First Period Since C Section Very Heavy Bleeding

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kimberley - April 24

It has been 10 1/2 weeks since I had my DD by c-section and I have just got my first period. It is extremly heavy...soaking a pad every 2 hours, it seems to be getting worse. Also Sunday I had terrible cramps, more like labur pains. My periods are usually very light and only last 4 days with no pain whatsoever. I have noticed small clots too. Is this a concern?


lovemy3 - April 24

hi there, I would give my dr a call this a.m and just double check. there are a couple of postings below that talk about heavy bleeding. Give a call so you feel better. good luck


Shauna - April 24

My first . was very heavy and yes clotting. Don't get too worried but also I would ask your dr. just incase. Good Luck


Ducky - April 25

Call your doctor. You never know what could be going on inside you. I'm on my first period since my baby and I did the same thing. Only I'm having really big clots and bright red blood. It's also lasted for 3 weeks. My doctor said it will last longer and be a lot heavier because right now my uterus is still stretched out. You should still call though, every one is different.


kcll - May 18

I actually posted about heavy bleeding as well..I bled after surgery for three weeks than the fourth week I had really heavy bleeding and clots. I also was worried but everything is fine. I bled like that for two weeks. It is scary but its normal. If you bleed non-stop than you should be worried but from what you posted it sounds fine


Chem400 - May 21

I have to present the other side to heavy periods after c-sections. I had such bad periods after my c's that I would pa__s liver like slabs of lining that recquired me to labor and dilate just to get them out. I was in so much agony each month that I finally went to the OB/GYN who diagnosed adenomyosis. I had it so bad due to c-sections that the doc said the only way I would get any semblence of a normal life again was to have a total hysterectomy. I did and am so glad! I didn't dilate after hours and hours of hard labor and these monthly labors were just as intense after a few years. When the doc got in there she found my bladder, colon, tubes and ovaries were all scarred, some together! She said this is not uncommon with c-sections and why she opted for a VBAC for her second child. Anyhow, monitor your periods and patterns and don't wait as long as I did if this becomes the norm. Congrats on the baby!


natalya - June 17

hi there i have the same problem. its been about 4 and a half weeks since i gave birth and my postpardum bleeding was just on the verge of ending and then my period came gushing in. wish someone warned me that it would be this much. i bleed alot is it becuase its the first period???? im not sure???


arleneew - May 19

My periods returned when both my kids were 2 months old, and i was breatfeeding both kids exclusively. I would like to spread the word that just because you breatfeed doesn't mean that your period doesn't come back and congratulations to the moms that didn't get their back so soon.



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