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redmondsky - October 25

I had an emergency c-section with our first. For our second we have a scheduled c-section. If you have ideas/advice to make a c-section the best experience possible - put them in here. Everything from bringing an i-pod with your fave music - to those yummy warm slippers for surgery. Our section is the beginning of December - any thoughts and coping tips you have would be most appreciated. One thing I am curious about - best foods to eat leading up to the surgery. I mean obviously a big old fat hamburger the night before is probably not a great idea!


KrisD - October 26

I just had a c-sect on 10/9 - I definitely recommend taking something to prevent constipation. That was probably my worst post-surgery problem. Also, granny undies!! I had only bikini undies that hit right at the incision spot. And just take it slow post op!! I had twins so I could stand to follow my own advice!! Good luck!


wailing - October 27

mint tea worked great to relive gas!!! It was my life saver. Lots of walking!!


docbytch - October 28

hey redmondsky. I also had a csection 10/9. It had been a VERY long time since I endured dd delivered v____ally in 1986. In many recovery this time has been about as speedy as from my previous...even though I'm 40!! I was up and walking the same day...bathed the next day...was discharged in record time early the next day. Nurses told me my recovery was outstanding. Yes the pain was there...but I took the meds on schedule while in the hospital and continued to take my ibuprofen at home. Key to recovery is MOVE YOUR BUTT. DON'T be a wuss. I have walked and done basically regular stuff ever since I was about 4 days post op. Just cannot jump in my hotub yet since I am still bleeding a little. My energy level has been quite good...but you gotta understand the relief I feel after birthing a 10lb8ouncer. Whatever weight I gained was immediately lost...I fit into prepreg clothing. The two weeks of b___stfeeding/pumping helped contract the uterus back...but because my boy is so big..he eats WAY too much for bfing to be enuf. I had to turn to formula finally. My DH is back at work and so far I am doing alright. I can walk and move so much more freely now comparatively speaking. Oh and the nurses say that older moms do better than younger moms.....we tend to screw up the ol' courage and "deal" with post-op pain better. Or so I have been told. Yes the constipation on about post-op day 7 SUCKED. Take your stool softener religiously....we almost had to attempt a fleets enema. Overall things have gone very well. However...I will say I hated the spinal. Totally freaked me out...not being able to move at all. Good luck!!


Krissy25 - October 29

I didn't ask for music but it was playing in the background and "What a WOnderful World" by Louie Armstrong was playing in the background as my dd came out. I will never forget that and i tear up whenever i hear that song. So yeah bring music and see if they will play it for you, it helped keep me calm. As for foods i'm not sure, mine was planned but my water broke early, fortunately i hadn't had too much to eat b/c i got sick to my stomach and threw up twice during the surgery. As for recovery, bring some nice loose underware, the ones they give you suck and bring some pjs that can open in the front a little, it is so nice to have your own stuff on. ANd like Docbytch said, stay on top of your meds. Bring a notebook and right down when you last took something and when you are due again, they won't just bring them to you when you are due, you have to ask (at least at my hospital you did) YOu want to make sure you take them before the pain comes.


docbytch - October 29

oh yeah...and we brought a CD boombox...played Pink Floyd's "Breathe" while Derek was being know...give the kid a hint!!!!


PaigeMeagans mommy - October 29

docbytch gave very good advice. Her recovery experience was darn close to mine. Walking is the best thign to do. Gets all the gas out



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