Had C S Amp Scared In Case I Burst Stitches

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Melanie - March 6

I had a C/S with my baby boy on 24th February - 11 days ago - and although the external st_tches have healed nicely and I've had my staples removed, I'm petrified in case I burst my internal st_tches. I have already been royally told-off by my Ob/Gyn for doing far too much and he said that if I carry on, I'll end up in the operating room again. So, since he said that, I've been very good and have done nothing, not even lift baby Ben or make a cup of tea. However, I just moved awkardly on the sofa and got a sharp pain down one side of my tummy. This made me feel pretty sick for 15 mins or so but I can walk fine, although the area is sore to touch. Am I just being over-scared (as usual) and panicking for no reason? Has anyone actually burst their internal st_tches - how easy is it? What happens if they do burst? TIA, Mel


AT - March 24

I had a C section and I always thought I tore my incision open. I would get sharp pains like something was wrong but I survived it all. The baby would put her toes on my incision and pull on it and I would always swear something was torn, or at work I'd think my insides were coming undone. After all is said and done I'm fine 4 months later. I think things are just going to hurt because they have all been put back together. Sorry!


Wish I had hindsight. - April 15

Yes, herniation can occur following c/s proceedures. My experience was of an emergency c/s which subsequently became infected, or as the dear midwife announced one evening - "oh my God, it's rotted" (seriously.) The herniation was confirmed two years later when I decided to seek the advice of a different obstetrician. The area was re-operated on and repaired. I now have mesh inside, holding everything together and it still hurts sometimes, several years later. My opinion is... you can't be too careful... follow your Doctor's advice if he's good at his job... and if you have any doubts, get a second opinion from someone who's not afraid to contradict a fellow medic.



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