Exercising After C Section

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Jamie - October 19

I had a c-section on August 10...2 months later, I'm still a good 40 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant. My doctor has told me no dieting, since I'm br___tfeeding, but I don't fit into any of my clothes. I've had difficulties returning to my old exercise routine, which consisted of a LOT of sit-ups, crunches, and other abdominal exercises. Everytime I try to do anything to exercise my abs, I get a shooting pain through my stomach. Is this normal, and something that will go away? Are there excercises someone can recommend to me that work the abs without stressing the scar tissue?


djh - October 19

Try a beginning Pilates DVD. Go slowly and modify abdominal moves if you feel too much pulling. You may have a hernia and/or adhesions that have kinked or pulled on your internal structures. Keep in contact with your doctor, create an energy deficit which means, simply, you must burn more calories than you take in...period. If you do that and still can't lose weight, have the doctor check your thyroid. But remember, it took 9 months to get to your present weight so it might take 9 months to return to normal too. Good luck!


Jbear - October 20

I've been doing a pilates video since about 3 weeks after my c-section. It's really relaxing, almost doesn't feel like exercise. The one I'm using is called Body Control and it shows easy moves and how they can be modified to be more difficult once you're up to it. I think how much you can do depends a lot on how wide the incision was. With my first c-section the incision went from hipbone to hipbone and it felt like it took six months to be able to move without pain. With my second, the incision was about six inches wide and I felt completely recovered four weeks afterwards.


Jeana - October 25

I had my c-section Aug 13,and I was having some bad hip pain shortly after.I saw my docter he said to excersise of corse so I have been.I too am having really bad pain in my stomach and hip.I am going back to the docs this friday.The only thing i can tell you is to try to take it easy for a while,and don't start any excersise program untill you speak with a doctor.You don't want to agravate it anymore.So take it easy and good luck and congratulations.


bpatejdl - November 7

Hi--my son is 7--i had my c-section 7 years ago--everytime i try to work out--i get out two weeks in and all the suddden I am in agonizing pain--pain which stems from my c-section scar. I am so frustrated--i had those self dissolving stiches--apparently they are infamous for creating excessive scar tissue--anyone know anything??


djh - November 7

To last poster: after 7 years it sounds like you have adhesions (or scar tissue) that has stuck to other muscles or organs in you abdomen and perhaps you should have it looked at. You can end up with problems if it is attached to your bowel or bladder and the like. See a doc for a scan or something, could be a hernia too. Good luck.



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