Going Into Labor Before Your C Section

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mommietobe - May 5

Has this happened to any of you, and what did your doctor do?


krnj - May 5

Hi I was scheduled for a c-section and my water broke 3 days before. He did the c-section anyway since I had a fibroid that was blocking the birth ca___l. Good luck to you! :)


torbman - May 6

Hi, I also had this happen to me. They sheduled me becasue she was a footling breech, and my water broke. They ended up doing an emergancy c-section because they could already feel the heel of her foot. All turned out ok.. Take care.


Been There - May 6

I'm being scheduled too and have thought about the same thing. I'm a__suming they will have no choice but to just perform the c-section earlier than expected.


Chem400 - May 6

Hi, my aunt had a c-section scheduled and she went into labor a week before. She had a wonderful, easy v____al birth and said she was soooo glad she didn't agree to the c-section once labor started. If I had a pelvis that was anywhere near normal size and I went into labor I would have done the same thing. She is very glad to this day that it worked out that way. But if you have something like a fibroid or a breech baby they would just do the c-section then. It has been put WAY out of proportion about labor and a previous c-section. Most women have no problems with going into labor after a c.


Bonnie - May 11

I was scheduled because the baby was up too high and the OB felt they stay up that high for a reason. He gave me the weekend to see if baby would drop. Well, baby did not drop but my water broke. The on-call doc couldn't understand why he scheduled a C without even trying labor and wanted to induce me. Since my doc wasn't there to ask, I hesitantly agreed. In the end I was in labot all night and pushed for 2 1/2 hours by that morning...and baby never budged. By that time my doc came in and did the section. Mason had a ma__sive bruide on his head from all the pushing which res___ted in some neck and swallowing problems. :( I should have gone with my gut instinct as I seemed to believe my OB and he was right!


mommietobe - May 11

I went to the doctor this week and they've schedules me for an amnio on June 23 for lung maturity . Providing that's ok, they went ahead and scheduled my cs for June 26 th due to a dislocated pelvis. My due date isn't until July 18th, so I'm praying really hard I make it to the cs.


Tjane - May 12

I hope this happens to me! I am due 7/23 and have a c-section scheduled for July 13 just because I had a c section with my first child. My doctor said if I go into labor before the c-section I can have a v____al delivery so I am praying I do. Its ridiculous I have to have a c section because I had one before.....


Nerdy Girl - May 12

My water broke 6 days before my scheduled C, and they just did the C when I got to the hospital. OK, not at the exact moment I got to the hospital, but that same morning. I needed to get the antiobiotics for GBS, and I was not in active labor so we had some time. My water broke at 1am and my son was born via c-section at 6:30am. Side note - put a waterproof mattress pad on your bed!!!!



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