when I have it, I get all bloated and literally go up two pant sizes. Wish I could help and tell you it will go away, sounds like it could easily just be a normal after surgery cleansing for you and I hope it goes away and doesn't bother you again.


Melissa - February 16

I am four (4) months post c-section, and my intestines haven't been the same since. Don't be embarrased, I googled this problem, and since there is a forum, it seem this is a problem. I have one or two weeks of normal bowels, and then one to two weeks of complete discomfort all day long. Like another reader wrote, it takes a toll on your daily errands and schedules. I'm waiting for a call back from my GI doctor to see about this, but after reading this forum, it seems I'm not alone.


siempremi - July 6

Wow! I have been searching for info regarding post-c-section. Have you noticed there is nothing on the "official" sites about the problems you have for months afterward? It really helps to know I'm not the only one. The gas I can deal with but I've been having a lot of muscle pain in my back. I still have a lot of soreness in my abdomen. It almost feels like she's still packed in there squishing everything. I was back at pre-pregnancy weight 3 weeks after the c-section and looked fairly decent. Now my stomache is huge even though I've only gained about 5 pounds. I'm glad they weren't exactly honest about what a c-section entails, but really it would be nice to be informed after the fact at least.



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