Elective C Section In Chicago

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Chantelle - March 21

I AM NOT A HOSTILE OR CONTRARY poster, I truly just want to know why some women want a c-section. Danielle, what is the reason you seek one instead of a regular birth? I am not afraid of my upcoming birth and am actually looking forward to it so I am trying to understand this. Thanks, I have no real opinion one way or the other, just curious. BTW I had one little girl 2 years ago but she was only 6 pounds so she was easy to deliver even though I am really small. This baby is a boy and they estimate he is a bit bigger.


marcie. - March 21

Danielle,its amazing,I read this thread,and all you want to know is a place that will preform an elective c-section!!!!!! To the others asking why,there are other threads that answer that question,or ask. I chose an elective c-section for me second birth,after my horrendous natural one, and am glad I did. s for the recovery being longer,no I do not really think there was a lot in it, with my natural one I had trouble sitting down for a week,with my c-section,I just took it easy,which suited me made a nice change.Not all c-sections are the same,just like not all v____als are,but I did not want to take that chance again.


Susan - March 21

Buggar off, Marcie! Notice the previous poster had said she was not judging, just curious? You told her there were other forums and implied she was "off topic" and yet there you go, not telling Danielle who to look up in Chicago and going just as off topic as you implied Chantelle was... enough from you about your glorious pt. choice c-section!


susan to susan - March 21

actually susan from how I see it, marcie was making a point in trying to say stick to the question, however, decided to answer some points. Danielle, have you managed to locate a doctor who will proceed with your case yet?When is it due.


djh - March 21

Ummm...susan to susan, what questions were being answered by Marcie? She didnt' say one word about a doctor in the Chicago area. Anyhow, Chantelle asked an honest question of Danielle and even posted that she was not judging, just curious. Healthy babies to everyone.


Nerdy Girl - March 21

Hey, Danielle. So, Northshore Women's Health will do the elective? I have had two c-sections by them. The first one was necessary due to my 10 lb breech baby who would not turn, and the 2nd one was recommended to me by Dr. Hughes. She said I was not a good VBAC candidate due to my 1st baby's size. Plus, the position of their practice is to go for a repeat c-section versus a VBAC. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that if you have your choice, I would recommend Dr. Hughes as a first choice. She did my 1st c-section, and I had no complications. She was scheduled to do my 2nd section, but my water broke six days before the scheduled surgery, so Dr. Becker and Dr. Burstein were on call and they did it together. Dr. Burstein has since died (just last month, a total shocker). My 2nd c-section was a bit of a nightmare, and I am not sure if it was because Dr. Hughes did not do it or exactly what went wrong. Basically what happened is that whichever of those two docs closed me up, they just did a bad job. To make a long story short, my incision was open for 7 full weeks after my son was born. It was horrible, painful, bloody, uncomfortable, depressing, etc. If you meet Dr. Hughes, she sometimes seems a little bit rushed, which gives people the idea she has a gruff bedside manner. However, I think she is the most competent doctor in that practice. Not just because of my good first c-section, but she was also the only doc to catch my breech baby. My daughter was clearly in that position for a long time. She was so big, and her legs would not straighten out for 3 weeks after birth. So, she didn't just happen to flip breech at the last minute. The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, I was examined by the other docs there. I even went into the hospital in false labor and was examined. Nobody suspected the breech except for Dr. Hughes at my 40 week appointment. Good luck. Let me know what happens!


Mellie - March 22

Thanks, Danielle. If you are comfortable sharing, please let me know how it goes for you. Either way, all the best for you and your family! --Mellie


Mellie - April 5

Danielle, I know a Dr. on MIchigan Ave. who is fine with discussing elective c sections. Let me know if you still need the name. She is with Northwestern.


DanielleN - April 11

Mellie- I would appreciate it if you could give me the name of the MD at Northwestern who is comfortable discussing C-sections b/c I haven't had luck yet finding an understanding MD. I hope to hear from soon:)


mommietobe - April 12

Danielle, here is a suggestion. Try calling your insurance co. and asking for a referral or look at the Dr.'s on your plan. You might need to call around quite a bit, but if you find someone it will be worth it. Hope this helps.


Mellie - April 12

Hi Danielle, Dr. Nye seems open to it. I asked her if she would be open to a discussion of an elective c section when the time came and she said yes, that they do those. That's as much as I asked her. 625 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, 60611 - (312) 670-2530 All the best, Mellie


Ducky - April 16

Oh my gosh! A c-section comes with so much more pain. Take it from someone who knows.....Ouch. And you could be numb where the cut was made for years after! Its your choice....But just think about not being able to feel a thing.....Nothing. Not only that but recovery time hurts a lot more. Its a major surgery, not getting your clipping your toe nails.


DanielleN - April 20

Mellie-Thank you so much for your help. I hope everything works out for you.


DanielleN - April 20

Also-"Ducky" I am an educated health care professional. I am well aware that a c-section is more than a "toe clipping" . Again,as you said in your comment, it is my CHOICE!!! Something many of these women,perhaps yourself, seem to forget...MY BODY...MY CHOICE....PERIOD.


vjr - April 21

Hey DanielleN, did you have any luck finding a doctor that will help you? I too am having an elective c-section for personal reason's, I just explained to my doctor what my reasons were and she said ok... sorry all these women on here forget that IT'S YOUR BODY, i've read tons of information and with the planned c-section a lot of the c___p these women are talking about isn't even an issue, not to mention no two surgeries will go the same. there are a lot of post's on here that talk about positive experiance's so i hope you come accross some of those, good luck to you.. from one planned c-section to another WE will be fine, and we are NOT crazy for our choices, some of these women need to learn if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all... :) please let me know how it goes once you've had your baby, i'm due in july and can't wait to post afterwards!!


SusanJ - April 22

So let me get this straight, all the "c___p" women are posting on here is fallacy? So the problems and issues some women have had are not worthy of warning others about? What a really insensitive remark on YOUR part and you would like understanding? Surgery has risks and any fool knows that.



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