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[email protected] - August 28

Help! My baby is only 8 months along and he’s already 10 ½ pounds. Am I going to have to have a C-section?


Jannes - January 29

Don’t sweat it. A lot of women opt for a C-Section instead of traditional labor, especially when the kid is huge or late, because it is quicker and a LOT less painful. Children are also less prone to injury with a CS. And there’s usually very little scarring afterward (not like the old days).


Raelynn - February 1

You won't have too but with such a large child it might be safer. If you really don'r want one i am sure you can find a way around it.


denise - July 10

probably. but a lot of moms give birth naturally with a large baby.


Cathy - August 26

Do you know for sure that your baby is 10.5 lbs. The doctor told me my baby was going to be big and I ended up having a 6 lb 14 oz baby. I am sure they will try natural first..... Good Luck!!!


maggie - August 28

I had my baby by c-section after 2 1/2 hours of pushing and he only weighed 8 lbs 3 oz. If your doctor hasn't said anything to you about planning a c-section than I would give it my all and try for a natural birth. Plus doctors can only guess the size of the baby until it is born.


Brianna - October 20

Hi! The Dr. told me my first son was going to be close to 11 lbs. He was only 9 lbs even. They really don't know for sure. I delivered naturally. I am also scheduled to have a C sect in 3 weeks for my twins (both breech), and am acturally relieved not to have to go into labor.


shell - October 21

the doctors arent always right abput the size of the baby.... they said my son would only be about 7lbs but he weighed 9lb 15oz. dont worry if you do have a section it was the best thing that ever happend to me... i got a gorgeous baby with none of the pain :)


E - November 8

Bump. Everyone, help me with the bumps please.


Teddy Bear - December 28

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KM - February 14

E, if you post Bump, will the thread eventually get removed?


Allie - March 10

When I was pregnant with my 2nd. child, I had a c~section because the baby was breech and over 9 pounds.....I again had a c~ section with my 3rd child because he was over 10 pounds.... He was 10.5 pounds.....I would rather have a c~ section rather then a v____al birth.....I had a v____al birth with my 1st child and I hated it.....Now im pregnant with my 4th child and I requested a c~ section. My doctor said that was a good idea.


Brandy - April 8

Well, at 34 weeks the Ultrasound showed that my baby was 9lbs and 1oz at the smallest, but could be over 10 lbs as ultrasounds can vary. I'm now almost 37 weeks and my stomach is the size of a watermelon, yet I've only gained 15 pounds at most. Should I consider a c-section instead of v____al?


Char - April 9

Brandy, Ultrasounds aren't always right about weight! My baby was esitmated to be about 8 lbs. She was born weighing 9 lbs 5 ozs. and I had a few ultrasounds right before I gave birth. Is this ur 1st child? If so you should try doing a v____al birth, if u need to do different your doctor will let you know. You can e-mail me at [email protected] I had a vagainal birth and a c section. Good luck and congraduations



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