First Pregnancy Was A Caesar

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tonilee7 - May 21

I had my first child 4 1/2 years ago, and now I just found out I am pregnant with my second child, my first child was delivered by an emergency c-section, I was in labour for 10 hours before the sent me in for a c-section, reason being I was dialated 3cm at 8 in the morning and was still 3cm at 6 pm. I would like to have this child normally what are my chances??????


torbman - May 22

They are good tonilee7. I had a c-section with my first as she was a footling breech, then, 3 years later, I was able to have my second daughter v____ally. Now I guess it depends on where you live too, because as I have joined this forum, I have noticed that there are many hosptials that still don't allow VBAC's. I live in Ontario, and I was able to deliver her no problem. I think out of trying both, I would definatly do v____ally anyday. Is there something that they can give you to dialate more? Now I am on my third 8 years later and hoping to have another vag birth. Hope this helps. (Tamara)


Nerdy Girl - May 22

Was your emergency c-section a vertical incision? I think that the vertical incision has a higher incidence of uterine rupture, so many docs will not even let you try for a VBAC because the consequences of uterine rupture are often fatal to the baby. The docs are afraid of lawsuits if the baby dies, and can you really blame them? I opted for a repeat c-section over a VBAC after I did some research. It is a personal choice, but your OB will certainly have a position on the matter.


torbman - May 23

I have heard of that being the case too with a vertical c-section. Mine was a horizontal cut, if you call it that.LOL.


tonilee7 - May 23

Thanks for your re-asurance but I have since spoken to a few people from here......australia And there used to be no law against c-section you could choose wether you wanted them done or not, but too many girls were getting them done unnessesarely, so apparentely now the law is you can not get one done unless your doctor has good reason to think you really need one. And I had a horizontal c-section never heard of a vertical c-section The doctor tried every drug he could think of to get me to dyilate but nothing worked.......


Lynne - June 2

I think it depends on the type of cut on your uterus. I have the bikini cut on my body but the cut on my uterus is the vertical or cla__sic incision which goes up higher into the uterus into more of the muscle. I will only have c sections in the future due to this cut. Congrats on your pregnancy!


julesnac - June 7

i also had an emergency c with my first due to no progression and fetal distress. i'm due with my 2nd of 9/18. i plan to do a vbac. i also chose a midwife instead of a md this time around because i heard that they are more supportive and more "life" based pregnancy than "medical" based pregnancy. so far, I LOVE my midwife, she is absolutely wonderful and has encouraged me so much. i know i could wind up with a c-sec again but i am definitely going to try to go v____ally. i had a horrible experience w/ the c-sec too which i'm sure doesn't help. they dr's all told me so much depends on each pregnancy's circ_mstances so look around at dr / midwifes / doulas and make sure to get their opinions. good luck and congratulations, i'll let you know how mine goes!



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