Epidual Vs Spinal Block

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Michelle - October 21

For a second c-section, the first was emergency so I was completely out during it, what would you ladies recommend? Epidural or Spinal, either way I am afraid of both. The thought of a needle so close to the spine... just scares me, please let me know.


djh - October 21

Then maybe you should insist on a VBAC...spinals are not great, I agree with your needle phobia. But they are relatively safe and put in a space between your vertebra called the epidural space. The spinal is just injected higher up and with a different med.


Michelle - October 21

The rason for the non VBAC is because I can't dilate.


amy p - October 21

most doctors prefer a spinal if it is an elective c b/c it does not stay in place and doesnt require removal later? but i mean if you requested one over the other i think they would do it. i had spinals both times.


Jbear - October 23

I had a combination spinal/epidural with my first c-section and had a spinal headache afterwards. With my second, I had a straight epidural and had no problems. It took longer to get numb, but the doctor had a lot more control over how high the numbness went, and was able to increase it about halfway through when I started feeling what they were doing. I also didn't have that really out-of-it feeling I did with the first one. If you're the same Michelle I've been emailing, there's a lady anesthesiologist at Methodist who is wonderful. I don't remember her name, but I know she was from Tejas Anesthesia, an older hispanic lady. She talked to me the whole time, put warmed blankets on me when I was shaking, didn't insist on my arms being strapped down, and let me keep my contact lenses in for the surgery.


Meah - October 24

Well I elected to be put out for my first 3 C-sections and I will do the same for my 4th one in December. I just can't see staying awake while they cut me.


trisha - November 10

i`m having my 3rd and final c-section 11/18,I didn`t know you could request to be put unless it is an emergancy?


Michelle - November 10

My first one was ane emergency, plus they couldn't get ahold of the doc who specializes with the epidurals, but i was told that this time will be an epidual.


JL - November 11

I had a spinal for my c-section and had no problems or complications. I was told that they use the spinal because it is quick acting and less chance of infection than epidural because nothing stays in your back. The spinal is just a single injection, and that's all - no catheter stays in your back. I guess the downside is that if there are complications, they may need to give you general anesthesia because you don't have a catheter in your back to administer more meds through.


hi - November 12

I had both-the epi and then the spinal. couldn't really tell a difference. one jsut made me number than the other. I stay awake for my sections though-I have to hear my baby cry!!



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