Eating After A C Section

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Layla - November 10

I have a planned c-section scheduled for this Saturday due to the combo of CPD and gestational diabetes (she's a week away from here due date and already 8lb5oz) and so far am not at all worried. My husband and I would like to do some grocery shopping to make it easier once she's here, but don't really know what will be best for me to eat that will cause the least amount of distress on my digestive system. Any ideas? I've heard bland, soft foods...but what's that entai? Just eggs, rice, and soup? There's got to be more. HELP!!


jen - November 10

since my c-section I have been eating apples, banannas, oatmeal, turkey sandwiches, healthy choice and lean cuisine dinners. (you will be so used to bland c___ppy food from the hospital lean cusine tastes great) and don't wreck the tummy. Also easy to prepare. I have also been drinking slim fast shakes cause I don't have the biggest appet_te so it's better then nothing and they have vitamins. Hope this helps.


Jbear - November 10

Jen's right...the liquid diet at the hospital will drive you nuts. By the time I was home, I was really hungry for normal food. Actually, I had pizza delivered the 3rd day I was in the hospital, and taco cabana the day I came home. The best thing for your digestive system is to ask for gas medicine in the hospital and start taking it right after the surgery, and once you are home, take the stool softeners that the doctor will suggest. The very best thing to eat once you're home with the baby is anything you don't have to cook yourself...take out, frozen dinners, stuff your husband cooks (if he does), because you'll be pretty busy with your baby.


-m - November 10

For about 2 weeks after my c-section I had absolutely no appet_te, which my doctor said was normal. I had to force myself to eat. Just get food that you know you like, and like Jbear said, get foods that are easy to prepare or you can just grab out of the frige. I didn't have any problems digesting food.


djh - November 14

Hi. I had little appet_te for the first week, and after the post-c diet you would have thought I would eat everything but the bed posts...anyway, definitely watch out for GAS...and if you are b___stfeeding, watch out for Pepperoni, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. they can give you painful gas and make the baby even more uncomfortable. A little bit of fiber is necessary as your first bm's will be pretty painful and you should try to keep them fairly soft or else! Good luck and best wishes.


angela - November 23

after my c-section i was eating soups, oatmeal, cheese sandwiches very light stuff. i was so terrified of going to the bathroom so i kept my dies pretty light for about a week. good luck



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