Hospital Will Not Allow My VBAC

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mommykatie - February 8

Hello, I'm 18 years old, and just found out I'm expecting my second child sometime in mid-october. With my first I labored for about 14 hours with 2 hours of pushing, put my baby was in O.P. positioning (sunny side up) and was also over 9 pounds. My doctor performed an emergency C-Section. With my second, I would REALLY like to give birth naturally.... no C-Section, but the hospital in my city doesn't allow VBACs. I'm willing to drive to a different hospital to deliver, but am worried I'll get stuck in traffic or something crazy like that. Does anyone have any similar situations or advice??


Nerdy Girl - February 8

My first baby was delivered via C, and was 10 lbs. They told me that due to her size I was not a good VBAC candidate for the next baby. I opted for the repeat C which was scheduled at 39 weeks. My son broke my water and came early at 38 weeks, weighing in at 9 lbs. They still did the C for my son when I arrived at the hospital. I don't know... I would really research this topic thoroughly and make sure you are comfortable in your heart with the potential consequences to you and the baby if you decide to go against your doc's recommendations.


sahmof3 - February 8

I agree. I would strongly consider a repeat C. My oldest boy was 9 lbs. 5 oz. and my youngest ended up being 10 lbs. 6 oz., 22 3/4" with a head circ_mference of 15. I didn't even have the option of VBAC because 1) I have cervical scarring and can't dilate and 2) I'd already had 2 c-sections, but I am happy, happy, happy that I didn't have a choice with him LOL.


mommykatie - February 9

My son will be two in March so by the time I deliver he will be two and seven months. I'd love to be able to birth naturally, but from what you guys say, it seems pretty unsafe. Maybe I'll just stick with a scheduled C Section to be safe. Thanks.


maknyle - February 9

I too am attempting a VBAC. It took me a few tries to find a doctor who would even consider it or talk about it. My advice to you would be to find a doctor who does VBACs and let him or her help you make a decision if you are a good candidate or not. Comparing pregnancies is like comparing apples and oranges most of the time, so just because your last baby was large doesn't mean that this one will be. The hospital in my town doesn't do them either. I am staying with my mother for the last month of my pregnancy to wait for my daughter to arrive. I am excited about attempting VBAC, but I will say making all the 3 hour round trips to the doctor is somewhat tiring. Oh, and like the other ladies said if you have just recently had your section then it might not make you a good candidate. Good luck.


pebblesnbambam - February 14

maknyl... I too am expecting my second and am driving 45 minutes to a hospital where they will have the necessary staff on hand to try for a VBAC. Right now my doctor said it is too early to discuss it.. but when it gets closer we will discuss the pros and cons as well as if I am a candidate. If I am not I will do the csection but I want to look at a VBAC first. I hated my c-section.. got soo sick after and hate the thought of just doing a c-section because I had one before and can say.. yah.. schedule it. Want to try for the v____al birth.. Good luck to you.


maknyle - February 14

Pebbles, good luck to you too. When I went to my doctor we talked about it the first visit. I didn't even make an appointment until after he told me that he did allow the right candidates to attempt VBAC. He did tell me that if I change my mind at anytime to let him know, and we would schedule a C-section. I really want to experience a v____al birth. I felt really let down when I had my first 2 docs tell me that I would never have one. I have done a ton of research, and I feel like if anyone can, I CAN!! (That doesn't mean that I am not terrified all the same. LOL.)


mommiewise - February 20

There are many hospitals that don't allow VBAC's simply because they are concerned about uterine rupture. If your uterus ruptures the consequences can be very serious to you and your baby, so many hospitals and doctors just don't want to risk it. If your last incision was the small transverse 'bikini cut' and your uterus cut was also the small transverse cut, VBAC's have been very successful, however if you had a vertical cut you will have a very hard time finding someone that will allow a VBAC, in fact I wouldn't recommend a VBAC in that case either. Hope that helps.


Cabbie - February 28

I would like to add that one of the reasons drs are having to say "NO" to VBACs is because many malpractice insurances have taken the VBAC out of their covered procedures, so if the insurance doesn't cover it the hospital and drs are not covered if they perform it. My state is a "no choice" state. The major malpractice insurer in the state has said no to VBACs therefore almost all drs have to say no or risk losing their insurance.



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