Emergency C Sec Big Decision 2

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lilmum - May 17

I had an emergency c-sec under two years ago, now i'm pregnant again. I thought the c-sec went ok and, considering what i expected, the pain was bareable. Before i got pregnant again, i had decided to have another c-sec. I went through over 28 hours of induction. I went in at 1cm dialated, and after 12 hrs, they came and checked me, i was 4cm. and my contractions were 1min apart already. I stayed at 4cm. My contractions got bigger and closer together, and the nurses kept saying, "oh those look really good, should be having a baby any time now.." but nothing happened, even with them doubling my medication every hour. After 26hrs, the baby went into diststress, and we were actually losing the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. They turned off the pitocin (sp?) and it got better, but not great. so we did the c-sec, but i remember shaking so violently and feeling so cold, despite being covered in many heated blankets (where they could actually cover). They told me it was from the epidurals they had given me. I felt i had recovered very quickly, and was up walking 14hrs later. (Though not well) And after the first two weeks were over, i was very annoyed and was doing things i shouldn't, but doing well! I healed really nicely, but had alot of clotting. My mother had very similar experiences during both her deliveries, the doctor assured me this would not be hereditary, but i'm not sure. Part of me really thinks this is from being induced. I had talked to my doctor about the possibility of scheduling a c-sec AFTER my due date to allow me the opertunity to try going into labour naturally, but long story short (because i know how badly i'm rambling already), he said pick one or the other. I also only have another month or so to choose. After 20 weeks i will be transferred from my GP to whoever is going to deliver my baby so i need to decide. I know my choice in doctors, but that doesn't make it easier. They are both very skilled, and genuinely nice people. I really missed out on alot when my son was born, and my husband did too (he was SO heartbroken when he wasn't allowed to cut the cord). I can't bear to miss all of this again. I wasn't until HOURS (and what felt like days) that i even got to hold my son. I had to watch him get his first sponge bath from all the way across the room. I am so afraid. I would much rather give birth naturally, it would mean everything to me. I am also finding out now what kind of serious danger I was in during and after the surgery.I don't know what caused any of this, and neither do the doctors, so trying to figure out what will prevent it is useless. I don't want to have to go through both again. What do i do??


Jbear - May 18

I had an emergency c-section 3 years ago. I'm pregnant again and due in Sept. I will be having a repeat c-section. I had pre-eclampsia and was induced at 36 weeks, but I never had any contractions or dialated at all. After 26 hours of trying, I told the doctor to either give me a c-section or let me go home until the baby was really ready to be born. I had the c-section. My daughter weighed 3 lbs less than the ultrasound estimate, and spent 10 days in the NICU. I didn't get to see or hold her until more than 24 hours after she was born. Despite all that, I will be having a repeat c-section. Part of that might be my fear of the unknown, I already know what a c-section feels like, but I can't imagine a v____al birth. Another thing is that my doctor said we could try VBAC, but since my labor didn't progress the first time, it would be likely to happen again, and I would end up with the c-section. I'm also scared of the possibility of uterine rupture. I think you should talk to your obstetrician, because he might have a better idea than your GP of what's best for your particular situation.


chel - May 18

If I were you, I'd be going for the c-section. I have had two and have already scheduled my date for this pregnancy. My first was also emergency and it was scary. My recovery was great with both.


Jill - May 19

I am going for the v____al birth. I have a doctor that is very nice , and whom I have never heard a single bad thing about. My mom went to him, my husband's grandmother, a few of my friends... I am desperate for the feeling of pushing my child into this world, not of feeling my legs tingle when they're pulling him out. I would say go for a trial of labor. Just make sure you're in a hospital that can perform an emergency c-section in 30 minutes or less, just in case. And if things don't move along, you can get a section. My aunt had scheduled a cesarean for her second child (after a long, hard labor ending with cesarean with her first) and a week before surgery, her water broke. She got through one contraction and decided to go for the c-section. What harm will it do you to try? It's scary, but all worth it in the end. Just go with your heart, and don't listen to anyone else.


lilmum - May 19

thank you ladies. You've really given me alot to think about. I am going over it again with my GP today, as this is my second last visit with him before i need to switch to the doctor who will deliver my baby (who ever that will be). So i need to make a choice QUICK, so he can refer me next time. I am really hoping for a vbac, but my babies will be 2yrs, 3months apart when this one is due.. so i don't know if that's too close (they told me to wait two years to get pregnant, and i only waited 18months)



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