Elective C Section In Chicago

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DanielleN - February 28

I am pregnant and I would like to chose to have an elective C-section . I live in Chicago. I would like to know if there are any doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital that perform elective c-section. Names of the MD's would be appreciated.


Susan - March 1

Why on Earth do you want a c-section? Perhaps you should read the incision open fluid pouring out thread. I had one of each, NO WAY I would choose a c-section if I had the choice. Do some more studying before you make such a huge decision.


Mellie - March 1

I'm glad you asked this question Danielle. I'm in Chicago, too, and wondered the same thing.


Danielle N. - March 1

To Susan-This is my choice. I feel you have the right to choose v____al birth, and likewise I should have the right to choose a c-section. If this is "disgusting" to you, fine I am not forcing you to watch it or have one. But, I feel it is ridiculous that women like myself have to search endlessly for a c-section b/c some people feel that they have to impose their views on my body. And Mellie, I hope we both find someone in Chicago for the c-section. I am going to try Northwestern b/c they seem open minded.


Susan - March 2

Hey, wait a minute! I wasn't judging, I really want to know why someone would want to, that's all. I didn't use words like "disgusting" or anything, I didn't know that things like that thread I read on here could occur before I had my c-section, that's all.


Whoa, Nellie! - March 2

I may HAVE to have one and I am curious too...if it's not too personal, why? I am reading everything I can get my hands on to try and avoid one and then I see this thread. Also, why is it considered "open-minded" to perform a non-medical c-section? My doc never even brought it up until my son flipped sideways last month. I am 33 weeks and an elective c-section was never mentioned as an option until now. I truly didn't know they existed. From what I have read so far if there isn't a pressing medical need the c-section carries more risk to a healthy mother v.s. v____al birth if labor hasn't started. Really, don't think Susan was being mean, I actually have the same curiosity.


Danielle N. - March 2

I appreciate all your concerns, but I simply just want to know if anyone in THE CHICAGO LAND AREA knows of an MD who will allow a women to choose a c-section. My reasons for this are personal. I simply want to know of a good ob/gyn.


Mellie - March 7

I was hoping that someone would have a response to this question. Is there anyone in the Chicagoland area who had an elective c-section?


Nerdy Girl - March 7

DanielleN and Mellie- I am in Chicago too and have had two c-sections at Highland Park Hospital (also part of ENH network). My first c was required due to my 10lb breech baby that would not turn. My 2nd was elective due to the size of my first baby making me a poor VBAC candidate. I would strongly encourage you to consider the v____al birth, unless there is some medical reason not to do it. The recovery from a c-section is not easy at all. My first c-section was relatively smooth, but my 2nd had some complications. Most people I know who have had v____al births are up and around quicker, back in shape quicker, less depressed, etc. I feel so strongly about not wanting another c-section that my husband is getting a vasectomy this week. Seriously!


Nerdy Girl - March 7

Oh, but to answer your question, I am not sure if my docs would do the c without actual medical need. However, they are up in affluent Highland Park and it seems like a lot of wealthy women opt for a c-section. So maybe they would do it?? The office is called Northshore Womens Health. 847-432-1558. The docs are Richard Adis, Dori Becker, and Therese Hughes if you want to look them up.


DeeJay - March 8

To DanielleN, I am not from Chicago, I'm from outside Philly, and alot of women I know opt for c-sections. I am getting one by choice on Aug 22nd. I have heard all the negative remarks, and I did my research, and this is still what I want, and will not allow anyone to choose for me. I will deal with any pain that comes along, and I am not worried. I truely hope you find a good Doc like mine who understands this is a very important, emotional decision that I am sure you did not make lightly. Good Luck.


Whatever - March 8

I have actually had c-sections for legitimate reasons and you can do all the research you want but it will never be enough unless you go to Medical school. Just like plastic surgeons who put gigantic b___b implants in women and make them look like freaks, there are doctors who will perform uneccessary surgery on women who don't know what they are asking for. I think you all are taking this "my body, my choice" stuff to the extreme. I just don't understand how ignorant some people are of the REAL risks of invasive surgery.


Danielle N. - March 9

Hey thanks for the info. nerdy girl from chicago, I appreciate your opinion, but I also like that you gave me some important info on MDs in Highland Park. I will definitely look into this. Also, DeeJay thanks for the words of encouragement and good luck on the pregnancy.


Mellie - March 17

Just wondering if anyone had an answer to the original question in this thread. Danielle, any luck?


Danielle N. - March 20

Hey Mellie: Try NorthShore Women's Health in Highland Park. 1-847-432-1558. Try Dr. Therse Hughes or Dr. Dori Becker.


I agree - March 20

I agree with Whatever, you ladies haven't a clue. I would never go to a doctor that pretends to understand my needs and then performs unecessary surgery on me because I know so much about surgery and demand one. I think you all will be unpleasantly surprised at how surgery can be.


Chantelle - March 21

I AM NOT A HOSTILE OR CONTRARY poster, I truly just want to know why some women want a c-section. Danielle, what is the reason you seek one instead of a regular birth? I am not afraid of my upcoming birth and am actually looking forward to it so I am trying to understand this. Thanks, I have no real opinion one way or the other, just curious. BTW I had one little girl 2 years ago but she was only 6 pounds so she was easy to deliver even though I am really small. This baby is a boy and they estimate he is a bit bigger.



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