Do You Have To Carry To Term For A Planned C

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scheduled c-section - October 31

Hi, I am going to be havign a planned c-section with this pregnancy and was wondering if the doc makes you wait till 40 weeks, or if it based on the progress of the baby-growth and development,etc. Does anyone have any insight-I don't really want to carry to 40, 38 sounds great!!!!


JL - October 31

I am having a planned c-section at 39 weeks.


djh - October 31

Why are you having a planned c-section? No matter what the reason, if you and your baby are healthy it is not a good idea to take a perfectly healthy and developing baby early because you "want to". Every baby who is not at risk benefits from it's time in the womb. Please don't let impatience get in the way of good judgement regarding your little one. Some babies actually don't like being born even a couple weeks early, so why do it? I would not invite trouble without clear and valid reasons.


first@38 - October 31

I'm also having a planned c-section in jan. I had fibroids removed in "99", so that's the reason for my c-section. My scheduled c-section will be one week before my due date. My doctor do not want me to go into labor. I'm ok with her decision as long as my baby healthly and so far 28 wks, everything is going well.


JL - October 31

My first baby was breech and over 10 lbs. I had an unplanned c-section with her. My doc does not want me to go into labor with this baby, which is also thought to be quite large, so I will actually only be 4 days before my due date for the planned c-section.


djh - November 1

Good luck to you both, I hope you have smooth recoveries and healthy wee ones.


Brachah - November 1

I am 37 weeks, and having a scheduled c-section Friday, November 4th.


amy p - November 1

i was 5 days before due date the closer you can get to the due date the better... too many babies are taken to early and have problems its not worth it...i would never let a doc deliver me before 39 weeks...just my opinion its not worth the due date is an estimated guess and you never know how acurate they are so the closer you are to your "due date" i feel the safer it is....good luck


scheduled c-section - November 1

Thank you ladies for all your responses-I tend to have large babies-around 10 pounds and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to carry to 40 weeks because a baby that big destroys my back!! I was hoping to do it between 38 and 40 weeks but I didn't know what the doc looked at for it.I don't appreciate those who like to come on here to "preach" to me about "Clear and valid reasons." My doc and I have discussed why I can't VBAC-so please hold your comments if you have no helpful information. I have friends that have had babies before 40 weeks and they consider a "term baby" to be from 38 to 42 weeks with a healthy pregnancy. So I was wondering when. Thanks!!!


djh - November 1 said you didn't want to, that's why we responded with "clear and valid" reasons. Didn't mean to offend you. I have quite a bit of medical training and was just looking out for your baby. Sorry you thought I was preaching. Good luck.


schedule-c - November 1

A lot of women who have second and thirds don't want to carry to 40 weeks and pray that they go into labor either on their due date or before-I don't need you to look out for my baby. I feel as though you're quick to cast stones in the c section department.I, too, have a medical education, not in ob, through experience I seem to know a thing or too. And no, I don't feel like carrying as long as I did-it is just my opinion-not trying to endanger my child.


scheduled-c - November 1

and just so nobody else comes here to get their panties in a bunch-C sections suck. I don't look forward to it and would prefer to attempt a VBAC but I have been recommended against it since my first one wasn't something like breech, or uncomplicated. I had a lot of pain and I had post op shivers REAL bad, so bad I didn't get to hold my son for too long. But it is what I got to do to bring them into this world.


wow.. - November 1

why ask if you dont want peoples opinions?


djh - November 2

to scheduled C-did you not read the apology part? What stones were cast exactly? No one called you uneducated, no one preached, no one did anything but do as you asked...gave you info on what they knew to be good, sound advice. Again, somehow you have been offended and while I don't know why, again I apologize. You mentioned in your original question about progress of the baby-growth-development so that is why Amy P and I cautioned against earlier deliveries. Sheesh!


scheduled-c - November 2

It just seems that when I comment or ask q's on this board I get critized more than I do important info. And I get sick of it, I am not trying to be rude, its just hard when you are looking for info. and you have people make you feel as though you're doing something wrong when it is the only advised option that you have. And I ask for info. not for opinions because I know that for some women this is a really sensitive subject as to have a baby. For me I just hope that the baby and the mom turn out alright no matter how they go about the birth. I just hope for the best, I guess........thanks ladies.


djh - November 2

ok, now, what does your doctor say about the baby's expected lung maturity? That would be my advice for the best way to gauge how ready your baby is. If your doctor feels that the baby has enough fat and lung volume on u/s then maybe 38 would be fine. How sure of the dates are You? That makes a big difference in guesstimating when to schedule...if you know pretty much the exact date you conceived then you can make an educated determination when to take the baby. Has your doctor discusse l/s ratio? It is a procedure but it is VERY accurate in determining lung developement. Good luck.


Shelby - November 2

Boy, scheduled sure were vicious to djh...I read all the posts and djh never said one mean thing to you...sorry you are worried or upset but that's no reason to get so radical. So you need a c-section...if you ask all of us we will always tell you to get as close to your due date as possible. So what if you barely start labor, it won't kill you unless there is a dangerous medical condition. But anyhow, my doctor likes to get the best of both worlds, not too early and not in labor and checks cervixes at 38 weeks and blood levels of hormones, then she decides when to schedule the c-section.



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