Forced C Sections

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djh - February 8

Congrats, Chloe! You got your VBAC! How is Bella doing? Is she gaining and maintaining good body temps? What do your sons think of her? Is she home yet? Best wishes, keep us updated. A bab girl, how wonderful!


Chloe - February 11

Thanks, djh. Sabelle came home this morning! She lost weight down to 4 pounds 7 ounces, but is already back up to 4-14! She is doing well, but has a bit of trouble with her tongue when we first start nursing. The nurses said that is a common problem with any baby, full-term included and not to worry. Her brothers are in wonderment and her daddy has lost his mind over his "peanut". I am in love and am feeling so wonderful after the VBAC, even with trips to the hospital twice a day to nurse her and bond with her. I am in awe that she is finally home, and can't believe she is nine days old already. I have had 4 referral calls from my old OB clinic who want to explore VBACs and maybe I will get a "kickback" for steering the ladies to my most incredible OB in the world!!!


Kirsten - February 13

I know of a lady who wanted a vbac so bad that the doctor said ok and her uterus ruptured she had have an emergency hysterectomy and lost the baby in less then 10 minutes. I know for a fact that the doctor got sued and now longer delivers babys. He is strictly a GYN.


Chloe - February 13

To last poster, yes, in rare instances that can happen. My doctor has not had a single rupture and he did several VBACs in the last 6 months alone. He put in internal monitors to measure the strength of my contractions and he had a set upper limit for the amount of force he would accept. I never reached threshold, nor did I get close. I had absolutely NO problems, and wouldn't trade it for the world. My daughter had been trying to come early for awhile and while she came 4 weeks early, both she and I tolerated labor perfectly. My recovery was much easier and considering I had to take care of my two little boys AND go to the hospital at least twice a day to feed Sabelle and visit with her...I can't imagine having done that with a big, fresh c-section wound like I had with my second son. I am pro VBAC under ideal conditions and with the right, experienced, scientific-minded OB. I am incredibly sorry for that poor woman's loss. I also know of a woman who had a childbirth hysterectomy, but hers was from a scheduled C, so it is just horrific luck sometimes.


mac29 - November 20

What if one is forced to have a pregnancy. That shouldn't be allowed either. I'm 32 weeks I found out I was pregnant at 6 months and NO ONE would help me. Adoption IS far far (mentally damaging) that abortion. I know, a life is a life after a certain point of gestation HOWEVER there should still be extenuating circ_mstances that allow a woman to have a REAL choice not just options. It is her body. This is like being told when to use the bathroom or even when to have s_x. NOT RIGHT. I have read that 32 weeks is early for a C-section but the baby is viable(I mean it respectfully, I know that the longer the baby is in the womb the less complications he/she will have!). This too should be a choice right there with how a baby is delivered. Thanks!


mac29 - November 20

I mean carry a pregnancy. lol Sorry, typo.



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