Csection Next Week

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gracie - July 11

Hi, having my csection next wednesday. This is my second one. The first was scary beyond words as it was an emergancy. Trying not to get too nervous as it is inevitable that the baby will be born, but still nervous. How did everyone cope with the tension and nervousness leading to their planned csection. I sorta wish it was the day after already so that I would know I lived through it. I actually fear dying on the table. scary for me to write it out, but it is my true fear. I also fear feeling it again. thanks,


Nerdy Girl - July 12

I had a scheduled c-section but my water broke a week before then. It didn't give me any time the week before to get anxious about it. I guess that you never know what will happen and you really can't control it, so just try to relax. I actually wasn't stressed about the scheduled C because my first C (unplanned) went pretty smooth. My 2nd C had some post-op complications, but nothing bad happened during the actual surgery. If you first one was unplanned and was totally scary, I bet you will be surprised how smooth this one will go. Good luck!


Nerdy Girl - July 12

BTW - my daughter is named Gracie too. Is that your name or your daughter's? :)


sahmof3 - July 12

I've had three c-sections, the first was also an emergency, 2nd and 3rd- scheduled. In a way, because I was so out of it with the first I didn't know what to expect! Anyway, I have that fear of dying on the table, too, but as you said, it's inevitable. I just blocked out the whole thought (as much as possible) of the actual surgery and tried to think about the relief I'd feel when they finally say that they're done st_tching and when I could see the baby. Both surgeries went well, except that with #2 when they were about to pull her out, she was head down, face up. When my doc reached for her, she turned went breech and had to be pulled out by her feet... got junk in her lungs and had to be suctioned and monitored in NICU for 3 days. And #3 I had very low platelets and was put under general anesthesia for his birth- actually, this was a relief to me- no spinal!! But, the good news- recovery from a scheduled was a lot easier than from the emergency one, plus I'd already had a c-section and knew more about how to get out of bed and to take my pain meds before the pain gets too bad!! Good luck!!


sahmof3 - July 12

Yikes- I need to get better at writing... I have that fear of dying, too, but, um, I should have said the surgery is inevitable. I made it sound like dying is inevitable . SO SORRY!!!!!!!! Anyway, it may also help to think a day after surgery, like, By next Thursday, the c-section will be over with and I'll have my baby! At least it did for me.


gracie - July 12

Hi all, Nerdy- my name is grace, I am having a daughter this time and still have yet to choose a name. Its ridiculos as I truely have no idea what to name her, I am hoping to have some flash of inspiration ahead of time so that I dont name her something silly while I am drugged. I could just see me coming too a day later and everyone looking at me oddly because I named her something silly like, Chocolate Chip or something else bizzare that was on my mind... My first section sucked as I was never in labor or any pain at all, but I did the kick counts and he stopped one day at about 39 weeks and sure enough his heart was around 50. The epidural wasnt given the time to work or wasnt done right as I felt it on one side, came off the table, and kicked the doctor in the chest twice. My scar is actually longer on one side and crooked. I was put under with my last thought being I was gonna die. I woke up in incrediable pain, however I had no complications and was walking, though slowly the next day. I am pretty scared that somehow I will feel it again. Or that I will die or that the baby will die. However I know this is just me letting myself indulge in worst case senerio, but it is still scary....


Nerdy Girl - July 12

Gracie, Good Lord, now I can see why you are scared. If this upcoming section is scheduled and you do not go into labor then it will not be an emergency scenario like the first time. You will certainly be given time for the anesthesia to kick in. Make sure to talk to the anesthesiogist about your previous experience. I am surprised they gave you an epidural for what sounds like an emergency c-section. Epidurals take about 20 minutes to take effect but then they last longer and since a catheter is left in your back, they can add more anesthesia as needed. Typically it's a spinal for a c-section, which is a single shot that acts immediately. The downside to a spinal is that it only lasts two hours, so if there is a complication, they might have to knock the patient out anyway because there is no way to administer more medication into the patient's back. I had a spinal for both of my c-sections. I went numb instantly and the babies were out within minutes. I was awake and alert, pain-free, and got to see my babies right away. Both were good experiences in the OR. (But don't even get me started on the post-op part of my 2nd c-section... you can read about it in all of my other posts!)


Lynne - July 13

I am sure this one will be a lot different because it is a scheduled section and you will not be in labor. I had an emergent section as well (at 25 weeks) so I understand how scary it was. I am sure this experience will be a lot different. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


bbm - July 14

My c-section was planned and it wasn't a bad experience at all. In fact I have a post up about it. If you're getting a spinal, then you'll be away and completely frozen, behind a curtain so it'll be ok. Mine wasn't even done and I was lying next to my baby, waiting for the dr. to finish, talking to my husband.



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