Elective C Section In Chicago

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Nerdy Girl - June 8

Ok, that last story scares the c___p out of me. It makes me thankful that my husband had a vasectomy a couple of months ago, because if I got pregnant again, I would need another c-section.


vjr - June 9

djh, I don't think anyone would jump on you, however can you understand that the scary stories don't help anyone, some of these women have no choice in the matter. I believe all information is good information when its presented right. And by the way accidents happen everyday.


djh - June 9

Yes, vjr, you are correct. I normally understand life's horrific moments, this event just THREW me as you might imagine. I had no choice due to pelvic deformity to have 4 sections, but wow, huh? Best wishes to everyone, whatever they end up doing. I guess my intent was to give you all more info for ongoing dialogue with your docs in prep for the births.


lovemy3 - June 10

djh, I have had 3 sections in the past , first 2 because of preeclampsia and the last one because I had 2 and I didn't know I had a choice after 2 sections. We would love to have a 4th and I am very scared of another c-section. you said in one of your posts "people die everyday" because of sections? Is that what you meant- people die every day from c-sections? I thought I read somewhere that 100 people a year die in the States from sections. I do completely understand that they are major surgery and there are risks of blood clots, becoming septic ( a woman at our church left 4 children to this), bleeding out. They are surgery and are a big deal. Would you suggest a VBAC after 3 c-sections instead of a section?


djh - June 11

Hi lovemy3, I can't in good conscience suggest you have a VBAC after 3 sections, but I am not a doctor, so you simply must discuss this and insist that your doctor tell you all the reasons WHY you can or can't. People do die everyday from sections, and while thankfully rare in each hospital, I just was floored to know this family and witness the devastation this has caused. Her other children were delivered v____ally and she didn't have troubled labors, but chose a c-section because she thought it would be easier. Her new OB said she was "exploring" the option of elective c's for women who want them and now this, Benny (the husband) says she will no longer do pt. choice c's. In your case, you had medical needs and even if your next one doesn't have problems you do have a compromised uterus and I imagine labor would be too risky for you. This whole elective c-section debate has a long way to go and I don't think this manner of delivery is going to end up being helpful to women as purely a choice option. Just my experience, and glad I don't have to have another section ever again. Good luck to all of you, and healthy babies! To Danielle, my cousin delivered in Chicago via c-section with a Dr. McReady I think, but that was last year. She tore with a home birth and wanted a c-section for the next one. She says the pain just went from one location to another and figures natural for future babies. Perhaps Dr. McReady is still around?


Margaret - August 29

Danielle, Okay, yes this is my opinion but I have to say that getting a c-section just because you want to is nuts. Yes you have the right to do what you want with your body. With the exception of serious complications, the only reason why conventional MDs do a c-sections is because they are afraid of a lawsuit. Better to just cut than pay out. Having a v____al delivery is healthier for your baby, and that should be your number one concern. Plus why would you choose to have a longer recovery time, increase chance of complications, and have to submit to surgery. Doesn't make sense to me, but hey, it IS your opinion, if you are doing it just so you don't have to have the pain of a v____al delivery..well...get over it. it's called motherhood, it is painful! But I have to say that, again, with some exceptions of serious issues, it is the quickest pain you well forget. Anyway, had to get this out, when I saw your question!


Nerdy Girl - August 29

I would bet that since this post was from March, Danielle probably already had her baby. Danielle, give us an update on what happened.


Mellie - September 1

Hi Danielle, I was just wondering who you found in Chicago. Thanks, Mellie


babygirls1st - September 1

Please Read ladies Caesarean birth triples maternal death risk POSTED: 8:02 p.m. EDT, August 31, 2006 http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/08/31/caesarean.risks.reut/index.html


Kara H. - September 17

The national OB board just issued a study that elective c-sections are a safe alternative for women only plan on having one or two children. After two c-sections there does appear to be a higher risk of complications. Personally, I don't know of any insurance companies that would pay for an elective c-section since the cost is around $3000-5000 more than a v____al birth.


DeeJay - September 18

Wow, I can't believe this one is still going, but,... I just had my elective c/s and my insurance paid for every penny. Keystone HPE. No problems. Also my c/s was very uncomplicated. Up and around in 5-6 days. Motrin kept pain under control. Baby was fine. I also insisted upon general anesthsia, and got that too.


Kara H. - September 18

Just out of curiousity, what state are you located in DeeJay? Insurance laws very state to state. In some states, even IVF is required by law to be covered, but in most states it is not. I had a c-section (which was a wondful experience) and my doctor let me make the decision since we had met the requirments for a "failure to progress" diagnosis (PROM 16 hours later only 2cm) But I would have not been able to have it electively where I live.


DeeJay - September 19

I live in NE Pa. Generally my insurance sucks, but it does cover almost anything involved in getting pregnant, being pregnant, and having the baby. I had problems getting pregnant and had to do a few rounds of clomid and some other meds and it covered those and also would have covered some ivf and other treatments. I think all insurances should do this, if a man can get pills for erections and pills to 'get him in the mood" and they are covered by insurance women should be covered completely for these things. (My birth control (depo) however, is still not covered unless you go to a clinic. wierd.


cdoglover - September 27

Margaret..I totally agree with you and other women who wonder why and the HELL anyone would WANT to have major surgery!!! Unfortunately, I had to have a c/s 5 months ago because I stopped dilating and they only like you to labor so long after your water breaks or there is increased chance of sepsis for baby. My c/s was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I FELT THE WHOLE SURGERY!!!!! As soon as my son was delivered, they gave me some Versed and I went to sleep. I proceeded to hemorrage and needed 2 units of blood the next day. My recovery sucked. I would cry and cry, just wanting to feel normal again. My stomach will never look the same. My scar is numb and that is such a weird feeling. I'm a RN on the postpartum floor and let me tell you, v____al deliveries are up walking right away, not C/S. I am already so scared to have another c/s. My docs said I would have all c/s from now on. I remember screaming to my husband in the OR that I will never do this again but we also want more than one child. I have had nightmares about my c/s. Why anyone would voluntarily want major surgery is beyond me. I also feel that if a doctor lets his patient decide what they want, I would not trust that doc. My group of OBs are wonderful. Even though I am a RN on postpartum, I did not go to medical school. You can read all you want but that does not make you a doctor. Of all the nurses I work with and are pregnant, none of them WANT a c/s. They know what they see every day and know better.


ertel1978 - September 27

cdoglover, Did you have a spinal or epidural with your c/s? Was it an emergency and the drugs just didn't have time to take? What kind of complication was there that made you hemorrhage? Is this something that commonly happens? Just wondering what the circ_mstances behind your complications were as I'm preparing for my 2nd c/s and am very scared after being under general anesthesia with my 1st. Thanks


Chem400 - September 27

I wholeheartedly agree with Margaret and cdoglover!!! I had the same horrible c-sections, and after a verrrrry long labor with contractions off the chart I would still take that over the c/s, the blood transfusions, the messed up pelvic region, bladder probs, bowel probs and years of suffering. I'm a medical professional and the renowned OB's and Gyn's I work with are finally listening to those of us a few years out of c's who have many female complaints. These complaints are the usual suspects that many poor v____al moms have PLUS internal scarring that causes hernias, bowel obstructions, endometriosis in the abdomen, pelvic organ dysfunction, colon dysfunction, and pelvic varicosities (pelvic/groin varicose veins). The list is longer than that...sorry to scare anyone who has no choice on the c's (like me and others) but the truth is some in the Med field wish they hadn't freely used/offered/suggested c/s as a viable alternative to birth when it was being done as a purely elective or non-medical reason. I usually get jumped on, but it doesn't bother me, I know what happens to many women, recognizing and including the good c/s experiences.



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