Guys I M Scared Please Help

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maria514 - October 4

i asked this same question like two months ago did not get a single responce please help i have been having a lot of pain in my c-section insicion it has been really bad the pain always starts off with a sharp pain like a knife and then it get's to the point that i drop on the floor because i can't take the pain anymore it is unbarable that i can't even walk move lie down sit or anything i even got so bad i looked like an old lady no ofence but i really did and i'm only 23 years old with a 10 month baby and still getting these pains have gone to the ER but they don't know what's going on went back to my doc he dosen't understand as well so basiclly i'm on the limbo i need anyone to give me advise please i' worried and i have no one to give me answers they say it might be eating greasy food but i don't i eat healthy and if i do i don't get those pains and it comes like every 3 to 4 months and it's hard i can't even sleep please help


Ang3lz - October 4

First off...I will pray for you! I hope you find out what is causing your pains. I had a second c-section and my baby is only is painful. Sometimes it is hard for me to lay down..I have to struggle to get up and I can only lay of my back. it hurt to lay on my side. I also get a fever sometimes...Also, there is an open area in my incision where a tube had is bleeding right now as I am typing. It scares me like crazy and I cannot even look at it! my mother tends to it for me. I just hope you get better and hopefully your incision is not infected in any way.


maria514 - October 4

well thanks for your prayers and advise angelz but they have checked everything but they don't understand why and it's very stressful because i hate this pain it's not something too look over your shoulder you know but thanks


Krissy25 - October 7

I really feel for you Maria, it must be so hard to take care of your lo in so much pain. It's hard for doctors to give answers when everything probably looks fine from their point of view. If your regular doctor hasn't been able to help you might want to look into a doctor that specalizes in pain management, i'm sure they have a name but i'm drawing a blank. Maybe ask your doctor for a referal. I wish i could be of more help but i never experienced that after my section and i'm guessing from the lack of responses not many women have. What i really think you need is a doctor who will work with you to relieve this pain, good luck.


Candi101 - October 10

Can you not get intouch with your obstetrician who you were under with your pregnancy and who performed your c/sec? Did you have any infection in the wound when you had the operation? What kind of surtures were used? I've had 3 c/secs and I have found that the scar always remains rather tight and I can't stand anyone touching it as it feels like it's about to rip open. I do admit that I did put the feelings of it being so tight and painful down to my subconsious and the fear of having that happen. But after my third c/sec I have now gone completely numb from my belly b___ton to just below the scar. This, I am told, is a normal thing, but I was told that it would be temporary. My youngest is now 5 and I am still completely numb in that area. If I were you I would be demanding that I was seen to quickly. Have you had any ultra sound scans on the wound site? Has it been like it since the wound healed? The obvious thing to me would be the possibility of some kind of problem with the surtures that were used and the scar healing in an unusual manner under the skin. I don't have any medical qualifications, but, after my 3 c/secs I do know a hell of a lot about the operation, recovery and complications etc. Is the pain just on the top sirface of the scar or is it right through to the muscle? Does it look abnormal? Any swelling etc? Is there any chance you could have a hernia? May sound like a daft question, but a friend of mine was in a similar amount of pain after her c/section, and she had a hernia, she went through alot of pain and doctors were at a loss as what was the cause, until they used an ultrasound scan and spotted a hernia, because of the amount of scar tissue in the incision area, they couldn't feel anything abnormal during abdominal examination. It could just be that you are taking a little longer than most to heal though. I've found that it takes at least 18 months after the op to feel 100% again and for the muscles in the tummy to return to a normal state. Also to Ang3lz, why is your midwife/nurse not tending to the wound if you are only 1 week after surgery? The fact you have a fever and there is a weeping/bleeding or any kind of seepage from any area of the wound sounds like you have an infection to me. The pain of a c/sec should be more of an uncomfortable nature after 1st week. You should be easing a lot by now pain wise. See your own doctor or midwife/nurse and get the wound looked at. I had similar symptoms to yours with my 2nd c/sec and my midwife missed the symptoms completely as she didn't examine the wound for a couple of days. It was only when I pa__sed out from the pain and my ex husband rang her out again that it was noticed that I had a severe infection where she had left a surgical staple in. I thought it was blood leaking from the wound, it was a pinky red colour, but it was due to the infection. It took a long course of anti biotics to clear it up. One good tip though, get as much air to the wound as possible, while lieing down make sure that the wound is uncovered and dry, this will aid healing if you do have an infection. Also, try and bathe with a couple of drops of lavender or tea tree oil in the bath. It works wonders. You both need to see somebody about your wounds/scars. Promise me you will. C/Sections are major abdominal surgery, because you have given birth you tend to forget about your own medical needs because you're so involved with your newborn. But do not ignore anything like you have both described. As a mother who has had three c/sections these are not average symptoms post surgery. I do not wish to scare you both, but I would be demanding some answers from my medical support as to what is the cause of both of your problems. Babies are a big enough cause of worry on their own, without having concerns with your own health too. Good Luck , Best Wishes and a speed recovery to both.



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