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AmyB - November 15

how are you? how is school going? hope you are good..


djh - November 15

Hi Amy! How are the boys? School is OVER!!!! I interviewed for a job at the local VA medical center, got hired before I graduated, finished Aug 31, took the NCLEX Sept. 17, went to work Oct. 1. I am doing great and love nursing! I am on nights which is rough, but managing to get about 6 hours of sleep a day. I work on a med/tele/chemo floor but of course I want to get into trauma/ED ASAP. How are YOU????? I will check here tomorrow AM since I have to go to work tonight. Great to hear from you.


lovemy3 - November 17

djh, Thats great..congrats! My section is booked for Jan 31st. Feeling good except stressed over my quad screen result of 1/46 for DS. Scans show no markers and I'm praying thats a good sign. xox


djh - November 18

Oh hi lovemy3! Congrats on such your ever advancing pregnancy!!! I am so happy for you to finally get that long tried for baby! So they didn't see any nuchal folds at the earlier scans? Good if they didnt'. If the babe is DS then I will give you all my love and blessings and will have lots of info for you since I coach DS gymnasts. But more times than not the screens are just possible indicators and nothing more. wishes for a healthy,happy baby to you!! Nursing is very hard, but very rewarding work. I love my veterans and am honored to serve those who served for US. I feel blessed to be their "front-line" for a change. Talk to you gals soon.


lovemy3 - November 18

Thanks so much. They couldn't get a reading for NT at 12 weeks due to me being heavier but since then there has been no markers. i had a fetal echo done and my scans about 6 of them from my fetal med guy. I go again on Tues. I am hoping its just a false postive screen.


AmyB - November 24

oh i am so happy for you and CONGRATS!!! i am just a full time stay at home mommy now and i volunteer on the ambulance..i actually homeschool my boys now and love it..kolten just turned 1..and the others are 6 and 4 they are great..and i am TTC #4 i know i am nuts..but really want 1 more!!!


djh - November 26

Hey Amy, I can't believe that little one is a year old, Oct, right? I love full-time nursing and while 12.5 hours shifts leave nothing left time-wise on the days I work, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am on 5 days in a row off after working 4 12's. It's like vacations every other week LOL. Sounds like you and your family are exactly where you all are supposed to be right now. That is great that you get to be a SAHM. I wish you all the best for #4, your daughter...tee hee. I'll check back in a few days and see how you and Lovemy3 are doing.


lovemy3 - November 28

Hey there...thought maybe if we just used this thread it may be easier....hope thats ok?! Amy, wow....patience for homeschooling. Thats great. My kids go to a very small Christian school, only 70 kids from JK to 8th grade. DJH, lots of hours you must love nursing, thats wonderful. All is fine here. Just waiting it out. Still a little nerve wracked over the ds stuff. I see my fetal med dr on tues again and then weekly till my section in Jan. He does a scan in his office each week. Still no markers on a ny scans but I know U/S is not really a tool for ds since 50% of the babies look perfect on U/S. thats really it here. Amy, do you think you do any prenatal testing like genetics? I only did cuz my dr wanted to see my PAPP-A placental test. I wish now I held my ground with my no. Its almost ruined this final pregnancy. My preeclampsia issues in the past look non-existent at this point in time and I pa__sed my 3 hour glucose..YAY for that!


djh - November 29

Hey Gals, long day today and then back to night shift tomorrow. Amy, this new nurse training while being on nights is killing me! Why don't they just take a full month on days and get all of us trained? I have been on my own for a few weeks and now I go back and get training I should have had before I hit the floor....on night shift...oh well, still love this job. Lovemy3, hang in there girl, I know you must be silently frantic at times. You will have a fine baby, one that is exactly who they are supposed to be. I am praying for you to have a wonderful, healthy baby!!! Please keep updating here so I can track your progress, not too much longer now. Gotta go, after two days of day shift I now have to revert to a night shift schedule for tomorrow's shift...ick...thankfully all this extra training ends soon...I hope.


djh - November 29

oops, the training is DAY SHIFT, my work shifts are night shift, so my circadian rhythm is completely screwed up now.


AmyB - December 16

so glad to hear you like your job djh!!! and you have come so far...congrats again! lovemy3 i love homeschooling..really wouldnt want it any other way right now it is all working out great for us...noone has ever mentioned any gentic testing and i am not bringing it up! jan is coming quickly!!! we are ttc #4 as scared as i am i really want to go for 4 i think thats right for us..glad all is well talk to you all soon~!


djh - December 17

Hi Amy and lovemy3, yep, I do love my job, of course the reality is that some of it bites. I prefer to delegate the CNA stuff, but haven't gotten the firmness necessary to do so at times. If I truly can't get to an urgent problem I can delegate, but some things I still shouldn't be doing when I havent' taken a break in 6 hours or I am working through lunch. Here's praying for a healthy delivery for lovemy3 in Janurary and for baby #4 for Amy!!! Merry Christmas ladies!


djh - December 17

I want to add, we have the BEST CNAs imaginable and I am not complaining about them at all. They are really professional, smart, and helpful. I just tend to do too much for the patients, even when our CNA's are not occupied for a moment...that is when I need to delegate if I have charting or a much needed lunch break waiting. I will learn!


AmyB - December 18 will learn it just takes time..and you feel bad b/c you know what its like to be on the other side of the fence...being the low person and being pushed over..i bet your a great nurse!!!



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