Do You Bleed After A C Section

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kelly826826 - April 22

I'm having a C-section and am worried about everything. I've read where some women say they bled, sometimes for 6 weeks after a c-section. Does everyone bleed after having a c-section and where are they bleeding from? The incision or their crotch? What is the purpose of bleeding from your va___a if you have a c-section?


emunah - April 22

You bleed the same way after a cesarean or a v____al birth although some people who have had cesareans do experience less bleeding. In general though there is not much difference. You bleed after a baby, not because of the v____al aspect of the birth. After you give birth, you have to shed all the lining in your uterus. This is mixed with blood, and what you bleed after a baby. The uterus had to shed regardless of which way you delivered. You bleed v____ally NOT from your incision. In fact if there is any blood or pus, you must report to the doc immediately, but they will tell you all that stuff in the hospital. Please don't worry too much. I had my first c-sec 3 months ago after 5 v____al births, and it wasn't so bad. Just take lots of pain medication and rest up as much as you can. Good luck!


addisons mommy - April 23

yes you do and alot, I know I did. It took me awhile. and after that I didnt get my period for about 6 months!!!!


kelly826826 - April 24

addisonsmommy: so if you dont bleed for 6 months or so after the c-sec. if you have s_x without protection, can you still get pregnant?


sahmof3 - April 25

I had bleeding for about 6 weeks after each of my c-sections. I'm not addisonsmommy (obviously lol) but yes you can get pregnant even if you haven't yet had a period... I DID!! with my 3rd when my dd was 8 months old and still being b___stfed...and I hadn't had a period back.


snugglybugglys - April 25

I only bled for 1.5 to 2 weeks with all 4 of my c-sections. And then maybe some spotting in between...depending on activity.


o0LiLy0o - May 5



tonilee7 - May 7

Hi Kelly, not sure when you are due so you may have already had baby by now, but I had a emergency section after my labour not progressing. After the c-section I did bleed really bad for the first 3 days and I mean bleed (blood clots the size of tennis b___s) TMI !!!! But after that I bleed pretty regular for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks, but I have been told that you bleed alot worse after you have been in labour first, I am booked for a c-section in 48 hours with my second child, and hopefull I do not bleed as bad, well not the clots anyway because it is not a nice sight AT ALL!!! Oh and I got my regular period right on que then i got the inplanon in my arm and it came when ever it felt like lol!!!! :)


Jen - May 8

I bled from my incision. They took out my staples before I left the hospital and taped it up. I would bleed through the tape so they told me to put a mini pad in my underwear over the incision. They said as long as it wasn't gushing out it was ok. I also had the normal v____al bleeding as well. Bleeding from two places wasn't fun.


Jen - May 8

sahmof3--were u on a mini pill at the time u got pregnant?


Gretta - May 8

I had hardly any bleeding - I bled for a week and that was it.


sahmof3 - May 8

Jen... no... we were just using condoms (sorry, TMI) until we decided to ttc again. I'm glad I got pregnant so soon... I wasn't expecting to since I was brestfeeding!


Jen - May 8

Ok I was wondering because I have been on the mini pill for months now and I am having preg symptoms, but it could easily just be a bladder infection. Did u have any symptoms even though you were b___stfeeding?


sahmof3 - May 8

The only symptom I had (before I tested and confirmed) was being extremely tired. When we decided to start ttc #3 I wasn't even sure I was ovulating yet, since I hadn't had a period, so I started Basal Body Temp charting and I saw a spike 2 days into ttc (that's when I got pregnant... which was amazing because it took us 21 months to conceive my 2nd baby!!). I waited 2 weeks to test and in that time was when I had the extreme exhaustion, but also during that time I came down with tonsilitis and my daughter was hospitalized with RSV, so I thought that was why I was so tired! But when my temp didn't drop off on 13 dpo (days past ovulation... which it normally does and then I get a period) I was suspicious. I tested and it was a BFP :-) I've heard of a few people getting pregnant on the mini pill... do you think you could be far enough along to test? LOL I don't even know you and I'm curious!


Jen - May 8

I am going to the doc tomorrow cuz I think I have either a v____al or bladder infection. I haven't had discharge ever since I had my baby..and now I have had it for 3 weeks (tmi). I thought maybe I was ovulating again, but it hasn't stopped. Anyhow, I have been so sleepy, going to the bathroom more often and having menstrual type cramping along with a pain right in the middle of my stomach that won't go away. As I said, these can all be symptoms of an infection. Who knows, maybe af is returning. I will let u know.


KyMbO - May 9

Yes you do bleed after c-section. I bled for about 4 weeks afterwards, and it wasn't from the incision. it was from the v____a, and was very clotted afterwards, as i was not able to move for 24 hours due to the epidural. 3 months later, and i still haven't had my period!



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