HELP PLEASE Planned Csection Bcuz Of Breech Baby

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A - January 10

I am almost 37 weeks and I just found out today my baby is breech. My doctor scheduled a c section in case she doesnt flip head down. That wasnt was I expected. Please help me and tell me anything and everything if you have experienced a c section. I mean....the rules, before, during, after, I heard you cant pick anything up - even your baby, how long cant you drive, how long do you have to wait before you can go back to work - everything I just need some answers I never really expected this.


KM - January 11

I will tell you about my experience and hope it will help.I just had a c-section with my 1st baby,7 wks ago.I laboured for 13 hrs and pushed for 4 but he was in a posterior position and didnt turn.I had no epidural because it wasn't available, and labour was the WORST pain I have ever experienced.When they gave me my epidural I was SO relieved.The epidural does not hurt one bit to put in, just dont think about it when theyre doing it and you wont feel a thing.Its a really neat feeling when they lift your legs, because you can see them but not feel them lol. The surgery itself (i know this is hard to believe) was not scary at all! I am a huge wimp and am scared of absolutely everything that involves pain. I did have demerol prior to the surgery so it may have helped relax me so I wasnt scared. ask them for something to help you relax if you are feeling nervous.You don't feel any pain during the sugery, just sort of like somone is poking your tummy. It is good to have your partner or a friend beside your head during it to talk to you, its distracting so you arent laying there thinking "im cut wide open right now " lol. I am not so sure about the rules before.. I know you should shave the pubic area or they will do it for you, because it has to be absolutely clean. You should ask your doctor, because I think you aren't allowed to eat anything or drink anything but water so many hours beforehand.After the surgery is done you will get to see your baby but then he/she will usually be taken to the nursery.It is common for c-section babies to have low blood sugar and to be in distress.After, the advise 2 wks before driving. Id wait at least 2/3 mnths before going back to work.Not just because of the surgery, but you will be tired with a new baby on top of that.After the surgery you will be in recovery where a nurse will sit with you till you regain some feeling back in your legs.You arne't allowed to get out of bed for 24 hrs after I think.Usually they will have u walking around 2-3 days after your surgery. Its a little painful and difficult at first but the more mobile you are the easier it gets.They will give you stuff for the pain as well.Usually you stay in the hospital 3-4 nights with a section, but each one varys.One thing, no one told me that you should know is for the 1st 48 hrs you should be on a diet of clear liquids, and light meals, such as a sandwich or salad etc.(here I was eating macdonalds the 1st day after)You will have TONS of gas pains, terrible pains because of the air inside from the surgery. you will just feel it moving around for a few days but it wont come out.sticking to this diet, and walking around as much as you can will help ease the pain.In some cases you may even need them to put a tube in your rectum to get it all out. (trust me you would be desperate to have this if the pains get that bad) I hope that answers some of your questions.. but if there is anything else you want to ask about you can e-mail me at [email protected]


KM - January 11

Also, in my opinion, and my doctor has told me this as well. a c-section is WAY easier than a normal labour.especially when it is planned and you dont have all those hours of labour behind it. All you have is a sore tummy. no hemrhoids, no aching body from all the pushing, you dont bleed as long usually,no st_tches down there.


Lori - January 22

Hi, My daughter turned breech at 38 weeks and I had the same thing happen, I wasn't prepared. What I can tell you in a nutshell is it isn't pleasant. I hate to say that but it's true. You aren't supposed to drive for 1-2 weeks after, depends on what the doctor said. You can't do stairs the first week. You aren't supposed to lift anything over 20 pounds because of the strain it puts on your incision. You can lift your baby, it may just be uncomfortable and painful for you for awhile. I don't know about work, I didn't go back after I had my first. The surgery itself is a little intense. It's scary to be honest. Once it's over, the first few days are the worst witih recovering and pain. you get used to it though. It's all worth it when you see the baby, believe me. I am due again in March and having another c-section, and I'm dreading it! Let me know if you have more questions, I'd be glad to help. I wish someone would have told me this before mine! I went in to it all blind!


tiffani - January 23

You know, I think everyones experience is different. I was in labor for 52 hours (only the last 8 were hard labor) and ended up with a c section. I was very upset when my doctor told me I had to have one, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. I didn't feel the epidural being inserted, only felt tugging when my daughter was being born, and was walking (very slowly) the next day. The key to recovery is getting out of bed and walking around as soon as you're allowed. I had a repeat section a year ago, but this one was planned. Again, no big deal. The epidural didn't hurt, and my recovery was swift. I'm a stay at home mom, so I didn't have the work issue, but I remember feeling pretty normal and recovered by my 2 week postpartum check up. You can pick up your baby immediately, and drive about a week later. Don't get me wrong, it's not painless, but my pain was the soreness afterwords, and even then, it was manageable. Just keep on top of your pain meds and you'll be fine. Let me know if I can help you with any other questions. Good luck!


MK - February 14

I had the same thing with my daughter. At my 36 week check up my dr. discovered she was breech and told me I would have to have a c-section unless she turned. Well she didn't turn so I have the c-section and I was SO nervous about the surgery. Everythig turned out fine though and it wasn't the big deal I thought it would be. It was totally painless during the surgery and even afterwards wasn't so bad. By the third day after I was packing up all my things and couldn't wait to get out of the hopital and settle in at home. The only thing I had trouble with was getting in and out of bed by myself. Everything they do to prep you for the surgery is really no big deal because the nurses have done it a million times before. I thought I would be embarra__sed when they shaved my pubic hair but I wasn't. And they even put the catheter in before the epidural and that didn't even bother me. It goes so quick that you're back in your room holding your new baby before you know it.


Erin - March 4

i have had 2 csections and everything will be fine. Just make sure you walk as much as possible. Controll top underwear help with discomfort ( a size bigger than what you would normally wear). And the thing about not picking up your baby is a crock!!! My first was 10lb 7oz and i carried him just fine carseat and all.


ange - March 13

I just had a c-section two weeks ago for the same reason, my baby was breech. I found that out at 37 weeks and the section was scheduled for when I was 39 weeks and then when they did the surgery, the baby had turned. So that happened in the last week. My advice would be to try and get them to do an ultrasound before the c-section. If they would have given me one, the c-section would have been avoided altogether.


Clara - March 26

Have you tried accupuncture? I've heard that helps turn the baby.


Sarah C - March 29

I found out the day before I was due, my baby turned upside down. This was 4 ½ years ago. Why is this woman even nosing around a pregnancy info board? I’m still having a burning pain at the scar site. And have post-partum depression, still. I know a lot of people have had success with C-sections, probably the majority. I think the more likely that you BELIEVE that the section is necessary, the better you can handle it. How important is a natural birth for you? If I were to do it all over again here’s what I’d do: The doctor can manually attempt to turn the baby. He straddles you, takes his wedding rings off, and basically does a giant “twister” on your tummy. You’ll want to slap him. Mine tried for 30 minutes, but the baby would push back into breech position. You may have better luck, because your baby may be smaller. The doctor told me that the placenta could abrupt after that manuever, so I needed to have a section right after if it didn’t work. But I later found out that it would only abrupt during the procedure, not just spontaneously afterward. Have you been eating your protein for a strong placenta? I couldn’t find a doctor under my insurance plan who would deliver a breech, so I had the C-section. I had morphine during the surgery, it was fast and easy but it felt like cheating. The baby was fine, I was delirious (high). But then BOOM, depression hit me and never really got better. Check out what the World Health Organization (maybe a bunch of hippies, maybe brilliant) says about Csections. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have self delivered in the hotel adjacent to the hospital before I did this again. If you have serious reservations, listen to yourself! Don’t discount what you want based on what one doctor says. They don’t have to live with their decision; you do. It is a choice, not neccessity. I PS I'm not normally so militant!


sarah c - March 29

HA ha. I can tell by the January responsed that this lady, "A", has long since had her baby, one way or another, but I can't tell when the original message was submitted


Kelsie - May 16

I had a c section and i am not going to lie the first 5 or 6 days is a little rough. You can lift your baby just not in it's car seat. I climbed stairs but just very slowly. If you baby yourself for the first 2 weeks you give yourself a good headstart and the rest of your recovery should be easy. I am now 31 weeks and my baby is still bum down and another c section doesn't scarfe me so it really isnt that bad.


Nerys G - May 23

I had a c section because my baby was in breech position and i think it was much easier as your not tired afterward. I didnt find it very painful either after. Ok for the first few days it all feels a bit tender and sore, but within 2 wks i felt completly back to normal.(Even though i moaned and played on the fact that id had a 'major operation' for months after! Lol) The only downfalls that come with a c section is the flabby overhang you get afterwards, not being able to drive for 6 wks and a bit of numbness of the area afterwards, i believe this can last forever but its not that noticeable. Next time we try for a baby, im going to ask for a section again, because i couldnt bare the pain of natural childbirth as i am a wimp!


dellis - May 31

Hi ive had two c's now ,!st my big boy was too big 2nd same reason so i had elective c. I was in induced labour for 14 hours the 1st time & 8cm dialated when it was decided that he was too big for my pelvis. I had an epidural , which is nothing to be scared of they one of the worlds greatest inventions!! During the c my hubby was with me ,its a good idea to have someone there to hold yoour hand , mostly i could just feel my body being pushed & pulled but totally pain free, i went into a little shock from the anethetics which just made my teeth chatter & i felt cold , but they gave me somthing to relax and i felt better. the delivery was really quick in no time my little boys bum was held up over the screen. the longest part was beeing sewn up & then into observation for about an hour. one thing i was disapointed the 1st time was after the doc checked him & i had a cuddle he & my hubby went back to the ward for the weighting & bath etc while i was being finished & in recovery which was not to far off 2 hours total & i didnt see them until i was back on the ward. i really hated the seperation in his first few hours. when i had my daughter 21 months later i requested before hand that she and my hubby stay with me while the c was finished & in recovery. it was much better for all of us. hubby knew what was happening to me & i could see my little girl the first time she opened her eyes, i was scared at the mention of c'and epidurals in my 1st preg but after 2 i think they are great and im going back for more! good luck, but it will be fine lol


hbmw - June 4

qwll, im sure A has had her baby by now, but i just wanted to chime in and say you dont need to have a c-section if your baby is breech! do some research- find a skilled attendant- breech babies are born v____ally every day.



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