Elective C Section In Chicago

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SusanJ - April 22

So let me get this straight, all the "c___p" women are posting on here is fallacy? So the problems and issues some women have had are not worthy of warning others about? What a really insensitive remark on YOUR part and you would like understanding? Surgery has risks and any fool knows that.


ShawnaRyan - April 23

Hello All0 My name is Shawna. I am a reporter with the Medill News Service and WYCC in Chicago. I am looking to do a story on the trend of C-sections. I think its a really interesting issue with valid points on either side of the spectrum. I think it is a very important topic for women today especially with all the opportunity for choice in today's medical climate. As a child of a C-section birth myself, the issue is especially interesting to me. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to speak with me some more about your thoughts/choices to opt or not opt for a C-section. Please feel free to email me at Shawna.Ryan@gmail.com. Thanks you so much.


vjr - April 24

susan J first of all did i say it was what these women were saying was a lie, or did i say it was issues that with a planned c-section isn't something to worry about. Of course surgery has issues i'm an intelligent person so you can stop ASSuming things about me. What's insensitive is the way some of you think your choice to try to give birth natural is a better choice than a c-section. as Danielle said (and i have said) choices were made for reasons real reasons, so comments like "why on earth would you want a c-section" and "do some more studying before you make such a huge decision" come off rude, and judgemental. Again you are ASSuming we haven't been well educated or informed simply because the choice we have made differs from yours...how about you stop trying to prove that your right or better than other people!


SusanJ - April 24

Aside from the infantile name-calling, yes, I noticed your play on ASSuming, what "c___p" exactly are you talking about? You wrote it, not me. No one is a__suming anything, just speaking from experiences of our own. Also, being in science/medicine myself, I am curious as to what you have read? If you read all the info you would know that all things being equal, an elective c-section still carries more risk for the mother, period. And as for the comments others made, one can read them two ways, from a defensive point of view or from an information gathering point of view. Since enough people speak out against choosing the surgery for non-emergent reasons it should make one pause and at least consider what they are saying. They do not want to judge you, for you have stated reasons you feel valid, but they have had experiences they feel they should put out there for those who have not had a c-section. Rather than villify them, perhaps you can understand where they are coming from too? I will not call you names or infer a name, so sophomoric, but having real experiences to share doesn't make a person patronizing or trying to one-up others. If you and DanielleN want to find a doctor to perform non-medical c-sections, that in a free country, is your choice, and others have the free choice to open dialogue when people post questions or opinions on a public forum.


vjr - April 24

susan j the c___p i'm talking about is the fact that you and some others seem to miss the point completly, danielle wasn't asking for your or anyone else opinion on her choice she was asking if anyone knew a doctor, and yes when you make a__sumptions you are being an a__s, the word elective does not indicate a non medical reason, and again how do you know i'm not educated? (yes this is called an a__sumption any fool would know that) and i do believe your sophomoric statement was to call me a fool... as for me i do not need to explain to you my education level, and your right it's your choice to share your stories, however you'll notice there is a very different way in which you explain and the way others do. I never said it didn't carry any risk, you a__sumed that as well. Please no need for you to respond to me as this is just becoming stupid, i have my opinion, my reasons, and have made MY choice...you have your opinion, reasons and made a choice. I'm not saying either one is right or wrong all i'm saying is when you phrase things the way you seem to (on more than just this thread) you come off as judgemental...not i'm not the only perosn to say so...


vjr - April 24

lastly susan tell me how you can say this to someone and not think your a judgemental a__s??? "Buggar off, Marcie! Notice the previous poster had said she was not judging, just curious? You told her there were other forums and implied she was "off topic" and yet there you go, not telling Danielle who to look up in Chicago and going just as off topic as you implied Chantelle was... enough from you about your glorious pt. choice c-section!" So now people with a positive experiance should go away? Not be allowed to share, only horror stories allowed? I mean seriously who do you think you are the c-section police? And how can you say people on here aren't judging when they say things like "I agree with Whatever, you ladies haven't a clue" I think it's amazing how much you value only your opinion...


Shauna - April 24

Hey DanielleN, I hope you have a wonder baby experience.


SusanJ - April 24

VJR, I didn't say you weren't educated, and I still haven't called anyone names. I am not judgmental, I state opinions that are not popular to those of you who choose surgeries that you don't need. You and others including Danielle have stated you are going to have elected c's, I know that can mean a repeat, or preventative as well, but in yours and her case you have made it clear it is not for a pressing medical need. You and Danielle have said you CHOOSE to so I am not incorrect in saying yours are without physiologic medical need. I will leave you to your c-sections, for whatever reasons you have and will say I agree that you must be the steward of your own healthcare. All along and in many other posts I have not taken issue with your personal decision in and of it self, but again, being a PUBLIC forum, I had every right to say I don't agree with some of the, as you have said, CRAP that is posted on these threads. You disagree with me and I disagree with some of the things you have said or implied. Also, read the posts again, I am Susan J, not Susan, and you have just committed a cardinal sin of YOURS, you ASSumed we were one and the same. Also, read your posts again, you did call what others posted "c___p" which by any stretch is taken as B***S***t or LIES. Danielle, if you really think a c-section and all the fun that goes with them is worth it to you, then go on with it and best wishes for a healthy baby. VJR, you are the one who needs to be less defensive and judgmental, not me.


vjr - April 25

susan j... ok susan you win, you and all your opinions are 100% correct, I don't have time to go round and round with, nor do i feel the need to justify what i think, say, or choose. I know my reasons are valid, and thats all that matters. Enjoy!


snn813 - May 6

For those of you that have had successful VBAC's, do you mind telling me who was your OB? I am 15 weeks pregnant and will be insane by the time I am full term, unless I find someone that I know will 100% support me. Thank you in advance for your responses.


TonysWife - May 16

DeeJay, I am in the Philly area too. Who is your doctor doing the c-section? I would like to know the name and hospital if you can help me. Thanks!


DanielleN - June 5

Hey VJR-- I admire yourc ourage and your strength for sticking to your beliefs. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. As women, we need accept each other as we are and accept all of our choices whether we agree with them or not. VJR, as a fellow woman, you make me proud.


vjr - June 6

right back at you danielle, you know it's hard for those of us who make a less than popular decision, but you know it's our bodies. and our minds and we know why we do what we do, it the women who get on here and try to make you feel small for choosing something they "THINK" is wrong. i found that a lot of woman on this forum are very agressive in their opinions so i figure i better do the same. I hope you birth goes smoothly, my best friend just had her c-section 3 days ago and she is up and walking and enjoying her baby... i truly believe we will do just fine. good luck to you!!!


DanielleN - June 7

And Good Luck to you vjr. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy too!


djh - June 8

Go ahead and jump on me, I don't care, but my neighbor 2 doors down died yesterday after a patient choice c-section. She leaves a newborn, a 2 yr. old and a 4 yr. old behind and a husband who can't even speak at this moment. She was 26, it was a "simple complication of c-section ie. bleeding a bit". Be careful ladies...I just don't think what you are asking for is worth it, whatever your reasons are. But be kind, no need for the vitriol here, all the research in the world didn't prepare her family for this and yet it happens daily they were told.


Nerdy Girl - June 8

Ok, that last story scares the c___p out of me. It makes me thankful that my husband had a vasectomy a couple of months ago, because if I got pregnant again, I would need another c-section.



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