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trish2041 - January 23

hi everyone on feb.2nd i am scheduled to have a c-section do to a breech baby. i'm kinda scared this is my first. does anyone have c-section stories and can give me some encouraging words


sahmof3 - January 23

If you look down several posts you can find my story of the birth of my daughter. My 1st was an emergency c-section after a long labor and 3rd was scheduled, but had to be under general anesthesia... but my 2nd (my daughter) was probably more like what you will have since it was scheduled and I had a spinal. Anyway, it's under the thread "what is the procedure of a cesarean" started by emunah.


Gavinsmom - January 23

Hi Trish! I am having a c-section due to a breech baby, too! Mine is this Thursday. I will be posting my experience when I come home. The ladies here have helped me so much...I'm not as scared anymore! Watch for my birth story! ;)


momma0710 - January 24

I had a planned csection (you can find my posts back in Oct I was under "vjr" and they are t_ttled "my csection was perfect") it was awesome!!! I wouldn't have had it any other way, I woke up knowing today i get to meet my daughter! The hardest part for me was getting the epidural (not going to lie that part hurts but its fast) after that it was a cake walk.... I don't want to type out the whole story again but i 3 differents posts my csection was perfect 1, 2, and 3, as i said i use to post under vjr you will find me all over this forum talking about how happy i was with my csection. A planned one is way easier than an emergency csection!! I almost don't even have a scar any more....anyway look for my old posts and try not to worry, its going to be just fine!!!


Christy1 - January 25

Hi...I had an unscheduled c-section on Dec 20, I thought the epidural hurt, but then I didn't feel any more pain until that evening when they make you get out of bed. It does hurt. My abdomen just felt really tight and I couldn't stand straight up. The catheter was no big deal at all. My nurse made sure I was numb before I got it and it stayed in less then 24 hours. It did not hurt at all to have it taken out. My advice to you is to stay on the pain medication that is offered to you and to get up and walk. Also, just know that after a couple of days you really feel good. And think of all of the women that have c-sections over and over again. I am definitely planning on another c-section if I get pregnant again. Don't be afraid. I was scared to death when I was going to the OR, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Good Luck!


srigles - January 26

Hi Trish. I had an emergency c-section back on Oct. 30. For me, things went perfectly. The epidural didn't hurt, the surgery itself was totally painless, and I was up and walking around the next day and didn't need any painkillers after the first one. Day Five and Six were the worst - the st_tches were starting to pull, and walking was a little painful. The worst thing I found was that because your stomach muscles are cut, sitting up or lying down (anything that requires those muscles) is really hard to do. I needed help for a few days from my husband if I had to get out of bed or anything like that! But overall, I recovered pretty quickly. My full story is under the Third Trimester - "My December baby is an October baby." Try not to worry and just think about the fact that soon you get to see your baby! Good luck!


Rhonda - January 26

Trish here is the story of my last c-section-well you will want to shave your pubic hair off the night before or the morning before you go in,unless you would rather the nurses to do it,but they do such a hurry up quick job so with my last one i shaved before i went.Anyway with my last one i arrived at the hospital around 5;30am and they registered me and took me up to labor and delivery had me to change into a gown,the nurses got an iv started and then the antheoligist came in and talked to me about my spinal.Around 7:15am they put a cap on my head and gave me a catherter"it was uncomfortable but not painful"The main thing is to just breath slowly.So after the catherter they brought me an antacid drink to reduce the stomach acid"and it was very sour and almost made me gag"But they want you to drink it fast as you can,soon as you drink it they wheel you into the operating room but your partner is not allowed in the operating room with you just yet.The antheologist comes in and has you to sit up on the side of the bed and lean over as far as you can and you have to stay real still then they insert the spinal/epidural which ever one you are getting,Then you lay back down and well my dr took something very sharp and poked me in the belley with it asking me if i could feel it.And once your numb all the way,they rub this iodine stuff all over your belly but right after you lay down with the spinal is when they had put the sheet up so i could not see anything.Anyway then they brought my partner in to be with me,and the dr started doing my c-section,it only took maybe 15 min to get her out then while they were doing whatever else they had to do like taking out the placenta and then sewing and stapling they let Mark hold the baby next to me so i could get a good look at her,then they weighed the baby and let her daddy carry her to the nursery while they finished up with me and i was in the recovery room for about 2 hrs.I had to be there until i could wiggle my toes.But having the c-section both times made me very sick and i threw up alot during and after the c-section.But really it was not too bad.I was up moving around by that night and i only took the morphine for maybe 6 hrs post surgery.The sooner you can stop the morphine the better you are.I hope this helps you



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