Forced C Sections

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Chloe - November 2

We DON'T demand all women have a v____al delivery...correction to my last post.


Jamie - November 3

If I need to be induced again, I'll consent to another c-section, but I really think that I would never have needed the first if I had gone into labor on my own.


To Jamie and Chloe - November 3

I had a necessary first c-section, but I wanted a VBAC...I had a low horizontal incision, had plenty of time between births (3 years) and had great female health. When I said my birth plan was a v____al birth I got dropped from my "once a c always a c" group of charlatains. I promptly went to another clinic, received care and then used the guidelines posted on the I-CAN web-stie. I followed their advice to the letter, had legal aid on the phone when I presented myself in labor at the hospital, and had a WONDERFUL v____al delivery 6 hours after I was admitted. No big abdominal cut, no significant after-pain, home the next day, beautiful, alert and healthy baby!!!! Contrary to what some women warned me about, the nurses were so great and told me off the record they were so proud of me...I was treated like a queen, never left out of the loop I think because I didn't roll over and get bullied into an unnecessary operation. I knew at any time if my baby or I showed any ill effects that a c-section was available but there is no way to describe how empowered I felt, knowing I had made the decision, based on all the facts. Good luck, just as some women don't want to deliver v____ally and are demanding that choice extend to birthing, it must go the flip-side as well (if not more so!) by allowing women NOT to have an operation forced on them. Good luck!


... - November 3

Chloe, if you have to have another c-section, tell your doctor that you had a problem with bleeding with the last c-section, and they will cauterize the blood vessels as they go along. Some doctors do that anyhow...that's why it smells like smoke in the operating room. And to the person who suggested calling the health insurance company, it's not the health insurance requiring repeat c-sections, it is the doctors' malpractice insurance.


Kendra - November 3

I don't actually know the answer to your question - but I can say, on the news awhile back there was a mother that was arrested, because she refused to have a c-section...and during labor, her baby died. Now, she's in jail, and being tried for the murder of the baby. Isn't that nuts?!?! Not trying to scare you, I just thought it was interesting, - although just in case, don't let it get to that, bad previous experiance or not. There's no sense in being a wacko about it.


Chloe - November 3

Yes, Kendra, you are absolutely right, I do not want to be a radical patient at the expense of mine or most importantly, my baby's health. If at any time it looks like one of us is not tolerating labor I will defer to the surgery. My biggest issue is that I am allowed to give or decline consent in just about every other area of my healthcare and since the dangers of a cesarean section are real and tangible, I do not feel it can be dictated from a corporation's legal department. Every OB I have talked to said that is the ONLY reason they have turned away from VBAC's, it was not due to an inordinate number of bad outcomes, it was more from a POTENTIAL liability. In fact, one OB said if we keep allowing lawyers to decide what the risk/responsibility ratio is, eventually a woman might be "lawyered" out of even being allowed to give birth v____ally in a hospital! I find that offensive, dangerous and extremely intrusive. They used to tell us we were slaves to our hormones and emotions, now they are telling us we are slaves to our increasingly inferior ability to give birth v____ally? That by choosing so we are a danger to ourselves and our babies? I think not! I will continue to study the information and to listen intently to my body. Thanks again, let's hear some more from you ladies!


Kathryn - November 4

I am 32 weeks with my 2nd and she is currently breech. I am concerned that the doctor will insist on a c/s and not try to turn her when we get closer to the due date. I know that lots of women have successful c/s everyday, but I want to deliver v____ally. Has anyone tried to have their baby turned and does it work successfully? I had a 9lb. 11 and 1/2 oz. baby the first time in 7 hours of labor and know that I can push anything out, but I just imfaticly do not want a c/s. Does anyone have any advice on the topic?


Jamie - November 4

Yes the baby can be turned, but it's a painful process from what I understand.


Kathryn - November 4

I have done quite a bit of research on the success rate of turning a baby, but have not talked to anyone that has actually had it done. My baby is currently measuring about 4 lbs. which I understand to be a little bit big. I just don't want a c/s to be my only option. I have a very high tolerance for pain so the pain would not hold me back from having anything done. I'm just praying that she turns soon so I don't have to weigh the options. Thank you for your input.


Jennifer - November 4

I just wanted to say that I am in the same boat. They induced my first labor early because they thought my son was pushing 11 lbs, he was 9.5. Still big of course but not as dire. They forced my induction, it went no where and because they broke my water I had to have the baby then and there. I had a C which thankfully I recovered from nicely but I know that isn't always the norm. I don't have too much advice because I am fighting the same insurance issues but I can tell you that their are risks either way with a birth so you should do whatever you feel is right. I am looking into a home birth to avoid being told what to do with MY body.


Chloe - November 4

Hi all, to Kathryn, I think they should be able to turn your baby, my neighbor had her baby turned at 38 weeks, she was bruised some and her tummy was tender, but she ended up having a 7 pound girl in less than 5 hours v____ally. The ECV did trigger labor so at 38+3 days she had her...but not only did she avoid an operation, she had a pretty easy birth as well. To Jennifer, yeah, the water breaking thing is the clincher, then you are "locked in" to some arbitrary time frame, which by the way, is questionable. Many mothers actually leak fluid for days with their membranes partially ruptured and they don't freak out about them...hmmm. I have spoken with legal aid and they did tell me I can not be forced to have a c-section unless there is doc_mented proof that the baby CAN'T (like it's sideways) be born v____ally or that I have proven "diminished capacity" and can't legally make medical decisions. So I have found wha I need. Keep the ideas coming, it is time women stop being forced to have surgical births. I personally think labor is less painful than c-sections. I am now 22 weeks, still being quiet about what I am going to do for the birth, I have a check-up in 2 weeks.


JL - November 4

They figured out that my daughter was breech at my 40 week appointment. They tried to turn her via a procedure called external version. They gave me something to relax my uterus, but nothing for pain. I was bawling my eyes out during the procedure. The attempt to turn her was unsuccesful. I had a c-section and my baby turned out to be 10 lbs. No wonder she wouldn't flip!


IrishCSmom - November 4

Firstly, did the hospital ask you to sign a legal doc_ment asking you to agree to the surgery? I have two sons, my first was emergency c/s. My waters broke at the early hours of the morning, but no contractions. They put me on IV to move things along, and it did eventually, but it all went the wrong way. the nurse felt on examination that my son was in fact wrapped in, and behind alot of umbilical cord - and it was slowing his delivery. his heart rate began to slow up,and i began to feel extremely faint.. within seconds doctors were surrounding me, but they did give me the form to sign. I did manage it, but im glad i did - i done it for my son, he was 9lbs 11.5, my second was 9lbs12.5, he was elective, i didnt want to put him through the same distress. Hospital staff advised he was large too, so said c/s would be advised. both of the c/s's were traumat_tising to me in different ways. first i thought my baby and I were dying, and with the second, i was fully aware i would be cut open - which was equally daunting. i really dont mean this in a patronising way - but are you sure you dont need to talk about this to someone- you are obviously mentally scarred by the event. It might have been a good idea to have chat with someone about it.. good luck with the birth either way xx


Chloe - November 4

Thanks for your responses. To Irishmom, I agree with you and I have discussed this at length with my Primary Care physician. He agrees with me in that since my first was an easy and uncomplicated v____al delivery I am an excellent candidate for VBAC. My babies are not large and I have a "tested" birth ca___l. I am thankful for the birth options available to us, but I do not feel I should have to go with the option that caused me the most pain and difficult recovery. Will keep you posted.


Mel - November 7

From what I understand some state hospitals are not allowed to let you delivery v____ally after a c-section. You would need to look into a midwife with a home delivery or a labor center (rather than a hospital) that would let you do that. The labor centers in my area use only midwifes and nurses and do not administer epidurals. They also will send you to a hospital if the baby seems to be in distress and that might mean you would have to have a c-section.


Chloe - November 7

Hi Mel, that is what i am wondering. when you say most hospitals "won't let me" what does that literally mean? I mean I get the impression they will not treat me? I don't see short of knocking me out with drugs or using restraints that they can actually MAKE me go into the OR...I talked to legal Aid and they said if I am far enough along in labor the hospital can't make me leave so I am planning on doing as much as safely as possible at my friend's home 2 blocks from there.



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