Horrible C Section And Now Bad Cough

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sheree - November 5

I had a c-section 6 days ago and it was the worst experience of my life, this was my third child and first c-section. Firstly they couldn't get the spinal to work propably and then i got really low blood pressure TWICE which is a not so good feeling and i started panicking and then after bub was out i had a 2 litre blood loose and had to have a blood transfusion, it took 3 hrs all up cause i couldn't leave the rocovery until the pain was under control, i also had to have a drain which really really burned coming out, that was 6 days ago and now i have a really bad cough i can't get rid of, it really hurts to cough all the time and i'm affraid it's going to get infected or something. I'm so glad this was my last child, give me va___al delivery any day!!!!!!!!!!!


Jbear - November 6

When you cough, hold a pillow over your incision with both hands. Do it when you laugh, too. Some coughing is normal after the surgery, and even necessary to clear out your lungs, but they should have shown you about supporting the incision with a pillow. Also, get some control underwear and use them for a couple of weeks to help your muscles while you heal. Congrats on your baby, and I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Hope you feel better soon.


djh - November 6

Your experience sounds a lot like one of mine. Sorry. The cough could be:a coincidental cold; something you picked up in the hospital, or a post-op lung infection that needs antibiotics. I would definitely talk to your doc, do wha JBear says with the pillow thing, it does help, but with such a new incision you don't want to be forcfully putting pressure on the scar from the inside out. Get checked, little things are easier to fix than big things in all situations. good luck


Susan - November 6

Sounds like you have a post-op cold like djh said, or maybe a true infection. My doctor said a little bit of fluid can build up when you have surgery so try to do deep breathing exercises to move the fluid up and out. Jbear is right, get some control top undies, they help. Sorry you had a bad experience, you are not alone, some of us had very bad and painful experiences too. We understand.



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