Has Anyone Ever Bled Out

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24 - October 10

my ? is has anyone ever bled out and everything went fine? if so what was the reason for bleeding out?


djh - October 12

yes, I required 4-5 units of whole blood after my daughter's c-birth. She was tiny and decided to lay transverse, theyhad to use forceps during the c-section to get her out because I am too narrow from hip-to-hip. It caused numerous problems to say the least. they told me the forceps and extra tugging opened up a vessel and injured the uterus. Sometimes women bleed out because the scalpel cuts a large vessel or because the placenta has to be pulled out manually and that of course, can be problemic.


24 - October 12

wow...i am sceduled for my 2nd c and i recently read about "bleeding out" and it makes me really nervous..ok so if you are to bleed out what it the chances of dying? can they get it under control fast or what?


djh - October 13

i think you should be okay. they always have your blood type on hand when you have a sheduled c/s and they will be prepared to transfuse you STAT if you start bleeding. Also, they have cauterizing tools available for smaller blood vessels. I think you will be fine, ok? Don't be scared.


djh - October 14

Hey 24, you there? I want to rea__sure you that yes, there is a statistical chance you could bleed out, but it is small. Believe me when I tell you, the doctors and nurses in the OR are well aware of what to look for and what to do in that event, ok? The anesthesiologist will be watching your BP and respirations to make sure even the slightest change gets noticed. Did you consider having a VBAC instead? Many women are quite happy they did that if the reasons for the original c-section were not structural. Something to consider anyhow, plus you won't have to recover from surgery with a little one and a newborn too. Either way, I bled like crazy and we are both perfectly fine! You will be too, but it is good to know you are being an informed patient as opposed to someone who isn't involved in their own medical care. When is your c/s scheduled for? Do you have time to discuss VBAC?


24 - October 15

hello sorry been away i am not a canidate for VBAC not an option where i live i am scheduled sometime in december i am due the 18th so. well thanks for the rea__surance i am nervous. also did they put you out and make your husband leave when you started to bleed?


djh - October 15

actually, I don't know, 24. When the bleeding first started I don't think it was worrisome, when they brought my daughter out and up to my head, my husband and I were looking at her and he was holding her. Then the doctor said something, the anestesiologist told me I was going to sleep for a bit and out I went. It was not bad, frightening or painful, I just felt cold. I don't think you should worry so much about bleeding out, okay? Surgeries are getting safer and safer so focus on the positive, and you will be alright. I'll check back and see how you are doing. Take care.


24 - October 16

thank you djh i am just a worry wart i worry about everything. i have to tell you somthing funny: i was in nursing school 2 years ago and i ended up quiting because my husband said i was driving him nuts, and i was also making myself crazy everything i learned about i knew someone who had it. and i was always a___lyzing me and my son and every week i thought we has something. amazing huh, so this isnt uncommon of me when i learn or hear about something i freak out about it and make myself sick. i am one of those people :) so now i know the medical field aint for me. i am a probation officer instead..lol


djh - October 17

That is a hilarious story...I am in nursing school and graduate Spring 2007!!! I, too, suffer from "hyper-vigilance" and have to keep my knowlege at bay at times. Sometimes it really is just a cold...lol. My husband would probably like to talk to your husband, mine is counting the days until I am done. I will say this, my 4th c/s baby was a preemie and I only had him home from the NICU for a few days when I noticed his respirations were really really far apart. I counted and he was forgetting to breathe!!!!! He was rushed to the hospital, I insisted they x-ray his lungs in the ER (they said his lung sounds were ok). Upon x-ray his lungs were filled with fluid, he was clocked with 17 episodes of apnea in the next 10 hours and was hospitalized for another 10 days. He came home as a SIDS risk baby and was on a heart monitor for 6 months. Long story, I know, but don't be embarra__sed for being a worrier, it saved my son's life. He is now a robust young man, healthy and happy. I am an EMT and you can bet nothing slips by me if I can at all help it!!!! Allow yourself 15 minutes a day to really worry about your upcoming c-section and then tell yourself that is all you can do about it today...on to the rest of you life until tomorrow's 15 minutes and so it goes until birthday. :>) Talk to you soon.


24 - October 17

congrats on nursing school. i just dont think i was cut out for it. man that is crazy about your son, i am glad he ended up okay. thanks for the words of encouragement i am sure i will be fine, just scared thats all!



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