Dangers Of 3rd C Section

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Kati - November 22

I have had two c-sections already. One with my 3 year old and another with my one year old. I am pregnant again and am anticipating another. Has anyone had three?????


amy p - November 22

hi kati i have had 2 c sections and i am ttc #3 which would make my 3rd c. so i am anxious to hear how it goes..when r u due? congrats! i know from talking to my doctor the risks are the same as they were with the other 2 just a little more elevated. my doctor told me you are at a higher risk of organ damge (bowel, bladder, ureters) due to the adhesions and scar tissue that has formed inside..what does your doc say?


Renea - November 23

Kati and Amy-I am due for my 4th c-sect. in March. I had no problems with any of my c's so far. My doctor did say that after my 3rd one, he would only recommend one more. It all depends on your body and how your uterus is. Your doctor will advise you on whether to have any more or not. I know of some who have gone on to have 5 or 6 with no complications, but I am taking my drs advice and getting tied after the 4th.


Kati - November 23

My doctor has not said anything yet as I just found out and I am a little freaked. I already have a 3 year old and 1 year old - so it will be very scary to have three. I actually had no complications with the 2 c-sections I have had - so was just a little nervous for a third since it is like major surgery. This however will be the last for me, while they are already in there I will have them tie the tubes!!


Amy - November 29

Im on my 3rd pregnancy and due to complictions in the last 2 am going to have a c section for this one tho im abit worried about my scar and how big im going to get as i dont want nothing to happen. Does anyone else worry about this?


rita - November 29

amy how many sections have you hd then?


amy - November 30

i have had 2 sections and this will be my 3rd


amy p - December 1

amy when are you due for #3?


Laquitta - December 9

I think it is up to your body as to how many C-sections you can have. I had three C-section without a problem and I am pregnant again. I healed fine had a lot of scar tissue with my last one, but other than that we were fine


Amy - December 11

i'm just like Renea i have had 3 and having #4 in Jan i did have a few problems but all and all we are all great


djh - December 11

I didn't have any extra dangerous situations during my surgery, except that each c-section took longer and with one I bled severely. I did end up having to have a hysterectomy years later because of all the scar tissue and the damage it was causing. May I suggest this be your last one as bladders and bowels don't like the constant scar formation that forms from repeated c-sections. Good luck!


rizo123ex4 - December 11

djh how many c-sections have you had?


Amy - December 12

Im due july 1st but will have the baby end of June by c section


lilll1 - June 9

Hi ya peeps im jst wondering im due for my 3rd c-section soon and am a bit scared, well i get my date when they r tking me in on thursdai and i was jst wondering if any1 could ease my nerves because im terrfied. Well everythng be ok


Mum of 3 c-sections - June 13

Hi lilll1...Sorry i just read your post now otherwise if i read it before i would have told you that everything will be fine. Hope your c-section went well...how are you? I've had my 3rd c-section 3 years ago now and was fine. Best wishes x


MyLifeNotYours - June 13

I'm having my 3rd c-section & final pregnancy. I don't want to risk my life just to have one more child. I'm happy with what I'm able to have & afford. It's very difficult for me to continue having kids. My pregnancies are well, but I have a preteen. A 1 year old. Having another baby in December. Working full time 5 days a week. Coming home to cook & clean. My husband works 2 jobs. I get no government help. My kids are with a sitter half day, cause my daughter helps out when she's out of school so I can't put that kind of pressure on my 12 year old to continue having more kids. I don't want to be selfish. I love my kids, and I work very hard for them & so does my husband.


DanceMaMa2005 - August 18

i know ive heard from my doctor that it is a lil more dangerous havin more then one c section i mean one c section is dangerous alone even a normal birth has its danger's. iam on baby number 3 and this will be my 3rd c section on top of that i had my babies i have a 2 year old and 1 year old they are like 14 months apart and iam due with my 3rd baby this november so yea very close which is something else doctors say is not safe. but i cant undo it now so no need to worrier just belive you and your baby will be just fine :)



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