Feeling Weird With Spinal Block

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Amy P - August 30

h__lo there i have 2 children via c and my oldest is 4 and youngest 2...when i had my first the spinal had a weird effect on me i was unable to swallow and felt like i was breathing shallow....i know your breathing can feel weird but i was unable to swallow or talk....my husband said that my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and he was freaking the doctor out b/c he kept asking if i was OK...well finally it wore off and then i was choking on all of the spit that was in my mouth when i could not swallow...so man was i scared when i got pregnant with my second...now on my second everything went fine no problems at all....has this happened to anyone else? i researched on the internet a bit and these problems happen when you have a high spinal block and the med goes to high....it can be as severe as you stop breathing and have to be intubated and put on a breathing maching until the med wears off......but they said it was rare it is was that severe......


Michelle - September 1

Man, I have never heard of that....your freaking me out. My second I am suppose to have the spinal block!


Amy P - September 1

i dont mean to freak you out you will be fine....and my second one was fine no problems at all....i just didnt know if anyone else has ever experienced this before....sorry never meant to freak anyone out.....


reese - October 3

i had a similar experience and it was not pleasent


Deb - October 4

Yes! With 2 of my 4 c/s I had a spinal that went too high. I couldn't feel my chest rising nor the air moving in and out and I panicked. Then the high spinal dropped my BP way low and I started vomiting on the table, that cause me to start hemorrhaging and things went down hill from there. Glad I never have to have another c-section as long as I live! Just make sure they know what YOUR pre-pregnancy weight is, I was 118 lbs ON the delivery table and they gave me the "normal dose" for the average pregnant woman...too much for me, and heaven forbid, probably not enough for some poor mother!


elaine - October 4

i had a c section only 5 days ago... and the exact same thing happened.. god i was so scared.. i also started vomitting. and was kept in recovery for 18 hours as my pulse rate was so high.


Deb - October 4

Elaine, are you feeling ok now? How's the baby and are you taking it easy? Michelle, good luck, any way you could have a VBAC?


Michelle - October 5

Deb....No, she has already ruled me out for a VBAC. She says there is to much risk involved if something is to go wrong. She would rather not take the chance and neither would I. I had a epidural or spinal with my first c-section and didn't have any problems. I couldn't feel anything from about belly b___ton down. It was great. I was really dopped up though since I was terrified, since it was my first c-section. I hope they do it the same as last time so I will know what to expect.


Deb - October 5

Hey Michelle, sounds like you don't get high spinals, good! Sorry you can't have a VBAC, but at least this one you will be ready for. Good luck!


Ericka - January 25

Yes Amy I had the same problem with my c-section I had it performed 2 weeks ago. I too had shallow breathing and could not swallow and I had a slight cold so spit builded up in my throat and I could not swallow. My anasthesiologist kept asking me was I ok b/c I thought I was going to die. He then whispered to me that he put more medication in my epidural than he was supposed to so that I would not feel anything. I couldnt feel anything either no pulling tugging or anything. My husband had to tell me my baby was out. This experience really freaked me out.


amyp - January 25

i am so sorry for you Ericka i know that it was the scariest moment in my life and freaked me out...i just suffer some effects of it 4 yrs later....but things are better now...i had anxiety attacks for quite come time everytime i felt like i couldnt breath or swallow and now i am so scared of the dentist when i get numbed it freaks me out b/c i think he will numb my throat and i cant swallow....what fun huh....BUT my second c went fine and i didnt have this happen to me? the first time i guess i just had to much med. and now i am wanting a 3rd baby and not so scared about the c i mean i am but since #2 went well i am riding it off as a freak accident of too much meds? do you think you will have more?



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