Epidural Block

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tracy - June 24

is this very painful?


karla - June 12

The anesthesiologist applies a topical freezing so the only thing you may feel is a slight pressure when the needle is inserted.


Eliza - June 17

thats what i want to know


stacyann36 - June 24

I had ALL back labor with my child, and NOTHING felt worse than the back labor,.,.,.The epidural was more scary to me than painful, and now that I am pregant with our second I will gladly take an epidural and a c-section over anything..it was very easy for me and was very easy afterwards...had my baby out with me showing him off 6 days after the c-section...I have not been to my 1st doc appt, and its a different doc than before, but I am hoping we can go c-section again


KM - December 12

im the same as stacy. I had an emergency c-section, (after 13 hrs of back labour with NO drugs) I didnt even feel them put the epidural in. it wasnt scary at all, neither was getting the section, it was all such a relief.I think that I am definitely going section again for the next one lol.I found the recovery easy too I also was out like 4-5 days after showing off my son.,and I think it would have been much harder if i had of delivered v____ally, (although i was very close, fully dialated and everything,4 hrs of pushing)


rebekah - December 22

nope not at all if you are sitting up with a pillow in front of you bent over its a small pinch then just pressure thats all its really a blessing!


Candace - January 15

No, it isn't very painful. It is just the idea of a needle going into your back that makes it really scary feeling. I just felt a sting and a little pressure. It was a life saver for me cause I was in labor like 24 hours. After the epidural, I felt nothing. Had a c-section and felt only a little pressure when getting baby out. It was over with quick. Thank God for whoever invented the epidural. I think I would have died without that great relief for my labor pains.


olivia - August 2

no not at all. its for the better


Emma - August 8

I also just had a c-section 3 weeks ago. No pain and mine was elective. Would definately recommend it. I was walking around and quite mobile after 2 days and out of hospital in 4 days.



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