Have Not Gotton My Period

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Miulca - March 5

Hello everyone hope all is well. I had my son on Oct. 17, 2006 by cesarean because he was in a breech positon. It has been four month and I still have not gotten my period.Is this normal? I am not br___tfeeding. I had heard that if one br___t feeds fully there period will take longer, but I am not br___tfeeding. I do not think I am pregnant because I have taken 2 preg. test and both came negative. How long should I have waited to do a preg. test afte unprotected s_x? Could anyone shine some light on my questions?


ChristinaBonBon - March 6

Preg test about 14 days after unprotected s_x I would think. Well my period didnt arrive till my little one was 4 months old, nearly 5 months, so fingers crossed yours is just taking it's time like mine was........unless you are hopign to be pregnant of course.


ezwaggy - April 3

My baby is almost 5 months. I pumped for the first 6 weeks then stopped and don't nurse and still haven't gotten it. I've taken 2 preg tests too! Both neg.


Miulca - April 3

Ezwaggy are u trying to get pregant again? My hubby and I talked about it and would love another child. But now my son is 6 and half month and still no period. How am I suppose to try to get pregnant and still no period:(


ezwaggy - April 3

Actuallty I'm not trying - I'm constantly worried I might be though. We want more too just not quite yet. :) However, you can get pregnant while b___stfeeding and you don't have your period then, so it is possible. As far as planning it though, I'm not sure b/c you can't go by your cycle. You're doctor could answer that though.


Rhonda - April 5

I had my c-section 6wks ago.i bled for 3 wks then completely stopped.And the about 4days ago i was having real bad menstrual cramps and then 2 days ago i started bleeding and it seems like is my period.At least i hope it is just my period.I guess everybody is different and will start at different times.I dont b___stfeed either.But i still have milk in my b___st.


Miulca - April 8

ezwaggy i am trying to get pregnant but it is real hard to when i have not gotton my period. My gnno says i am homonally un balanced:( whatever that means. so i am getting test done to see why i have not gotton my period.. Rhonda u should ask and tell ur doctor about ur bleeding.



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