Forced C Sections

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Chloe - January 13

Hi all, Congrats to Tracy! I am sorry I haven't written, I am trying to lay low, my little boys both have a stomach flu and it has been rounds of cleaning up what has come out of both their ends...ick, I know. I am also trying desperately NOT to get it, because of the issues I have had with pre-term labor. Baby girl is growing nicely and only minor contractions held in check with meds. I see the doctor tomorrow and will update you all. Hi Jamie! Oh, did anyone's scar start itching like CRAZY in the last few weeks?


angi - January 13

Chloe, yes mine has badly, are you in the uk, just wondering since it is 4:16 in the morning us time? Take care and hope your boys get better!


Jamie - January 13

Hi Chloe, glad to hear you haven't had that baby yet. I'm still thinking Valentine's Day for you. :-) My scar doesn't itch - it's still completely numb for about 3 inches above and below. The muscle tissue underneath the scar hurts though. :( In the last two weeks, I had to go back to the OB, cause apparently at my 6 week pp check, they found high grade lesions. So, they did a colposcopy; fortunately, everything came back normal, but I was a bit nervous for a while - my mom had cervical cancer.


Chloe - January 14

Hi Angi, no, not UK, I am the insomniac out on the West Coast, USA, so the time posted is probably 3 hours ahead of mine. I have a little girl who likes to keep me up about this time every single night. She has found a rib she is particularly fond of and is preparing for a gymnastics or kickboxing career! I can't believe how much this scar is itching, and Jamie, that numbness, it drives me crazy because something itches and when I scratch the scar it doesn't help, like I am scratching someone else's scar...ick! Valentine's day would be fine, a tad bit early, but she wouldn't be a preemie and I will probably have NO problem getting her out...but only if SHE is ready. To Angie, the boys are better, but they got that stomach stuff 24 hours apart so my youngest is much better and my oldest looks a bit ragged still. I think it missed my husband and I, must be a kid virus. OH, the lady with the political connections is putting the pressure on the State to form a better patient's bill of rights regarding surgeries, c-sects in particular. I will let you all know. Sabelle (at least that's her name today...he-he) has finally gone to sleep, so I shall try also. Good night, ladies!


Chloe - January 14

Sorry, Jamie, I forgot to say I hope the biopsy comes back ok. I had adenosis and they used cryosurgery to "burn" the suspicious lesions off, good PAP smears ever since! Let us know.


Jamie - January 14

Chloe, everything came back normal - I have to go back in 3 months to get checked again, but that's it. HUGE relief!


Tracy2046 - January 15

Chloe I'm sorry to hear about your boys. I hope they are feeling better and that you escape it completely. What is your due date? Yes, my scar itches like crazy and scratching does not help AT ALL!! They say that itching is a sign of healing, so I guess I am healing nicely if that is true. Jamie glad to hear your good report about your appt.


Chloe - January 16

Hi Tracey, how are you feeling? How's baby? My due date is March 2 so I would like to prevent labor until at least mid-February. I am not in a hurry to have her, I have had experiences with sick babies (my nieces were preemie twins at 30 weeks) and want her to "bake" as long as possible. Plus, if she comes too early they will definately recommend a c-section and that is exactly what I want to avoid. I will go c-section if necessary, but want a v____al birth like my first delivery. My boys are better, and none the worse for wear, thanks for asking. Bye for now!


Tracy2046 - January 16

Well, I hope she "bakes" for as long as she can too. I pray that you don't have to have a c-section. Mine was unavoidable, unfortunately, but I am feeling good. I am improving every day and James is growing well. Nursing was painful until I made an appointment with a lactation consultant and learned so much. She was wonderful - spent 2 hours with me. My first section was planned due to a breach presentation. We informed the doctor this time what a horrible recovery experience it was for me the first time and she made some suggestions such as different medications and what not that really helped with the recovery this time. It was less painful, less tiring, much better than the first time. I pray that you can have your VBAC this time, but in the event that you can't, it's worth mentioning to your doctor why you had such a horrible experience last time and perhaps they can do something to make it better for you this time around. If you are having trouble with pre-term labor now, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to have a v____al delivery this time, as long as you take it easy until near your due date. Have they placed restrictions on you of any sort?


Chloe - January 20

Hi All, I had a few rough days again, but okay for now. Unfortunately my cervix is shortening and I am a tiny bit dilated. Did you all know that one of the risks of having a c-section is pre-term labor with subsequent babies? I missed that one, but doc pointed it out since nothing is showing up on tests he ran. Baby's heartrate is good and she seems fine. My doctor who is so pro-VBAC keeps talking to me about our agreement to follow his guidelines closely regarding my VBAC. I think he is thinking we may have to go c-section. I so don't want to do that, I HATED my c-section experience. He hasn't said so, but I know deep down that he is going to watch out for baby girl and me and I am so set on not repeating the section that I just don't want to admit it is a real possibility again. Sabelle is head-down and growing nicely and she doesn't appear to be face up, but she is still only about 3-4 pounds and has some room to do some gymnastics. All I wish for now is to make it to next month, then she would only be about 4 weeks early, I can live with that if she is okay. Anyhow, I'll sign off for now and let you all know if anything happens.


GP - January 23

I agree that women should be allowed to choose VBAC's for their subsequent births (provided there is no exentuating circ_mstances that would be putting the mother's or baby's lives at risk). It really is about choice, and just as I am supportive to those who choose elective c/s, I am also supportive to those who choose VBAC or repeat c/s. I think it's sad that we as a society don't give any credit to mothers and their intuitions about what is best for their babies. Anyway... I'm glad you were able to find a dr who will help you achieve the birth experience you want, within reason. Sorry to hear about your PTL scares though. I didn't have PTL, but I did develop pre-eclampsia and had the mag sulfate. OMG, that stuff is awful. I was literally seeing double and triple. Well, anyway, I hope you have a very successful and uneventful VBAC, and that your daughter is born on time - not to early. Good luck!


Chloe - January 24

Thank you, GP for your comments. I went for a doctor's appointment today and while he is still optimistic, I am not. I am now 2.5cm dilated and beginning to efface. Sabelle has clearly dropped, which by itself would be a good thing in regards to my VBAC, but early babes don't always tolerate labor well. I have sent her two oldest brothers to my mother's house for a few days and am reclining most of the day. It is a sad attempt at defying gravity :) My doc feels that it is only a matter of time and after 36 weeks he will not administer any more meds. He explained to me that not all pre-term labor is bad, sometimes the intra-uterine environment is breaking down and nature is trying to preserve the baby's and mother's health. If that is the case, I say c'mon baby, we can fight this on the outside! To Jamie, where are you? To GP, before I nearly lost my choice in my birth method I couldn't understand why a woman would choose a c-section, but now I am more understanding. Having both methods to compare may have made me even more aware of the feeling of powerlessness we have in some areas of our lives.


Chloe - February 7

HELLO!!! To all who have been so wonderful and supportive on this forum...Sabelle Elizabeth ,"Bella", has arrived, 4 weeks early! She was born February 2nd after a wonderful, fairly quick VAGINAL DELIVERY! My doctor, Mr. Pro-VBAC handled it so well, monitored every single contraction, guarded my and my precious baby girl's health like an Army Ranger! Sabelle is still in the medium risk nursery due to a bit of respiratory distress syndrome and the fact that she is teeny tiny! She was born at 1:40 pm and weighed a scant 4 lbs. 12 ozs., 18 inches long. She will be in med-risk for another few days until she lays down some body fat and can keep her body temp up. I came home Saturday. I am a bit tired but thought some of you might be interested in the end result of my original post. VBACs can happen, and I can honestly say it was just as easy as my first birth and much better than my c-section! More details as I get some rest and Sabelle comes home.


Jamie - February 7

Congratulations on your baby girl, and on your successful VBAC.


angi - February 7

Hi olga i just emailed ya.


djh - February 8

Congrats, Chloe! You got your VBAC! How is Bella doing? Is she gaining and maintaining good body temps? What do your sons think of her? Is she home yet? Best wishes, keep us updated. A bab girl, how wonderful!



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