Early Second Pregnancy After C Sec Amp Pco Case

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bindra india - January 11

My daughter in law, was a case of pco.after treatment she concieved and we had our first grand child on 31 dec 2004. She is pregnant naturally again. she is frail in const_tution. How soon after the first C sec should the second baby come , from the mothers health point of view, after all she has to concurrently look after her child too. Being a pco case she may not get preg again? We have tio decide today whether to treminate or carry on . I will look out for guidance answer by the hour in reply, unless you call me up hand phone mine 00 91 98181 10919, son 0091 98101 37867, thanks


Puh-leez - January 12

Call the Guiness book of World Records. She gave birth 12 days ago and already knows she's pregnant. Amazing.


bindra india - January 12

please forgive the date birth of grand child is dec 2003, now may request the alert fraternity for advice. thanks, she is barely an one year old mother.


Puh-leez - January 12

That makes a lot more sense! My opinion is to carry forth with the pregnancy. I, too, struggled to become pregnant and if I can ever become pregnant again it will be a welcome surprise. Should she terminate the pregnancy now and never become pregnant again she will regret it forever. My doctor told me it was OK to conceive again at any time, but to wait at least 6-12 months to allow my body to heal. It has been a year for her so her uterus should be healed. I say to carry forth and pray for the best. Best of luck to her & your family, and congratulations on the new addition!


bindra india - January 12

Dear Puhleez, Thanks for the indulgent and excellent advice. but it seems that the family is more concerned for the well being of the young lady, rightly too,be happy with what one has , attempt again when in a position too do so but after 3 years of the c sec. just thought share the flip side, regds [email protected]


bindra - india - January 13

Dear puhleez, today is last day for the decision . twist in the tale. Anyway till now it seems your message that i forwarded to my DIL, worked.So as a family we have decided to chip in and put our shoulders together & help the mother cope with the little one on its way. more as we progress. thanks bindra


Puh-leez - January 14

Your DIL is fortunate to have such a supportive family. Congratulations, again, and best of luck to you!


amanda - January 16

my children are 12mths apart- both c-section, she will be fine so long as she has full family support. i dont know what i would have done without my family's help, especially my mum.


bindra - india - January 25

i am tremenduously at ease with the support from each one of you have univocally given.Mary has indeed given a new dimension.Apparently we had got caught with the doc 's who had opinion for each situation, God's ways to have given us the a__surances through each one of you. regds sb



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