Fear Of Having Too Many C Sections When To Stop

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AmyB - January 31

ok so i just had my 3rd boy in october making that my 3rd section...after i had my 2nd the doctor told me i shouldnt have anymore due to major amounts of scar tissue...well that doctor left town and i went to see him before he left and asked him so you dont think i should have anymore kids and he told me well just wait a while b/c scar tissue will diminish over time (mind you i have never heard of that) anyhow so i found another OB and he told me there shouldnt be any problem having another b/c the surgery reports said my uterus was in good condition...so i had my 3rd and while i was having him the doctor told me this one should be my last due to the scarring he said i could have major problems if i do it again...i am so upset about this...my dh and i want like 5 kids so i am on birth control but i feel like i will want another one...i am so thankful and feel blessed for the healthy 3 i have but i dont feel "complete" if that makes since? i dont know so i am scared to have anymore any1 else in this situation?


Nerdy Girl - January 31

Well, I am not in exactly your same situation because I originally only thought I wanted two kids. I have two healthy kids, so I am now done, and that decison was made solid by what happened after my 2nd C-section. I had post-op complications with my 2nd c-section due to my scar tissue from the first C. They did not manage the old scar tissue well, and they way they tried to close me up after the 2nd C didn't work. My incision was open for 7 weeks post partum. It was pretty miserable and something that I would never want to go through again.


AmyB - January 31

oh my..i guess i have been very lucky in that sence...all 3 incisions healed very well and no problems however, i do fear future complications later on down the road due to the scar tissue...i dont know there is just so much to think about when deciding to put yourself through surgery yet again you know...


lovemy3 - January 31

Hi Amy!! Welcome back!! I am still ttc #4 and it will be a c-section. Just had an appt yesterday with my specialist and found out that one of my hormones are out of whack and it is correctable with weight loss. So I am excited and it is just a matter of time and I am more determined than ever. I TOTALLY understand your situation, it is the same as mine and I TOTALLY understand the uncompleteness. I see a high risk dr due to preeclampsia issues and have gotten the ok, but barely. hes not keen on it but says one more is doable. Although he does refer to it as "complicated" surgery. Congrats on your baby, djh and I were wondering how you were. Congrats. I wouldn't take any permanaent measures at this point and give yourself time to heal and then see a specialist and see what they think. I completely understand how you feel. God willing we hope to have one last one. I can't say for sure I will feel the totally done feeling after 4 but for the sake of my family and health I plan to tie the tubes and call it a day. Each month when I'm waiting to see if I get a BFP, a little panic of "what if something bad happens to me" pa__ses thru and I second guess myself. Glad you are well.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

I am currently on pregnancy number 5, only 3 live children, and am 21 weeks and 3 days preggers. when i had my 2nd by emergency csection I was told that my csection scar is supper thin, suppose to be 2 cm thick but is only 2mm so chance of rupture is super high, well he advised against me having a 3rd. well sure enough with my third I had onyl a few problems, such as her trying to come at 30 weeks, but that was about it. the same obgyn that delivered my 2nd delivered her and said that he could see my daughter had hair and all the amnio fluid through my scar. he did remove some scar tissue giving me a slight tummy tuck as I call it. well he advised 100% against me not having any more children he said that I will rupture and/or need a hysterectomy. So far I have had some complications like spotting and cramping but the little one is a fighter. I am completly aware of the dangers and am on high risk I am worried I might not be able to carry the baby past 28 weeks but my OBGYN did note that my scar didnt get any thinner and was the same thickness with my 3rd as it was for my 2nd. i am very scared about my EDD and pray things go ok, I can live without my uterus I made that decision when i became pregnant it is the rupturing I am very nervous about, call me crazy but i always wanted a big family. i have also heard from the OBGYN i saw for an ovarian cyst he has delivered up to 8 csections to the same woman!


AmyB - February 1

lovemy3 thank you i am glad to be back i missed you guys! downbutnotout good luck you are a brave woman and i wish you the best of luck! i pray i can have another one but i will just have to wait and see..i think 1 more would be great and then i would have my tubes tied..even though i would prob have like 7 if i could v____ally! anyhow good lulck and lovemy i hope you get a BFP soon!


candaceann1 - February 3

Why did you have your c-sections? After your first, you could not of had a VBAC? I'm just curious because I am going to attempt a VBAC. I am not letting them cut me open again because its more convenient for the Dr.


AmyB - February 4

my first one was due to a small pelvis and he would not come down so it was pointless for me to try to VBAC...also around here they think once you have a c section the rest should be c sections? it sucks but my 2nd baby was 10 1 so i know if i couldnt get my first one out at 8 2 then i wasnt getting him out...good luck i hope you can VBAC it just didnt work for me and i just pray for 1 more baby!-


lovemy3 - February 5

Hi Amy... Good thing the hospital you went to didn't tie tubes_LOL. I just saw my dr on the 30th and asked some more questions since I will be 38 soon and have age related questions as well. When speaking with him, he did refer to another surgery as complicated but doable. he said there is a 1/10 chance to need a blood transfusion for bleeding and gave me another percentage for hysterrectomy but I can't remember now. After 3 sections I really think it would be unwise for you to consider a VBAC. After 1 or even 2 thats 1 thing, but after 3 I wouldn't consider it at all, but thats just me. I am on cd14 and waiting for my FSH and TSH and some other hormones to come back and hopefuklly that will shed some light on why I am getting BFN month anfter month. I'll let you know my results of whats up. How you are well and enjoying you new baby. xxxo


AmyB - February 5

lovemy oh theres no way i would consider VBAC candaceann why i had to have c sections...she wants to VBAC no i just pray one more c section isnt pushing it for me....but i look at it this way they can put men on the moon but cant give me 4 babies..lol


AmyB - February 5

oh ihope you get a BFP soon lovemy!!!!


lovemy3 - February 5

Thanks Amy, I can't believe that it is taking this long. The shock is wearing off, but I really am surprised going by my past fertility. I'm hoping my bloods don't come back saying I am menopausal. I am very curious to see my FSH level. We struggled a very long time about whther 4 was pushing it, and time ticked on. I am kinda kicking myself now for waiting. My youngest will be 4 in July and we have been trying 13 months. I really wanted to be 24 months post c-secrion before starting another one...so I hope we still have time left. I will let you know when I get my BFP!!


AmyB - February 5

lovemy when do you find out your blood test results? i wish you the best of luck and just keep in mind if it is meant to be then it will be! i really feel in my heart if i am meant to have #4 it will happen and if not than i know the lord has another plan for me~! anyhow yes please let me know and good luck!!!!


Iwant8 - February 8

Hello Amy B! My sis-inlaw just had her fifth c-section. It is her last. She had a highly specialized doc who told her that each time she had a section, they had to cut out the old scar and stich her up. Each time he did that he told her she looked like she had enough room for one more, and one more. This last baby, he said that there just wasn't enough room for her uterus to stretch again with out the fear of rupture and that it should be her last. If you can find someone who is familiar with repeated sections and knows how to deal with the risks a__sociated, you will be fine! Good Luck!!!


AmyB - February 8

iwant8 thank you that is so encouraging! ieally i want 2 more but i know that one more is puching it..i will be very happy with one more! however, i know that i am so blessed with the 3 i have and i am so happy! how many do you have?


Iwant8 - February 8

I have six and I really want two more also. People make the mistake of thinking it is really easy for us-but it isn't. 3 M/C later, and fertility drugs, we are trying for number 7 now. I understand and know where you are coming from. If it doesn't happen, I am fine with my 6. I just feel like two are missing.


AmyB - February 9

have you had c sections? i wish you the best of luck..isnt it funny how something inside you just tells you your missing some...lol..i think its weird how soem women just know they are done and then others know they need more..our bodies are amazing...again good luck to you..how old are your 6?



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