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jennifer - February 19

Hello.. I had a c-section about 3 days ago and I am still experiencing gas. But more so in the form of burping....i burp like every 5 seconds..its like heartburn without the burning sensation. Did anyone experience this????? Also....i have a little cold...has anyone had a hard time coughing...when I body wont let me...and if I can manage a cough it I feel a "pop" in my incision area....afraid my st_tches will pop. HELP


dizzywitch - February 19

I had my section 17 days ago and had a cold the week b4 and I'm still coughing. The best way is to bend forward with your knees together and with one hand hold your scar/st_tches. I found as well that if somewhwere near the kitchen units to stand with my bum against the unit so when I coughed I didn't push out too far. I have coughed for 3 weeks now and it really helps to bend those knees.


Judi - February 23

Look for infant gas relief drops in the stomach remedies section of the drugstore...they have an adult dosage, and they will help you now, and then you can use them for your baby later. As far as the coughing goes, when I was in the hospital after the c-section, they told me to cough with a pillow held against my belly. It was to prevent pneumonia, but when I had a cold a couple of weeks after I got home, the pillow trick helped then. Do advoid lifting anything really, really heavy for a long time...I lifted a mattress six months after my c-section and got a hernia.


zion - February 23

one thing is to walk alot it helps the gas to drop it helped me alot..


KM - March 5

yeah the gas pains after are really bad eh? None of the nurses mentioned to me that my diet was only supposed to consist of clear liquids for the first 48 hrs, there I was not even 24 hrs after I delivered eating friggin macdonalds. It irritated my stomach pretty bad and i sure did suffer. I also used the pillow trick for when I coughed or sneezed or laughed.


Star - March 7

I had a c-section a few years ago and the gas pains were terrible. I tried a few things but ultimately the only thing that finally gave me relief was drinking some tea. Hope that helps.



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