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sheree - October 21

hi, i'm booked in to have a cesarean on the 31st october due to placenta previa and have been told that i have a higher risk of bleeding due to the previa, i have also been told that due to my apron belly ( hanging belly, fat belly or what eva u want to call it) that i have more risk of infection in the site, has anyone had a cesarean due to this and had any problems. This is my third child (all girls) but first cesarean, any input would be much appriciated, thanx sheree


djh - October 21

have they absolutely determined that your placenta is over the cervix? How much of it is? You must be frightened each goes differently for each patient I will make you aware only of the things that I experienced. You will feel tugging, pulling and rocking of your body, you may experience a feeling like you can't breathe and with that there may be hypotension (low BP) with vomiting...not always, however that is from a spinal that travels too high. You will be in recovery for 1-3 hours usually, and they will keep you medicated and check you frequently. Your c-section should take about 45 minutes. You will not have feeling in your legs for a while, so don't be scared, it comes back in increments. You may be in a great deal of pain, so stay on top of it, it is easier to keep pain managed than to chase it down and try to dull it. Your first day isn't as bad, I think, as the second day. Then the spinal and other meds are completely worn off and you are really going to feel what has taken place. GET UP AND WALK as soon as possible. You DO NOT WANT GAS PAINS!!!! Have help for at home and take it easy. As far as higher risk of infection in the wound site, I don't know, I am vey small and thin, but it is my understanding that you must keep it very dry, do NOT allow moisture to stay in there under the skin fold and have someone look at it several times a day to make sure it is not getting red or opening up. You must be very careful not to lift things that are heavy or do too much as there is a tremendous amount of force being applied to your incision from the inside out when one stands, leans forward, walks, balances, lifts and coughs. The force may be increased the more one weighs. Good luck and here's hoping to a healthy baby and mom!


Jbear - October 23

I've got a big belly and I just had my second c-section. It's a little harder keeping the incision area dry. Once my staples were out, I folded a maxi pad and kept it against my incision (my belly was big enough to hold it in place). Also, once it didn't hurt to do it, I would lie down and hold my belly up and let a fan b__w on the incision, to dry it. It helps too if you have one of those shower attachments with the hose. The incision will smell like a funky belly b___ton, but I think that's normal, and it goes away. I got a rash all over my incision, but the doctor told me to use cortisone cream and it cleared up within a day. As far as the actual surgery, like djh said, it's different for everyone. As a plus-sized person, I was worried about how they'd manage to move me when my legs were numb, but they roll you to the side and put a board with rollers under you to move you from the operating table to the bed. (Two small nurses were able to move me). I was worried that the hospital gowns would be too small, and it was true, they were like paper-doll clothes, they only covered my front. So since you'll probably be in the hospital for three days, you might want to take a couple of your own nightgowns. I took a bunch of underwear, too, because the disposables the hospital had didn't fit, and overnight maxipads. Once I was home, I wore control panties (vasarette, wal-mart, $3) to hold my stomach in and keep it from pulling on the incision. They really helped...I didn't do that after my first c-section and it took three months to feel normal again, but it only took four weeks after this one. The scar itself will look like a thin red line in the fold between stomach and groin, unless your incision is in a different place because of the previa. It will probably be closed with staples, which will be removed after about three days. The scar fades over time to a thin white line. Oh, also, the gas pains that djh described are truly awful. I took mycilon drops with me, the same ones you use for infants, and started taking them every few hours right after the surgery, and the gas pains weren't as bad as my first c-section. It will hurt to cough or laugh, so hold a pillow against the incision when you do. It never hurt me to lift my baby, but it did hurt to get up when I was lying flat. I was a big chicken about it and slept sitting up on the couch, but it turned out that was a terrible idea, because my legs got really swollen. Good luck, and that's really neat that you're having a Halloween baby...you'll be able to have a costume party every year, if you want!


sheree - October 23

Thanx for ur input, it has really helped, to answer djh i only have a parital covering but they like it to be at least 2cm from the os and i'm too close, i live in australia so i don't know how different it is to ova there but i guess it would be simular and jbear thanx for ur input it has given a few good ideas that i didn't think of myself. We think it's really cool that bub ( we calling her brandee Rae maybe brandee Rae Storm) is coming on halloween we calling her our little witchy as she's put me thru hell. Her sisters names r Kailee Rose and Bethanee Rain so all us girls have EE at the end of our name, well thanx again and i'll let u know when brandee arrives safely and how i handle the c-section


djh - October 23

Good luck, Sheree! May you have a wonderful birthday, the both of you! Your c-section will be ok, especially since you won't labor first. Make sure the baby's lungs are good and that you have plenty of help!!! Don't do too much even if you feel ok (easy to do with some good pain meds...lol) because it comes back to haunt you later! Happy Hallowe'en birthday little Brandee.



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