Csection Day After Tomorrow HELP

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Ang - January 23

I am scheduled for a c section the day after tomorrow (Tuesday) and I had heard that after the operation you are taken to the recovery room for about 20 minutes then taken back to the room. I have heard that I wont be able to sit up for a while afterwards - can anyone explain this? And will I be up to seeing any friends or visitors at all? Or will I be out of it and on all kinds of drugs?


KM - January 23

you are in recovery after yes because the nurse has to sit with you until your epidural starts wearing off and you regain some feeling in your legs.you wont be able to sit up very comfortably because your lower abdomen just went through major surgery.You will be able to sit up but not allowed to get out of bed and attempt walking for 24 hrs.You have the option of taking something for pain,like tylenol 3. it depends how u handle pain medication if you will feel like visitors or not.Most ppl are fine and have visitors.


jennifer - February 9

I just had a c section 3 weeks ago. Yes I was in recovery until my epidural started to wear off. Then I had to lay flat for a few hours to reduce the risk if getting an epidural headache..those are awful. But, once I was able to sit up I was fine and ready for visitors although I was a little groggy from the pain killers I was on.


Joanne - March 10

you will be able to have friends you will not be able to set up right then because they saw your stomach bach up but you can try to walk around the next day it hurt until everything go back in place


Destiny - May 3

c-section although it sounds awful, i just had my 2nd child by csection 4-22-05 and it was painful for the 1st few days and the 1st time getting out of bed really sucked but now I think I would rather have one again instead of experiencing the pain of a v____al birth again. they give ya lots of meds to "HELP" comfort you and nursing is still ok and friends and family can come and visit after your in your recovery room!


Maya - May 3

Actually they can keep you in the recovery room for several hours! With both my c/s's I was kept in for 1 h the 1st time and 1 h 1/2 the second (19/04/05) until you can feel belly b___ton and higher. They usually do the "ice cube" test. You will be able to receive drugs, but believe me I'd REST and spend quality time with my new child if I were you. I did that the 2nd time and god bless I was in better shape the next day (12-24 hrs later) to receive visitors. You will be on pain meds but sitting up will be pretty much unexistant for a while after the surgery. Good luck!


Cindy - May 4

You will be in major pain, they cut through your abdominal muscles this is why you won't be able to sit up. They will give you pain meds for a while, take them!!!! Also take any help you can get for the first couple of weeks. Good luck!


ginger - May 13

I have had 3 sections and yes it hurts but labour was worse. I was in labour and pushed for 5 hours with my first. I was awake for the next 2 and it was nice to be done in 20 minutes. I found that right after surgery while you are still numb was good to have visitors. The fist night is hell. don't be alone. the nurses say they will help but if you live in a small area and there are only 2 nurses and they are both delivering other babies you are on your own and that is not cool. the first 2 days post operation were the worst. I highly suggest the pain killer that is a suppository. It sounds gross but you can go longer inbetween and they work instantly and dont make you grogey. They were a life saver for me.


Jen - June 1

I have had two c sections and the recovery room time for both of them was around 2 hours or until your pain is managed. The nurses will want you to get up out of bed about 6 hours after the c section. It is hard to get up and move but let me tell you from experience that the sooner you get up and walk the better and faster you recover. They will give you pain medicine which will make you pretty tired for awhile. I hope this helps.


SUSIE - June 3



Amaya's mommy - June 3

Hi! I had a c-section on May 9th, 2005. If you have the option, get a spinal block, that is what I had and it was not painful at all! I didnt feel a thing, and actually fell asleep while they were st_tching me up. I was given pitocin earlier that day, and it was HORRIBLE!!! I was never taken to a recovery room, just back to my room where all of my friends and family were, the baby was also taken to the room with me where they did her first bath, her foot/hand prints, her first shot, etc. I was sitting up about 30 mins after my surgery, well not actually sitting up on my own, but I was sitting up on the hospital bed (ya know it how it sits up but you are actually still in bed). I was very very tired, only because the medicine they gave me made my face itch really really bad, so they gave me benadryl to counter act that. I was up walking the halls the next day. The thing that will help you recover fast, is #1. Make yourself go to the bathroom (bowel movements) hold a pillow over your incision and make yourself do it, the first one is always the most painful, but once its over you will feel much better. #2. Cough, again hold a pillow over your belly and cough, it might hurt a little but I had a slight case of bronchitis when I went to the hospital, so I was coughing anyway, but they said this actually help the muscles in my belly (by the way, I dont believe they cut through muscle) #3. Breastfeed, or atleast be the one who bottle feeds your baby the first few days, holding my baby made my muscles in my belly sore but it also helped too, Pillows will be your best friend for a couple of days. If you have any other questions just ask away, I was fully recovered in like 2 weeks, but up and about in like 2 days. It has been 4 weeks monday and I am going back to work Tuesday. Good luck, and just remember, Its all worth it in the end!


alison - June 21

I had one csection about 3.5 yrs ago and am about to have another. I had a spinal and the only thing that hurt was the numbing medicine. There was some pressure during the surgery, but that was it. Once the baby was out I had a sudden urge to get sick, and told them. They gave me something and it immediately went away. Then I had a splitting headache, which they again gave me something for and went away. I was in recovery for over 2 hrs, and even then my legs were still a bit numb. The first day I was swollen and very groggy from all the ivs and meds (I know I got morphine, and some other stuff). I dont really remember talking to people on the phone or the few visitors that did come. I tried to sleep but couldnt probably because I wanted to see my son. A few times I thought I was going to get sick and told the nurse. She would come and inject something in my iv and it would go away. You can "sit up" in bed meaning it was one of those beds that you can raise and lower by pushing b___tons. The day of surgery was the easiest thanks to the drugs. That night, the nurses came in every 2 hrs to make me roll on to my other side, cough (prevents clots from forming) and change my pads. It was a pain in the b___t and was uncomfy. The next morning, my cath came out and they told me to get up and walk around when I felt I could. It was much easier walking around then than later on probably since there was still good meds in me. I was switched to Tylenol 3 too. I was more alert and less bloated. They also switched me from a liquid diet (broth, jello, tea) to solids that afternoon. By my 3rd day I was eating McDonalds, feeling pretty sore, and was ready to go home. I went home the 4th morning. Recovery was pretty easy for me except for a sore back (from the spinal ?? or back problems). I wasnt allowed to pick up my son (he was 12+ lbs at birth) for a week or so (but I did), and I wasnt supposed to drive for 3-4 weeks (if you had to stop fast you could open the incision). Plus, no exercise or doing the deed for 6 weeks (I wasnt complaining)! Dont be afraid to ask for meds if youre in pain, and take them! Rest when you can and go #2 as soon as you can. I didnt go for 6 days and I swear I wouldve rather have given birth without drugs than to have to go through that. I tried everything too (suppositories final did the trick). I did just read about how chewing gum soon after giving birth speeds up that process, so I will be doing that this time!


Michelle - June 22

What Allison said is all true. It was the exact same experience for her as it was for me.


Flaurie - July 12

I had 2 c sections. 1 with complete anesthesia & 1 with epidural. I was able to get up same day with the latter. It was easy. The 1st was hard. I got out of bed 4/5 days later.


DP - July 14

First of all it depends on how your body reacts to the medication as to whether or not you will be "out of it or not," there is really no way to tell until you go through it. It usually does take some time-anywhere between 20 min to 2hrs, it also depends on how much anesthetic you have administered I personally never liked visitors on the very first day anyway, it was nice to take the time to rest up and just spend time with the baby and my husband, of course that too is up to you, you will be able to make those decisions after you have the baby too, just ask people to call first to see if you are up to having visitors. Usually you are able to sit up, you just need help, because the incision is so new you don't want to tear it and frankly it is quite painful to try and sit up on your own. I would recommend trying to sleep with your bed in the sitting position for the first couple of days, by the time you get home, practice rolling out of bed , not sitting up. however you also could be like some of the rare gals who have a higher tolerance to the pain and are in better physcal condition, you very well may be able to do it on your own any way. For right now try to relax about it you really won't know until it's all done and your really will have a better idea of what you will be able to do or not. The important thing is not to get too stressed out, I am sure that you will come through this just fine! Congratulations on your new baby and enjoy!!!


mandy - July 14

I am just writing to say I hope your section went well,and would love to hear about it.Cindy said they cut through your muscles,I thought they stretched the majority apart.


chapman2004 - July 30

I had a c-section 16 months ago and all was well. i was in recovery for about 15 min. and then taken to my room. i asked for my son and the nurse brought him to me. I was unable to sit up comfortably but i could. i think all of this depends on you and your dr. and nurses. I was able to get out of bed and walk around as soon as my cath. was removed. i had my c-section on a thrus. afternoon and was walking out of the hospital sat. morning. visitors should not be a problem.



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