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lovemy3 - June 11

Thanks so much for your input on both of my posts. It sounds like you are a nurse? We still are going to ttc #4 and that will be it for sure. I still do get waves of guilt a little though because I think of the "what ifs" I would also be concerned if I needed my gall bladder out etc, because surgery is surgery. Choosing to ttc though makes me feel like " I am choosing this" where as other surgeries sometimes you have no choice, so I feel like I may be "pushing the envelope" and it scares me sometimes. I have had 2 consults with my dr and he has said "fine". he wasn't saying " yaya, great you are an awesome pregnancy candidate, but did say it is "doable" He also warned of surgery risks and placenta accreeta and things that can wrong. he told us to "look at what we have and make the decision". He said he was ok with one more but urged us to tie the tubes during the next surgery. The nurses at this clinic are really great. Each appointment is done there and each ultrasound each week is done right in the clinic by the specialist. ou don't go to a lab or anything. its like one stop shopping!! My preeclampsia was none exsitent with my 3rd so that was good. My dr is at a Maternal Illness and Fetal Medicine Clinic in a very large city hospital. People fly in from across Canada to go to this clinic. It takes me about an hour and a half drive. In any cas4e, thanks for your help. and I totally agree, only a section if you have too, I would NEVER just choose it, way too much can go wrong.


djh - June 12

You are welcome. I am an Emergency Medical Technician but I WISH I was a nurse already. I am in an RN program as we speak. In fact, I have finals tomorrow morning..eek! There is another poster on these threads who is a recent RN graduate and she shares all of your concerns even (or because of) all her knowledge. I am not judging others when I say this, but I do wonder how one can come to some of the conclusions they do about c-sections. I know the value they have and of course no one wishes a traumatic v____al birth on another, but I just can't wrap my head around not at least trying it for a first birth. Nearly all hospitals MUST be set up for c-sections if they deliver babies, therefore having a trial of labor first doesn't really harm you if you end up needing a section UNLESS you have preexisting reasons. I do not feel like you are choosing to have a c-section at all, it is absolutely the way your babies needed to be born for your health and theirs. There is nothing wrong with your desire to complete your family. I think as long as you get your health into the optimal place it can be and you are closely monitored by your doctor you should be great. You know what to expect, your family history (i.e. bleeding probs, anesthesia reactions, etc.) and you are receiving wonderful care. I think the fact that so many travel to your particular clinic/hospital says a lot about the quality of care you receive. I feel optimistic that you can do one more baby, your doctor has an obligation to weigh the risks v.s. benefit to you as an individual and his/her goal is a good outcome for you. Since he said one more is doable, you should consider going for it. Now, about the concerns, I would be so much more worried for you if you WEREN'T cognizant of the risks involved! That is what floors me sometimes, when I hear "it's easier than a v____al" or "it's less painful.." neither of those is true is many cases. One of my favorite misconceptions is "..the surgery is so routine, if there were so many risks doctors wouldn't do them..." the pain relief after sections has improved immensely, however from a physiological standpoint the risks have not changed in 2 or more decades. At any rate, I would love to continue hearing from you on this particular thread you started and if I may, I would like to invite Amy and Chem400, they are very knowledgable and Amy is pg with #3 and feeling the same angst you are! I will check back later and see what you think. You sound like a lovely person and you deserve a wonderful pregnancy and birth.


lovemy3 - June 12

Hi there, thanks for the encouragement and support, that is very kind. I have actually replied to some of Amy's posts too about worry, we do indeed seem to be in the same boat. Chem400 has also been a wealth of information. I was telling Amy, I am praying to concieve and hopefully it will happen soon, although we aren't going to try in July. We have a family vacation now planned for December and if we wait till August and I do concieve I will be under 20 weeks and will hopefully get my drs blessing to go. My blood pressure and sugar levels should still be fine then a__suming my placenta is fine and in the proper spot. We aren't flying and I would have medical insurance so I'm hoping that would be ok. Although, I have been wondering lately if I may have a fibroid. I sometimes feel a dull achey pain in the low pelvic area. Not sharp on either side like an ovarian pain, but more of a heaviness and dull ache. My periods are regular and if anything lighter than usual lasting 3 days. Definately no heavy bleeding or clots. Fairly scant. my yearly physical is June 20th and she always does an internal and I will mention it to her. Does it sound like it could be me feeling effects of prior surgeries- adhesions possibly? Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you all are well.


AmyB - June 13

lovemy..i think if you have decided to have a baby its meant to be...i dont care what you do if you really want one i dont think you will ever shake that "feeling" i know i am meant to have one more..and i am quite sure i may want more after that and then i will look into adoption! anyhow doctors now days are very in tune to all the special needs of a pregnant mother and especially the problems you encounter while you are pregnant and i think you will be just fine! i know it is scarey, but all i can think about is that they are so worth it! djh is a very great support person and very knowledgable! even though i recently graduated as an RN i still look to her for support and with ?'s :) so you are in good hands!


lovemy3 - June 13

hi there, What you said is so true. I didn't you know you were a RN as well. Are you still working while you are pregnant? How are your pregnancies in general?


AmyB - June 13

i work part time in the ER....which is nice i only work like 10 hours a week though so i can be home with my kids! my pregnancies are text book the only problem is just having to have c sections...and the amount of scar tissue i have...but when i was in my OB clinicals i got to talk to alot of doctors and actually see a few c sections where i could see exactly what the scar tissue was like and the doctors told me its not really that difficult just a little bit of a challange...yeah i dont try to make it known that i am an RN b/c everyone wants advice and i dont like to do that too much...anyhow good luck and i think you are making a good decision on having another one b/c it will not go away and if its in your heart then its meant to be that is how i feel! i am here anytime you would like to talk! we can be here to support one another....and djh and i talk alot through e mail and she is great! talk to you soon


djh - June 13

Hey Ladies, Amy, sorry, I didn't thnk I mentioned you by name, but if so please accept my apologies for any inconvienences it may cause! Lovemy3, sounds like you have a solid plan going for you and mentioning the feeling in your pelvic area makes good sense to me. Talk again soon am meeting up with some cla__smates since we just took our last final for the term today...big exhale. P.S. if I have typos here it is because I am on my husband's computer and I don't have my reading gla__ses on, heh-heh!


AmyB - June 13

djh...oh no you didn't mention my name~! i just decided to tell her that! thinking maybe some of my experience could ease her mind! i really got a new perspective when i did those OB clinicals i told you about! so maybe i can help in her decision well talk to you soon


lovemy3 - June 13

Hi there, Thanks for the encouragement. AmyB, I just thought your name is Amy because your computer thing is AmyB so I just thought that was your name, I don't think you even mentioned that to me. I can understand though the need for privacy on the web. this is my first time ever even typing anything in here. I found this site back in march 2006. it is very nice though to be able to offer support to others who need it. I guess seeing some sections done first hand would be helpful and put your mind at rest but i guess it also could work both ways and make some more scared. Sometimes ignorance is bliss don't they say, hehe. Glad to hear all is well,


lovemy3 - June 22

hi guys, had my annual physical today and asked about that pelvic feeling i mentioned. She gave me an internal and said she could feel nothing out of the ordinary. She said my uterus and ovaries felt fine. not enlarged. do you just leave it at that and chalk it up to adhesions? I was disappointed with my weight and may put off ttc for a few months and work on my weight. with my preeclampsia history I should be fit before entering into those waters. hope you are well!!


djh - June 23

Hey LM3, glad your checkup went okay, sorry you didn't receive answers however. Food for thought, after pelvic surgeries there can be pelvic engorgement issues due to cut vessels, etc. It is possible that is what is going on. Also pelvic varicosities can become a problem after cesarean section and/or hysterectomy. Keep us up to date on your quest for baby #4!



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