Enlarged Uterus After C Section

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csteward - February 3

I am 7 weeks post my c-section. I am very tender in my abdomen and an ultrasound 4 weeks post showed an elarged uterus. I need to follow up with my Dr. Has anyone heard of this and what is the treatment? thanks


djh - February 4

I have heard of delayed involution (the uterus returning to its small size). Is this what your doctor is speaking of? This can happen after a lengthy, unusually hard labor and/or uterine surgery, multiple birth, several prior pregnancies, hyperactive contractions, and it usually involves trauma to or reduced elasticity of the muscle fibers of the uterus or hormone issues. Sometimes hemorrhage during delivery (esp. with c-section) can cause the uterus to be slow to shrink. Did the u/s show a blood clot or areas of scarring? Good luck to you and hope your abdomen feels better soon. I had a lot of pain after my c's too, no fun!


Kara H. - February 6

My uterus was (maybe still is) elarged after my c/s. My doctor said that it may stay that way. She said it wasn't really a big deal. She said I might show a little faster with my next pregnancy. Oh well, if your going to spend all tht money on maturnity clothes, you might as well get as much use out of them as you can! I am 7 months pp and will be having my annual exam next month so if this thread is still floating around I'll let you know if it is back down or not. BTW - I did have lots of preterm contractions, 16 hours of labor, then bled more than usual during the c/s due to aspirin therapy for a clotting disorder. So I guess DJH's response applies to my situation.


sahmof3 - February 6

Mine is still somewhat like this from my 2nd child (my dd). She was always snuggled in over on my left side and after I had her that side never quite went back to normal. I had my 3rd baby 17 months after the 2nd and was given Pitocin after the delivery to help my uterus shrink back faster. Now, the left side is a bit smaller, but my belly b___ton is actually still off center because my left side is still slightly bigger. My ueterus can't possibly still be that high because I'm 19 months pp lol... so I guess it just moved organs around and/or made my muscles weak in that area in my case.


kathrynshulver - October 15




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