Has Anyone Been Told When They Can Take A Bath After C Seci

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heather28 - September 28

You know actually sit in the water. It's been almost a month since I had my c-section. But I don't have my post partum appt for another 2 and a half weeks. I would really like to soak in the tub b/c I think it'll help with the pain, but I don't know if it's safe yet. Please answer if you can.


babybrain32 - September 29

I strongly suggest that you don't do so until your first pp appt. I know what you mean about the pain but you are healing from the inside out and its not just a muscle sprain or something. Heat can sometimes do the opposite during the healing process. Heat increases blood flow to the injured area. In cases of muscle sprains etc., this would be a good thing but in areas of healing, it can cause inflammation (hence, may start a bleed). I would suggest you continue to get as much rest as you can and wait it out. You should be fine enough in a few more weeks for them to allow you to do so. I'm speaking from experience with a c-section and as a nurse =) Congratulations to you on your new baby!


bbmax - September 29

I had my c-section on the 13th of Sept. The dr told me upon leaving the hospital to wait 2 weeks before taking a bath, and no heavy lifting or s_x for 6 weeks. I had st_tching on the inside and out-no clamps.


bbmax - September 29

Oy yes, this is my second c-section in 18 months and I was told the same thing last time: 2 weeks. I did take a bath after 2 weeks with my first and was fine, but the little pieces of tape across peeled somewhat.


babybrain32 - September 30

Some docs may suggest differently. Although the outside looks healed, the inside is not. I guess if the water temp is not too warm, you will be ok. Just be sure to be careful with the incision getting wet too early. Just with any type of surgical procedure, there is always a risk of infection when getting the area wet too early. But hey, "different strokes for different folks" =) I guess I've seen too much to take risks. Good luck to you dear =)


pregnantjackie - September 30

I was told to wait 6 weeks before baths... but if you are completely done bleeding it's probably safe.


maria514 - October 5

It depends because everyone is different others heal faster and difrently and have had diffrent situtions we are not all the same so just be careful because to me i had to wait six weeks as well


taylorryal - September 9

I had my son aug 22nd by emergancy C-section. I'm wanting to take a bath now too but wasnt sure if i should. Everything i keep reading says no wait tell 6 weeks, but thats what everyone said about s_x and i started having s_x again 2 weeks after and have been regularly ever sense and i feel great! Honestly, what your doctors tell you isnt the RULES. they are just guidlines to be 100% safe. But the key is to listen to your body. If you feel like youre ready to take a bath, then go for it. I'm gonna take a bath today becuase i feel ready to. It all depends on your body and everyone body is different!



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