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Michelle - November 7

My doc said that epidual would be best. I don't know if I like the thought of getting cut open while i am awake, anyone gots any pointers or tips on that one?


Barb - November 7

I had a spinal, which is similar to an epidural. I was awake and all that I felt was a tickling sensation on my belly. It is much better for your baby than general anesthesia and really is not that bad. A sheet is hung up to block your view. Before you know it, you'll hear your baby cry and get to see him/her. Hopefully in the meantime the anesthesiologist will talk to you. It really went fast. Just make sure they catheterize you AFTER your epidural is placed. I couldn't feel it - not bad. When you are ready to walk the next day, Make sure someone is there to help you. Your legs will be unsteady from whats left of the epidural. I took an Ambien the night before because I was anxious about it. Ask your doctor. I was a little groggy from it/or just super tired from being pregnant. It was helpful. Spinal was a really a good way to go. I'd do it that way again. Good luck.


Jbear - November 8

I was awake for both of mine, but I really enjoyed the second, because they let my husband hold the baby as soon as she was wrapped up, so I got to see her right away. When you're awake for it, they usually will let your husband be present, which might mean a lot to him.


Jamie - November 8

For my c-section, they tried to give me an epidural, but it didn't take...so I got a regional instead. The anesthesiologist refused to knock me out; she said that it increased mother/fetal mortality by 300%. So, I was "awake" during the section - it felt like the doctor was drawing on my stomach with a pen - just pressure, no pain or anything. Then I fell asleep - husband woke me up when they took the baby; they held her next to my head while I was being st_tched.


-m - November 8

I had a unexpected c-section after laboring to 9 cm. When they told me I had to have one I was really scared and nervous about being awake while being cut open also (I had an epidural). But I had great nurses and my husband sat by my head the whole time. The anesthesiologist was great also, he stood by my head the whole time and reasured me that everything was fine and explained what was happening throughout the whole surgery. It happened really fast, and after the baby was out a cleaned up they let my husband hold her by my head while I was stiched up. I nerver felt any pain, just pressure. It wasn't exactly fun, but not horrible. You'll be just fine, and you'll want to be awake to see your baby right after he/she is born.



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