Elective Cesarean

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preggers - February 5

I have a young child and i am currently pregnant. I'm absolutely terrified to give birth again after the last one was so traumatic. Although my baby was healthy and fine i was in labour 23 hours and although i had an epidural, it didn't work at all and the doctor kept trying to adjust it, also a midwife tripped and ripped the drip out of my hand and eventually i was induced an hour before giving birth, where i also felt that the medical staff were entirely incompetant and then i was very sick and ill following the birth. This time i want an elective cesarean!! I was wondering if anybody has chosen an elective cesarean and what your experiance of it was like?


Claire - February 8

You poor thing. I had an elective c section. Are you still in need of info?


- - February 9

yes please, any info would be appreciated xx


- - February 13



dizzywitch - February 19

I had an elective section 17 days ago as I am over 35, 5th baby, and was 15 days overdue. I have given birth naturally with only gas and air 4 times and I can honestly say I have no regrets having my cesarean. It was planned and I had a spinal block and went in with out my partner. The theatre staff were chatty and friendly and explained everything. I had a cut blood vessel which left me on a drip for 12 hours but not much pain, as soon as I was allowed up I toddled off down the ward. I had a catheter and blood drain for 48 hours but you soon get used to walking around with these. I found a positive att_tude helped - don't look down when you walk, look ahead of you, don't shuffle - walk!! Eat your food and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice to help stop urine infection. Breast feeding was easier than I thought as I laid on my side. I found it easier to shower than having a bath. I have no regrets and do not feel emotionally different toward my baby, I love her to bits and thankful she was delivered calmly and safely. Good luck and enjoy everything as it happens. If you need to chat my email is [email protected]



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