Having C Section Next Week Any Advice For Me

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ry - March 22

Hi! I am having my c section 3/30 and I am terrified! Can anyone tell me what to expect and/or give me any last minute advice on anything??? All help is greatly appreciated!


DANI - March 22

Hi ry, I had my c-section 12/29/05, and the best advice I can give you is first, don't pack too many clothes. All you will really need is the hospital gown, slippers, and face wash, body soap. I swear I lived in my gown for 4 days, when you've just had stomache surgery you don't want to be changing into any clothes or elastic waist attire. You definitely want loose fitting clothes, like, the hospital gown. I didn't need much, except a going home outfit (sweats, loose shirt), an outfit for baby, your hypiene neccest_tes. Oh, and as soon as you get your spinal block you will be A OK, I promise. You will not feel a thing. You will only feel pressure from the dr pulling your baby out, but no pain what so ever. Expect to have some discomfort when the nurse removes the cathider on your second day. It felt like I had a UTI, but not to worry b/c they will give you something for the discomfort. And your nurse will have you up & walking around 12 hrs after your c-section, it will feel like you can't even move let alone get up from bed, but don't worry, it's actually the best thing for you and you will see the more you move around the easier it is on you and for healing too. And don't skip out on your pain meds, b/c if you do it only gets worse from there. Even if your feeling fine, take what the nurse gives you until your able to wean yourself off them anyway. Oh, and one last thing be prepared for when you come off the spinal block, it may make you feel a bit shaky & cold and that's totally normal. I felt really weird when the spinal block wore off, but when you have your baby in your arms you kinda forget about everything else. That's all I can think about right now............good luck and you'll be just fine!


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 23

Dani is right to the tee. That was my experience with both my girls. You will be fine. Get up and move and much as possible. It will hurt, but its the only way it makes it feel better. The longer you lay around the stiffer you get. Coming off the spinal block will make you feel bad, you will feel sick to your stomach. Ask for phegerin. (sp?) The medicine helps curve the neasua. It will make you sleepy, but you will feel better afterwards. congrats and come back and tell us how your experience was.


brooke - March 23

Hi! I was in your shoes just 2 months ago asking the same questions. You have nothing to be worried about. I had a planned c-section and was terrified as well. Although my baby decoded to come about a week before the date. Everything went just fine, they gave me a little something to take the edge off and could not believe how fast it went. I stood up the same day and walked the next ofcourse you are a little sore but i really was not in too much pain. The hardest part for me was trying to shave my legs. Everything will be fine....Good luck!!!!


ry - March 23

thank you so much guys! your rea__surance means a lot to me. there are some things you just need to hear from people who have been through it and not just what books and doctors tell you. Thanks!


Been There - March 23

Bring some stuff to do. Like any other delivery, you'll still be in the hospital for a couple of days. Actually a day or two longer. So bring things to keep you busy. Don't get yourself all worked up about it. Oh, and be sure to ask for the pain killers afterwards if you need them. You don't have to be that brave.


krnj - March 23

Ry I had my c-section 2/28 and I was very nervous also, this being my first baby. It's almost a month later and I feel great! I actually went shopping 2 weeks after. Good luck to you & try not to worry!


badorangetabby - March 26

I just had a c-secton 11 days ago and was also really scared I even cried during the procedure. When they administer the epidural you will feel warmth spreading up from your toes to just above your waist. I got panicky when my breathing required a little effort but the anethesiologist a__sured me that this was normal and I was given oxygen. The only thing I felt was pressure while they did the incision and birth. You can hear what the doctor is saying but my partner was at my side and kept me distracted. Before you know it it is over and you can hear the baby crying. I was able to see her while I was in recovery and when I got to my room I nursed and rested. At my hospital my husband was able to spend the night with the both of us which, was really great. You will have an IV and a catheter for the first two nights so you won't be able to get out of bed but you really won't want to. I went home after two nights and feel almost like my normal self again much to my relief. I hope this helps you.



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